Blink Photo Capture Not Working: How To Fix [2023]

Are you facing a bug with Blink Cameras that disables the photo capture feature resulting in no photos taken for the entire day?

Well, you're not alone. I, too, had to go through the same issues a couple of days back and eventually got to the end.

After researching online for this issue, surveying potential fixes, and implementing them successfully on my Blink Cam, I have compiled the findings in this article.

If photo capture is not working on your Blink Cam, check if your Camera is eligible for this feature. An active Blink Subscription is essential for it to work. Removing and re-adding the errant Blink Cam on the Blink app could work. If these don't work, power cycle and reset the Sync module.

Here's a detailed description of what to do if photo capture is not working on your Blink camera.

Ensure the Blink Camera Is Eligible for Photo Capture

Ensure the Blink Camera Is Eligible for Photo Capture

The photo capture feature offered by Blink is not available for all Blink Cameras.

In fact, the feature is reserved for a select few Blink cameras with active Blink Subscription plans or within the trial period.

Here are the many models that support Photo Capture:

Blink ModelPhoto Capture Support
Blink Mini
Blink Indoor (Gen 1)
Blink Indoor (Gen 2)
Blink Outdoor
Blink XT/XT2
Blink Video Doorbell
Photo Capture supported Blink Cameras

If your Camera is not one of the three versions above, your Blink Camera does not support the Photo Capture feature.

Make Sure the Blink Subscription Plan Is Active

Make Sure the Blink Subscription Plan Is Active

If you have been using the Photo Capture feature but are no longer able to, check the status of your Blink Subscription plan.

If your Blink subscription plan, basic or plus, has expired, you will no longer be able to access the photo capture feature on your Blink Camera.

You can view the status and manage the Blink Subscription Plan in the Blink App under the section titled 'Your Memberships and Subscriptions'.

The subscription status could be active, canceled, or expired. Make sure the status shows active on your Blink App.

If you are in doubt as to when the subscription expires, you can check information like renewal date and price once the subscription plan is activated.

Delete and Add the Blink Camera on the Blink app

Delete and Add the Blink camera on the Blink app

A potential workaround for this software bug is deleting and adding back the Blink Camera on the Blink App.

Depending on whether your Camera is online or offline, the steps to remove the Blink Camera in the Blink App differ.

A more simpler method of resolving the Photo capture issues would be to disarm and rearm the Cam from the app. You could even plug put the batteries to turn OFF the Blink Cam without the app.

How to Remove Blink Cam When Online

1. Open the Blink App and tap on the 'Camera Settings' icon next to the Camera you want to remove.

Blink camera settings

2. Select General Settings followed by 'Delete Device'.

Blink General Settings

3. Tap on 'Delete' to remove the Camera which will take you back to the home screen

Blink Cam Delete

How to Remove Blink Cam When Offline

  • Open the Blink App and tap on the 'Camera Offline' notification on the Home Screen.
  • Tap on the red 'Delete' button at the bottom of the list. Verify the prompt that asks if you want to remove the camera.
  • Tap on 'Delete' to remove the Camera which takes you back to the Home Screen.
  • If you are doing this process for a Blink Mini, unplug the device from the power source to reset its configuration.
  • Once successfully deleted, you will receive an email confirmation that also contains the Camera's name and serial number.

How to Add Blink Camera to Blink App

Once you have successfully removed the Blink Camera from the Blink App, add the Camera as you did initially.

Make sure you power off the Camera for at least 15 seconds before adding it to this system or another one.

Follow these steps to add your Blink Cam back again to the app:

1. Open the Blink App and tap on the 'Add Device' icon located on the Home Screen.

Blink add device icon

2. The following screen shows you devices that can be added to your system.

Select your Blink Device

3. Your selection will open the QR scanning page.

Blink QR code Scan page

4. Enter the serial number by scanning the QR code with the Camera on your smartphone.

5. The QR code is located on the back of the Blink Mini Camera, and for all other versions, it is located inside the battery compartment.

