Blink Camera Registered to Another Account: Solved

Almost all modern Security Cameras feature foolproof account sync mechanisms rendering them virtually unusable by anyone other than the owner. Blink Cams are no different in this regard.

And being an avid Blink user, I was unfortunate enough to encounter a preowned Blink Outdoor Cam with the account linked to the previous owner.

After going through a few self-explanatory troubleshooting steps, I eventually succeeded in unregistering the Cam.

If your Blink Camera is registered to another account, unregister/delete the Camera from the previous account/system before adding it to a new account. Through the Blink app, you can also change the registered e-mail address. Contact the previous owner if you've bought a pre-owned Camera linked to another account.

Here's a brief take on the various scenarios that could lead to an issue with Blink Cam registered to another account:

ScenarioCauses and Fixes
Cannot link Blink Cam to new accountUnregister the Cam from the previous account first
Pre-owned Blink Cam registered to another accountContact the re-seller for account details
Cannot unregister Blink Cam from accountSoftware issue; factory reset the Cam
Want to switch to a new accountDo so by changing the registered E-Mail address from the Blink app
Blink Cam registered to another account

Below I've described in detail how to get this issue fixed. I've also included a video walkthrough of the process if that's what you prefer.

Delete the Blink Camera from the Previous Account/System

Let's start this whole ordeal by deleting the Camera from the already linked Blink account/system.

Most current Smart Home monitoring systems have adopted a self-explanatory method of linking a gadget to an account through an associated app.

Thus making it futile for intruders to tinker with the product.

Blink has also followed suit to this very method, and every Blink product, may it be a Camera, a doorbell, or an accompanying accessory, must be linked and added to the Blink app to work.

And so, to shift a Blink Camera to a new account, you must first delete/unregister it from the linked account.

Here's how to do so:

1. Open the Blink app and log into your account.

Blink camera settings

2. From the Home screen, tap open the Camera settings icon next to the Blink Cam you want to remove.

Blink General Settings

3. Tap open General Settings.

Delete Blink Cam

4. Select Delete Device and confirm your selection.

Your Blink Cam is now deleted from your System and ready to be set up with a new System/account.

If you prefer a video walkthrough of the whole process, here's one from us:

Deleting and re-adding the Camera also is an effective fix for issues such as Blink PhotoCapture not working or Blink Camera Command failed to complete.

Delete the Sync Module from the Blink App

Blink Cam and Sync Module

Most Blink Cameras, save the Blink Mini and the Doorbell, has to be linked to a Sync Module to work.

And so, it would be imperative to remove the Sync Module as well from the linked account before the Camera to a new account.

Deleting the Sync Module is crucial in fixing several other issues, such as Blink Cam speakers not working.

Doing so could come in handy if you plan on moving a system of Cams to a different account.

With that said, here's how to remove a Sync Module from the Blink app:

1. Open the Blink app and tap on the Sync Module banner.

Blink Sync Module Settings

2. Scroll to the bottom and select Delete Sync Module.

Blink Sync Module delete

3. Confirm your selection to complete the process.

You can now add the Sync Module to another account.

Change the Registered E-Mail Via the Blink App

Now, if you want to give away or gift your Blink Cam, you can do the beneficiary a favor and change the email address of the account to whom you wish to give.

Doing so may also come in handy if you want to forgo a system of Cameras and Sync modules.

And the process is quite simple. Here's how to do so:

1. Open the Blink app and tap open the Settings icon.

Blink Settings icon

2. Select Account & Privacy.

Blink Account and Privacy settings

3. Tap on your Email address atop the tab.

Blink Email Tile

4. Enter the password and select Change E-Mail.

5. Enter the new Email ID and enter the passcode sent to the said Email ID.

6. Tap Verify to complete the process.

You have now successfully switched Email IDs for your Blink account.

Can I Unregister a Pre-owned Blink Camera?

Blink Cam setup

You cannot unregister a pre-owned Blink Camera through the app, unless you have the registered account login credentials.

