Wyze Thermostat Vs Nest Thermostat: Found the Winner

Wyze and Nest have been killing it at the Smart Home gadget scene for a long time, and their thermostats just about do the very same, with their attractive features and price tags.

I have had both these devices for a long time, and both of them outvie each other with their features list, pricing, and ease of use factor.

But, which one reigns supreme over the other?

Wyze thermostat has a clear advantage over the Nest thermostat solely due to its attractive price tag. But Nest thermostats enjoy the reputation of being more reliable than most other thermostats. Both share a similar spec and feature list, and choosing a clear winner can prove to be a challenge.

Here is a table comprising the various aspects of both devices.

SpecGoogle Nest ThermostatWyze Thermostat
DisplayLCD Mirrored Glass DisplayIPS panel with 180-degree viewing angle
ConnectivityWiFi (2.4GHz/5GHz)WiFi (2.4GHz), Bluetooth
CompatibilityGoogle Assistant, AlexaGoogle Assistant, Alexa
SensorsTemperature, Humidity, Ambient Light, Capacitive Touch, MotionTemperature, Humidity, Motion
Power24 VAC, 2xAAA Batteries24 VAC
Accessories~C-Wire adapter, Trimming Kit
Color OptionsSnow, Sand, Fog, and CharcoalBlack with White Accents
Comparison of Nest and Wyze Thermostat

Let's take a closer look at Wyze thermostat vs Nest thermostat and ultimately crown a winner!

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Wyze Thermostat - For the Budget Shoppers

Wyze Thermostat

If you're looking for affordable, cost-effective home automation gadgets that house a decent amount of tech in them, Wyze is the one for you.

Known for their ground-breaking monitoring cameras, Wyze also makes other brilliant Smart Home gadgets like the Wyze Doorbell, a few Smart LED bulbs, and the subject of this article, the Wyze Thermostat.

Like all other products in its retinue, Wyze has clearly designed and made the Thermostat with an acute inclination towards the budget-conscious.

Housing a lot of premium features with a variegated array of sensors embedded in them, the Wyze thermostat can rival most other thermostats priced almost double its price or even more.

The device features a classic rotor switch reminiscent of vintage thermostats, of course, a bit more glossy. This rotor is a multifunction switch that will help you navigate and configure the thermostat to your liking.

The device is compatible with most heating and cooling mechanisms like humidifiers, coolers, gas heating solutions, etc.

It is also compatible with almost all power solutions, including support for HVAC and C-wire power supplies.

If your house doesn't have a C-wire provision, Wyze does provide a free C-wire adapter with the Thermostat.

Thermostat installation is pretty simple, and according to Wyze, a good 20 minutes is all that it takes to install the Thermostat from the box to your wall.

Wyze also takes the installation process to another level by providing a step-by-step installation procedure within the Wyze app.

Talking about the app, Wyze provides some unique features like schedules, geofencing, etc., within the app, further accentuating the ease-of-use factor.

Lastly, we come to the build quality of the Wyze Thermostat.

With all its premium features and quality internals, Wyze has to cut some corners to keep the price well below the $100 mark. And so, this very skimp is evident in the construction of the device.

The Thermostat features an all-plastic construction, and the rotor knob can feel a bit finicky at times. Certainly not as premium-feeling or looking as its direct competitor, the Nest Thermostat.

But this very debility is in no way a dealbreaker, not by a long shot.

Wyze does offer a 3-in-1 temp control remote which will be made available in the coming months, along with a promise of AI learning algorithm implementation in the thermostat.

One major drawback of the Wyze Thermostat is its explicit ignorance of aesthetics.

The device is made available in just one color - black, while most of its competitors host a variety of color options.

Nest Thermostat: A Google Product

Nest Thermostat

Nest has been dominating the Home Automation game by producing some of the best Smart Home products available on the planet. And sure enough, they sure do live up to their reputation.

Apart from their reliability and longevity aspects, Nest products have always been a head-turner in the digital home automation market.

Nest has been making Thermostats for a long time, and it is still the preferred thermostat in the market.

Even if newer players like Wyze, Honeywell, Ecobee, etc., are making formidable strides towards the throne, Nest still simmers in the reputation it has garnered over the years of being the most reliable of them all.

There are a few variants of the Nest Thermostat, starting right at about $100 and ranging all the way up to a bit over $200.

The lower-priced models feature a half-plastic half-metal composition, while the premium models feature an all-metal build.