6. You can also manually type in the DSN by choosing 'Enter Serial Manually'.

7. The setup process begins once the serial number has been deemed valid. When complete, you are notified that the Camera is added along with a screen with tips on how to place your Camera.

Blink setup complete

8. Tap 'Done' once you have completed the setup.

Power Cycle and Reset the Sync Module

Power Cycle and Reset the Sync Module

If there are any disruptions in the communication between the Blink Camera and the sync module, photo capture may be affected.

You should first power cycle the Sync Module to see if this solves the problem before doing a reset.

A power cycle, which is indeed a system refresh, can also fix power-related issues such as Blink Cam not working after a battery change.

To Power Cycle the Sync Module, Follow the Steps Below:

Sync Module unplugged
  • Unplug the power cord from the Sync Module and wait for at least 10 seconds before powering the device back up.
  • The Sync Module indicates solid green light for Normal operation and solid blue along with a blinking green when the device is ready for setup.

Conversely, a flashing green LED on the Sync module indicates issues with the network connection.

A power cycle test could fix this issue as well as other issues like Blink Cam not recording at night.

To Reset the Sync Module, Follow the Steps Below:

Sync Module Reset button

1. The Sync Module has a dedicated Reset button at the back of the device. This button takes your system offline and requires reconfiguration to go back online.

Press and hold Reset button

2. Press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds.

RED LED indication on Sync Module

3. Flashing red followed by a blinking blue light and solid green light after 15 seconds should appear on the front of the Sync Module.

Sync Module LEDs

Now the Sync Module is ready to be added through the Blink App.

On 2nd gen Sync Modules, the Reset button is a pinhole button located next to a USB Type-A port. To press the button, you can use a paperclip or similar tool to press lightly till you feel a click.

If power cycling does not return solid blue and blinking green lights, you should try a reset

How Blink Photo Capture Works

How Blink Photo Capture Works

The Blink Photo Capture feature is programmed to capture only if no motion is triggered within a 60-minute time frame.

If your system is armed 24/7, the photo capture feature can be enabled. If you prefer motion detection to not trigger events, you can turn it off but the Camera needs to be armed.

Blink Cams do not record continuously. Although, you can enable RTSP on Blink Cams to enable 24/7 surveillance via third-party monitoring solutions like Blue Iris.

The feature comes with the Blink Subscription plan or with the free trial. You can also manually schedule photo capture events.

Photo Capture does not work with Local storage. If there are no motion-detected triggers, the photo captures are converted into a timelapse video that you can view in the Blink App.

To turn on the Photo Capture feature, follow these steps:

1. Open the Blink app and tap open the Camera settings tab of your Cam. Tap open the Video and Photo Settings tab.

Video and Photo settings

2. Scroll down to the Photo Capture tile.

Photocapture settings

3. Toggle ON the tile to enable Photo Capture.

Final Thoughts

The photo capture flaw in the Blink software is a reported bug.

And with the ability to record two or more Blink Cameras at the same time, encountering this issue on multiple Blink Cams can be an issue.

Since it is a software bug, there are a few ways by which you can resolve this issue.

If you encounter the said issue on your Blink Cam, try out the many fixes mentioned in this article.

If the issue persists, reach out to Blink support for further assistance.

Hopefully, some of the suggestions and troubleshooting methods in this article have helped you resolve the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Long Are Photo Captures Stored for Viewing in the Cloud?

The photo capture clips are automatically deleted from the cloud after a period of 60 days. This is not applicable to motion events or Live Views.

Why Are Photo Captures Taken at 640x360 Resolution, and not at 1920x1080?

Photo captures are set at 640x360 resolution to conserve battery life. The clips, however, offer higher resolution.

Can Photos Be Taken When Motion Is Being Recorded?

During a motion-triggered recording, photo captures are not stored. Instead, the photo captures already taken are uploaded and a clip is made. Once the recording is over, the photo capture feature takes a picture every hour since the event.

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