Buying a pre-owned gadget does come with nuances. And at times, you may have to go through with issues such as the one at hand.

If you have bought through trusted resellers like Amazon or BestBuy, you can contact them for further assistance.

Blink recommends buying their products from trusted sources so you won't have to deal with such issues.

Alternatively, if you have received a Blink product as a gift or got it from kin, contact them to remove the Camera from the linked account.

And so all you need to do is to be conscious and mindful of where you get the product. It's best to avoid buying security gadgets from general third-party vendors and shady online resellers.

Cannot Unregister Blink Cam from Blink App: How to Fix

Now, issues with deleting/unregistering Blink Cams from the app are not a very common sight.

They rarely happen, but on the off chance you encounter them, here are a few tips that might save the day.

Bugs and errors stemming from a lack of proper updates and other temporal inconsistencies are the root cause of such issues.

And so, after taking into account all the possible ways by which such inconsistencies can put a stop to your plans, here are the fixes:

Remove and Re-add Blink App

Remove and Re-add Blink App

The Blink SmartHome app is pretty much the central hub of everything Blink.

And once the app contracts an issue, everything goes south.

So, let's start the troubleshooting by removing and re-adding the Blink app.

By deleting and re-adding the Blink app, you also get to install the more recent, updated version. Updates are crucial for the optimal working of any app.

In the absence of proper updates issues, such as Blink Clip backup failed and Blink Cam not recording at night, are sure to pop up.

Here's how to remove and re-add the Blink app on your device:

1. On your device's home screen, navigate to the Blink app.

2. Tap and hold the Blink app icon to bring up a pop-up menu.

3. Select Remove/Uninstall and confirm the selection.

4. Once the app is removed, reboot your device.

5. Then, hop on to the Application store and search for the Blink app.

6. Tap on the Blink Home Monitor app, and select Install/Download.

Log back into your account and try deleting the Camera now.

Factory Reset the Sync Module

Known as the ultimate fix for most issues, including critical problems like Blink Cam flashing/blinking RED and Blink Network request failed, a factory reset might come in handy for this issue as well.

Factory resets revert the associated device to its factory defaults by removing all user-defined configs and resetting system configs to their original state.

Gone, too, are the many bugs and errors that may have taken refuge in the system internals.

With Blink Cams, however, the Sync Module is all that matters.

Since Blink Cams communicate and connect to the Blink app through the Sync Module, you'll have to reset the Sync Module to refresh the Cameras. Doing so could also take care of issues such as Sync Module Offline.

Moreover, only a couple of Blinks cams come with a reset button.

And so, here's how to reset your Sync Module:

1. On your Sync Module, locate the Reset button towards the back or next to the USB port.

Sync Module Reset button

2. Press and hold the Reset button until the LEDs turn RED.

RED LED indication on Sync Module

3. The LEDs will light Green and Blue once the reset is complete.

Sync Module LEDs

Blink Cams such as the Blink Mini and Outdoor comes with a Reset button. Usually, they're located beneath the back panel, next to the battery compartment. On Blink Mini, you can find the Reset button under the Camera module.

Reset Button on Blink Cam

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, a comprehensive guide on unregistering a Blink Cam registered to another account.

Included, too, is a brief troubleshooting guide on how to tackle issues with deleting/removing your Blink Cam from the Blink app.

If you have any further inquiries about unregistering a Blink Cam, feel free to get contact Blink customer services.

Lastly, all you need to do is to steer clear of shady resellers. Always stick with the authorized resellers recommended by Blink.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I access the same Blink camera from different devices?

Yes, as long as you're logged into the same account hosting the Blink Camera, you can access the same Blink Camera from different devices. But you can only access the Live View of the Camera one device at a time.

Can Blink cameras be factory reset?

Yes, Blink Cameras like the Blink Mini and the Blink Doorbell do come with a reset button. Press and hold the reset button for 15-30 seconds to initiate a factory reset.

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I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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