With seamless integration with the Google Home ecosystem, you can control the thermostat right from your phone or through voice commands.

The feature list is quite as expansive as the Wyze Thermostat. But since this is a Google product, you will get a bit more features with the Nest Thermostat than the Wyze one.

The device features a side-mounted capacitive touch interface with a large mirrored glass encompassing the display. The Nest Thermostat is a clear winner in this department.

Nest Thermostat is compatible with about 85% of all heating and cooling solutions.

The device is also compatible with HVAC and C-wire power solutions.

However, unlike the Wyze Thermostat, the Nest Thermostat doesn't include a C-Wire adapter in the kit.

The installation process is also a given with this product, with Nest estimating 30 minutes for the whole installation process.

As I mentioned earlier, the build quality is top-notch, and the capacitive buttons are responsive with ample feedback.

Nest also keeps a keen eye for colors, and the Thermostat is available in quite a few color options.

The only known issue with this device is its abrupt unresponsiveness to auto climate controls(Geofencing).

But a good software update can remedy this issue. Occasional Connectivity issues with the Home app should also be expected.

Nest also provides additional sensory peripherals to go with the device to cover all the blindspots in the space.

The Google Nest Learning Thermostat, the bigger brother to the Nest Thermostat, features an all-metal build and an intuitive AI learning feature that automatically adapts to your temperature and mood inclinations.

Wyze Thermostat Vs Nest Thermostat: A Comparison

Wyze Thermostat VS Nest Thermostat: A Comparison

Since now you have a clear idea about the products, let's compare them side by side based on the various aspects that constitute a thermostat.

Features, compatibility, build quality, accessibility, etc., are some of the categories we will be discussing in this comparison.

Though both products fare quite commendably (also very similar) in most categories, one does hold a slight edge over the other in this comparison.

Nevertheless, both are clear no-brainers and definitely the ones to go for in their respective price points.

And so, without any further ado, let's get started, shall we?

Features and Sensors on Offer

Features and Sensors on Offer

As a necessary home automation gadget, smart thermostats house a lot of features and sensors in them.

The most common ones include motion, humidity, and temperature sensors.

Both Wyze and Nest thermostats feature all of these sensors but the Nest Thermostat includes an Ambient light sensor that will adjust the screen brightness to the surrounding lighting conditions.

Nest thermostats also feature a capacitive touch interface. So they also do come with additional sensors for the said purpose.

Both products exhibit excellent reception to the changing environment and change the room climate accordingly.

Coming to the feature sets of the devices, this is where the devices start showing their disparities.

Although, they do feature some general thermostat features like geofencing, scheduled routines, automatic temp control, etc.

Geofencing allows you to set the room temperature to your liking when you're away from the space.

Nest thermostats have shown slight compromises in the geofencing department by not being utterly reliable at all times.

Wyze thermostat does not share any such discrepancies, though.

Coming to the exclusive features on offer, Nest offers an incredible array of features when integrated with Google Home.

Routines, energy statistics/tracking, maintenance alerts, motion detection, etc., make up some of the features on offer.

The Nest Thermostat also has an eco-mode feature that powers down the device if left unattended for a long time.

Energy tracking and statistics through the Home app allow you to check and track the energy consumed by the thermostat through both the HVAC and the C-wire connections.

Even if the Wyze Thermostat is compatible with C-wire connections, you have no provision to track and check the energy hence consumed by the product.

Fortunately, Wyze does offer many other incredible features with the Wyze Thermostat.

One such feature is the Coast to Cool feature that powers down the air conditioner and compressor but allows cool air to enter the room by running the fan on the AC, hence, cooling the room at reduced power.

The Wyze Thermostat also houses a passive IR sensor that detects motion once anyone approaches the Thermostat and turns ON the display accordingly.

Wyze also permits advanced monitoring of air filters. With the aid of the built-in tracking mechanism of the longevity and usage rate of the air filters, you can have a clear grasp of the status of your filters.

Most other thermostats, including the Nest thermostat, alerts you only when the filter is about to expire.

And so, Wyze has the upper hand in the features and sensors department, albeit by a small degree.

Even though Nest Thermostat doesn't have an AI learning feature similar to its bigger brother, the Nest learning thermostat, Wyze did promise an AI learning feature for its Thermostat.

You can expect the update in the coming months.

Compatibility and Power

Compatibilty and Power

Both devices share an almost similar compatibility criteria list. Google did go the extra mile and claim that the Nest thermostat is compatible with about 85% of all heating and cooling solutions.

