Wyze Camera Not Recording Events: How To Fix [2023]

One of the most intriguing features of a Wyze device is its exceptional event recording capabilities.

But on one unfortunate evening, when I returned back home from work, I was greeted by an empty event list. I scoured online for a quick fix and realized that Wyze devices fail to record events due to system inconsistencies.

I compiled all the troubleshooting tips I learned into this article. Any one of these troubleshooting tips should fix the issue if your Wyze event recording is not working.

If your Wyze is not recording events, refresh the device and check for updates. Check the event recording settings such as the motion detection feature and scheduling options. If the issue persists, increase the motion and sound detection sensitivity or disable the detection zones. If none of the above works, hard reset the Wyze device.

Read on to learn how to fix a Wyze cam not recording events.

Refresh the Wyze Device

Wyze Cam unpowered

Troubleshooting an issue can prove to be a bit of a hassle. But the initial step in most troubleshooting procedures, the refresh, is as simple as it sounds.

A refresh will decimate most nascent bugs and errors nesting in your device. These bugs and errors are bound to cause issues in one way or the other.

So, a refresh is indeed one of the best preliminary steps that could stop further brooding of such malignants in your device.

The best way to refresh your device is through a power cycle test. It's a pretty straightforward process, but you may need to get a bit dexterous for outdoor-mounted Wyze cam devices.

Start the process by unplugging all the connected cables to the device.

This step may require some propping and unscrewing of the bolsters and holders in the case of an outdoor or permanently mounted Wyze cam.

Next, leave the device untouched and idle for a few seconds; a minute may also do.

Wyze Cam unplugged

Then, press and hold the setup/power button on the device for a few seconds(5-10 seconds). Repeat this step a couple of times. Doing so will discharge the device of any pinned-up static charges on the circuitry.

Plug back the cables and turn ON the device.

You could also refresh your Wyze device through the Wyze app. Follow these steps to do so.

1. Within the Wyze app, tap and open your Wyze device tab.

2. Doing so will open up the Livestream of your device.

3. You can find the Restart option at the bottom of this tab.

You may also refresh your smart device that houses the Wyze app. Restarting the device can solve issues with the app such as intermittent app crashes on iPads.

The internet also plays a significant role in the event recording and saving procedure.

Faltering speeds and overshooting latency can affect the event recording process.

If you have internet issues, try the power cycle test on the network Router/Modem as a plausible fix.

Check for Wyze Updates

The next step towards total bug eradication is to update your Wyze device.

Wyze devs are always on the lookout for possible bugs and errors capable of breaching the security walls of Wyze devices.

They also monitor online forums and customer service forums for possible issues.

Once they establish the issue as a substantial one, they start the work for a potent fix.

Finally, they come out with a fix encapsulated within an update. Embedded within this update are fixes for widespread user issues as well.

And hence lies the relevance of updating your system regularly - keeping your system safe. Always maintain a regular check for updates.

To update your Wyze device, Follow these steps on the Wyze app.

Wyze Account icon

1. On the Wyze app, tap on the Account icon towards the top of the app interface.

Wyze Firmware update tab

2. Scroll down to the Firmware Update tab.

Wyze Update tab

3. Next to the name of your Wyze device, look for an update option.

4. Click on the option to update your Wyze device.

Exit the app and reopen it once more. Check for the issue now.

The absence of the Update option next to your Wyze device signifies that your device is running on an up-to-date firmware version.

Also, when you update your Cam, all the other accessories connected to the Cam also get updated. This can effectively resolve issues with accessories like Wyze spotlight not working issue.

Check the Event Recording Settings

Now we get into the thick of things. If refreshing or updating the device was to no avail, try tweaking the settings of the affected area.

There are a few settings to keep an eye on when in doubt.

Let's start troubleshooting device settings by checking the Motion detection settings.

Check the Motion Detection Feature

As the name suggests, with motion detection enabled, Wyze devices will track and trigger an event when a known object enters the picture frame.

For some odd reason, if the motion detection option gets disabled, your Wyze device will no longer detect any objects. As a consequence, object-triggered event recordings also get disabled.

Hence, better clear off any such misgivings with a preliminary check. Also, it's pretty simple.

Follow these steps on the Wyze app to check and enable motion detection on your Waze devices.

1. In the Wyze app, open your Wyze device tab.

Wyze settings icon

2. Tap on the Settings(gear) icon towards the top of the tab.

Wyze Event Recording Settings

3. Scroll and select the Event Recording option.

Wyze Record Motion events

4. Here, you can find the Record Motion events tile. You can find a toggle button next to it. Make sure it's turned ON.

Exit the app and check back in for any further issues.

Within the same menu tab, you can also find options for turning OFF vehicle detection on Wyze cams.

Check the Event Recording Schedule Options

Check the Event Recording Schedule Options

Event recording schedules determine the time period within which event recording takes place.

Any wrong move with this particular setting and the whole event recording process can take a hit.

With Schedules, you can time the exact period to turn ON and OFF the event recording mechanism. In dire situations, better set it to All Day recording.

With this setting, your Wyze device will function throughout the day, effectively solving the issue. (touch wood!)

To check and change the Schedule settings for the Event recordings, follow these steps on the Wyze app.

1. In the Settings menu, open the Event Recording tab.

2. Next, tap and open the Schedule tab.

3. Next to the 'All Day' tile, you can find a toggle option. Switch on the button to enable continuous event recording. (If it is disabled)

Exit the menu and check for the issue now.

While in the Event Recording tab, you can also find the Detect Sound option right below the Schedule option.

If by any chance this option is disabled, switch it back ON.

Check the Rule List for Event Recordings on Wyze

Rule lists determine the DOs and DON'Ts of your Event recording process.

You can set rules to limit the recording time, and turn OFF various sensors, sound alarms, etc. But there is one rule that lets you turn OFF the motion detection feature.

It's this feature that you should look out for because, as you know, without motion detection, there are no motion-triggered event recordings.

Another questionable rule is the 'turn OFF camera' rule that disables the camera once triggered.

In times of uncertainty, make sure that both these rules are disabled.

To tweak the Rules list, follow these steps on the Wyze app.

1. In the app Home tab, click on the [...] icon.

Wyze Edit rule tab

2. Then, find and open the Add/Edit Rules option.

Wyze Rules restrictions

3. Within the list, make sure that the "Turn OFF Motion detection" and the "Turn OFF the Camera" rules are disabled.

Exit the menu tab and refresh the Wyze device. Check for the issue now.

Increase the Motion and Sound Detection Sensitivity

If you're still facing issues even after checking and ensuring optimal settings, try cranking up the sensitivity of the motion and sound detection as a remedy.

With time, Wyze device sensors may become a bit watered down, and an occasional sensitivity tweak may become necessary.

But do set the sensitivity with caution. Too much sensitivity and the sensors will pick up a strong breeze or a gentle rustle of the leaves as potential trigger events.

To adjust the sensitivity of your Wyze devices, follow these instructions on the Wyze app.

Wyze Detection Settings

1. In the Settings tab of the Wyze device, scroll and open the Detection Setting option.

Wyze Motion sensitivity adjustment

2. Here, you can find the sensitivity bars for the respective detection sensors. Adjust the sensitivity to your liking.

Exit the menu and refresh the Wyze device. Check for the issue now.

Disable Detection Zones on the Wyze device

Detection zone issues are not in any way unfamiliar with Wyze devices. They have been erroneous for quite some time, but they require little effort to resolve, unless in the case of damaged hardware.

The detection zone feature enables the Wyze device to focus its trigger detection mechanism on a designated zone within the picture frame.

But, in some cases, it can screw up the event recordings by outright failing to detect objects and incidents.

And so, it's highly recommended to turn OFF this feature while in the midst of issues, such as the one at hand.