You won't have a problem controlling your existing heating and cooling solution, may it be an AC or a Heat pump.

You can also control a Humidifier or a Dehumidifier with either of these devices.

Wyze is also compatible with dual-transformer power solutions, while Nest hasn't made a comment about any such implementation compatibility.

Talking about power solutions, both devices support powering through the HVAC system, 24 VAC a piece.

And if your system supports a C-wire connection, you can power either of these devices through the C-wire as well.

Wyze does include a free C-wire adapter with its thermostat. Nest has taken a step back on any such extra provisions.

You also get a trimming kit with a Wyze thermostat. To sum it up, Nest doesn't provide any other auxiliary components in the package, save the thermostat.

But Nest thermostats do have the provision for an ancillary battery-powered mode. Install two AAA batteries into the thermostat to power the device passively.

Meanwhile, Wyze relies solely on the HVAC/C-wire systems for powering their thermostats.

You can also power the Nest Thermostats through the heating system wires(Rh and Rc). Wyze has no such provisions.

Both devices support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Integration. Use the Wyze app to link the Thermostat to your preferred AI assistant.

Also noteworthy is their shared incompatibility with Apple's Homekit.

Build Quality and Additional Accessories

Build Quality and Additional Accessories

One of, if not the most notable cons of the Wyze Thermostat is its build quality.

Shaped like the Wyze Doorbell, the Wyze Thermostat adopts an all-plastic build for cutting corners and making up for the excellent under-the-hood specs this device offers.

And as with most plastic build devices, the device feels a bit cheap and clumsy. Not to mention, Wyze only offers the device in one color configuration - a white body with a black interface.

The rotor knob switch, reminiscent of the yesteryear thermostats, is also of a plastic build. You can, at times, feel the rickety nature of this switch while using the interface.

Coming to the interface portion of the Thermostat, Wyze adopts an IPS screen for their devices that offer excellent visibility and brightness.

But that's where the Nest starts showing promise. The mirrored finish LCD display is, by all means, superior to Wyze's IPS screen. It even looks elegant and premium.

Even if Nest gave the thermostat a plastic build quality, the Nest thermostat does feature capacitive touch interface controls in place of the plastic knob on the Wyze thermostat.

Its round and robust design approach is also very pleasing to the eye.

Available in a plethora of shades, you can choose the finish on your Nest Thermostat to your liking.

Next, let's talk about the additional accessories on offer.

Wyze provides a 3-in-1 remote control for controlling the thermostat remotely. A handy accessory by all means.

Nest doesn't offer any such remote accessories for the thermostat, but it does offer additional sensory accessories to cover the blind spots in your area.

Wyze, too, provides similar ancillary sensor accessories to aid the thermostat set the perfect climate in your space.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Finally, after a close and careful analysis of these two brilliant products, it's time we crown a winner.

But choosing a clear winner out of these products is a daunting task.

Wyze may have a slight, and I vehemently assert, a very slight edge over the Nest Thermostat, thanks to its cost-effective value proposition and features on offer.

But Wyze is a relative newcomer in the tech world. Hence, long-term performance is a mystery that awaits unraveling.

If reliability is your most prioritized aspect when looking for a thermostat, by all means, go for the Nest Thermostat.

Nest also incorporates a host of error codes to guide you in the right direction, like the N260 error code on Nest Thermostat for issues with the C-wire.

If you can get away with the plastic build and the evident lack of color options, Wyze will well suffice your indoor climate needs. You also get a lot of additional features with the Wyze Cam Plus subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is Nest Thermostat being discontinued?

Yes and No. Yes, because after about 6-7 years of service, Google decided to stop producing the Nest Learning Thermostat. But there is no reason for concern since Google did announce a newer Nest Thermostat that ditched the rotating dial for a capacitive touch model.

Does Wyze Thermostat work with Google home?

Yes, Wyze thermostats are compatible with Google Home devices like the Nest Mini, Nest Home, or the Nest Home Max. Through the Wyze app, you can pair both devices seamlessly. Once paired, you can use the Google Assistant voice commands to control the Wyze thermostat.

Does Wyze Thermostat control humidifiers?

Wyze Thermostat can control both a humidifier and a dehumidifier. You can even set up geofencing to automatically adjust the humidity in your space. Set up schedules, and your Wyze Thermostat will automatically change the climate in your room to your liking.

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