Follow these instructions on the Wyze app to turn OFF the detection zone on your Wyze device.

1. In the Settings tab, navigate to and open the Detection Settings option.

Wyze Detection zones

2. Tap on the Detection Zone option.

Wyze Detection zone enabled

3. Toggle OFF the option.

Exit the menu and restart the device. Check for further issues.

Change the Event Recording Cooldown Time

Change the Event Recording Cooldown Time

If you have been using a Wyze device for a long time, you might have come across the cooldown time between successive events.

Wyze has enabled a configurable cooldown time between event recordings for adequate and proper detection of events and not just false triggers.

One of the few perks of being a Wyze Cam Plus subscriber is that you don't have to worry about the cooldown timer anymore since you can adjust the time from none up to 5mins.

Without the premium subscription, you will have a mandatory cool-down period of 5 mins.

Changing the cooldown period in some cases has yielded favorable results with event recording issues.

If you're a Wyze Cam plus subscriber, change the cooldown period to 1min and then check for the issue.

Follow these steps on the Wyze app to change the cooldown period.

1. In the Settings tab of the Wyze device, click and open the Event Recording tab.

2. Navigate to and open the Recording Cooldown option.

3. Change the period to 1 min.

Exit the menu and refresh the device. Check for the issue now.

Memory cards can be employed as a substitute for cloud-based storage and can also enable continuous recording.

But when installing the memory card, make sure to format it to the FAT32 format. You can format your memory card from the Wyze app too.

Go to Settings> Advanced Settings> LocalStorage> Format.

Hard Reset the Wyze Device

If none of these tips did prove to be helpful, as a last-ditch effort, try factory resetting your Wyze device.

But be cautioned, for in performing a factory reset, all your personal preferences along with saved data will get erased as the system reverts to its factory condition.

A factory reset will also remove any and all interlopers like sly bugs and stale files that may have caused this snafu.

The process is a bit time-consuming and can get a bit handsy.

On the Wyze app, follow these instructions to reset your Wyze device.

1. First, delete the Wyze device from the Wyze app.

2. Then, if you have a micro SD card installed, remove the MicroSD card from the device.

Wyze Setup button

3. Now, press and hold the Setup button on the Wyze device for about 10-15 seconds.

4. Wait for 20-40 seconds (maybe longer) until the voice message sounds.

5. When the LED light on the device turns from yellow to blue, the reset is complete. (In the case of Wyze cam V3, LED changes to Red)

Wyze Cam LED blinking RED

Factory resetting can get rid of persisting error codes like Error code 90 on your Wyze cam.

To delete your Wyze device from the Wyze app, follow these steps.

  1. In the Settings tab of the app, search and locate the Device Setting tab.
  2. Tap on 'Delete device'.
  3. Click Yes on the pop-up window.
Delete Wyze Cam confirm

Final Thoughts

Event recording issues can always end up making your day a lot worse.

Fortunately, with this troubleshooting guide, you can resolve such an issue in no time.

Hardware issues can also hinder the event recording procedure. In such cases, better leave the resolution part to capable hands rather than taking things into your own hands.

If you were unable to resolve the issue with said fixes, call the customer services of Wyze for further assistance.

Do remember to be cautious with the hardware while handling it.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Where are Wyze events stored?

Wyze has adopted cloud storage as the preferred medium for storing event recordings. Wyze has partnered up with Amazon's AWS cloud solutions as its official cloud storage solution. Additionally, you can record and store events locally through a memory card.

Does Wyze record all the time?

Wyze devices do not inherently support continuous recording unless triggered by an event. Although, you can enable continuous recording by installing a memory card on your Wyze device.

How long does Wyze Cam plus keep recordings?

With the Wyze cam plus subscription, you can record events anywhere from 12 seconds up to 5 minutes. With the paid subscription, you also get exclusive perks like Pet and Vehicle AI detection features, zero cooldown time, etc.

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Hey! I'm Doug, My passion for tech started by fixing phones and computers for my friends and family.

I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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