Do Blink Cameras Record Audio? Answered!

Blink Cameras feature a killer motion detection function that can trigger events recording from up to 20 feet away. But what about audio? Do the recordings come with them, too? Let's find out.

While video recordings form the crust of modern Smart monitoring systems, Audio recording capability is yet to become a mainstay among these devices.

Fortunately, Blink doesn't disappoint in this department. In fact, Blink even has something up its sleeve seldom seen in this category.

Blink Cameras record audio and video once it detects and triggers a motion alert. The recording time is limited to 60 seconds. Blink also features two-way audio on select models that lets users talk back to entities in front of the Camera. You can access this feature from the Live View tab of your Cam.

Audio on Blink Cameras

Blink Speakers

It is safe to say that all Blink Cameras can record video synced with the audio of its surroundings until the clip ends.

But Blink Cameras do not feature an audio-based detection system. Instead, audio recording is enabled only when the PIR sensor detects motions and triggers an alert.

Once the recording is complete, you can access the recording from the Blink Home Monitor app.

But how does Blink record audio? Blink Cameras feature omnidirectional mics to record audio in front of the Cam within a 10 feet radius.

While the range may seem a bit lagging compared to the wide FOV of these Cams, the output is decent enough to today's standards.

Audio Quality on Blink Camera

Audio Quality on Blink Camera

As mentioned earlier, Blink Cameras feature a rudimentary omnidirectional microphone to pick up speech and other general audio.

And with such a simple execution, you can't expect the best-in-class performance like you would get with a cardioid microphone.

Surprisingly enough, Blink manages to get by in this department with what little they have.

Unlike the noisy, static-ridden mess one would expect from such implementations, you get decent audio output on Blink systems.

Although, the output is susceptible to ambient noises like wind blusters and leaves rustling. That's a given with almost all modern outdoor Camera systems.

But then again, Blink's audio filtration mechanism manages to keep interference and noise to a minimum.

Now, let's check how to enable/disable the audio on Blink Cameras.

How to Enable/Disable Audio Recording on Blink Cameras

Even if Blink Cameras initiate audio recording once the Camera detects and triggers a motion event, you can always manually change the audio status from the Blink app.

Also, for some odd reason, if your Blink Camera won't record audio, checking this settings option would be a wise idea.

But why would you want to turn OFF Audio on Blink Cameras?

As good as a feature it may be, recording Audio can be a taxing affair for the battery on Blink Cameras. Turning OFF the Audio can save battery life, especially if you prefer to arm the Blink Cam all day.

Follow these steps to turn ON/OFF Audio on Blink Cameras:

1. Open the Blink app and tap open the Camera Settings tab (3 horizontal stripes icon next to the Camera tile).

Camera Settings tab

2. Scroll down to the Audio Settings tab.

3. Toggle ON/OFF Enable Audio (Enable Microphone on some models).

 Enable Audio

Save the changes and exit out of the Settings tab.

Let's now check out how to access the recordings on Blink Camera.

How to Access Recorded Clips on Blink Camera

Once the Camera records an event, you can access it along with all other clips from all your Cameras from the Blink app.

With the Blink app, you can also manage the clips (limited to iOS devices).

Follow these steps to access the clips on your Blink app:

1. Open the Blink app and tap on the Clips icon (Clip roll icon).

Blink Clips icon

2. Tap on the clip you want to watch.

3. You can also find the clips saved to the Blink Cloud storage from this tab.

4. Unwatched clips will be marked with an Orange mark next to the time stamp.

While watching the Clip, you can perform various functions like sharing, deleting, or even accessing the Live View tab of the associated Camera.

Tap on the Clip playback to bring up all the different icons associated with the various functions.

Here's how to access the clips saved on an external USB stick on the Sync Module:

How to Access the Clips Saved on External Storage

The newer Sync Module 2 comes with a USB type A port to which you can plug in an external USB drive and save all your Clips.

If you are using an external storage option to save all your Camera recordings, follow these steps to access them:

1. Open the Blink app and tap on the Sync Module option.

2. Select Local Storage.

Blink Local storage

3. Tap on Safely Eject USB.

Blink safely eject

4. Remove the USB drive once the USB disconnected message appears on the screen.

5. Plug the Drive into your PC to access the clips.

Blink Sync Module clip backups happen only once a day. So take note of the time and date of the last backup to confirm the availability of recent clips.

How to Record Audio (And Video) Through the Live View Tab on Blink Cameras

Another way to gear up your Blink Camera to record events is through the Live View tab of the Camera.

In this way, you can actually monitor the events happening right in front of the Camera on a real-time basis, and if the events taking place demand another look, save the clip as it happens.

But this implementation comes with a couple of caveats.

First and foremost, Live View recording is limited to a select few Blink Cameras. Here are all the Cams that support Live View Recording:

Blink CameraLive View Recording Support
Blink Video Doorbell
Blink XT2
Blink Indoor (gen 2)
Blink Mini
Blink Outdoor
Blink XT
Blink Indoor (gen 1)
Blink Cameras that support Live View Recording

Then, for Live View Recording to work, you need to have an active Blink Subscription Plan or trial plan.

With an active subscription plan, Live View Recordings are stored on the Blink Cloud Storage and are accessible for 60 days.

With that said, here's how to record audio and video on your Blink Cam through Live View:

1. Open the Blink app and click on the Live View icon of your Blink Cam.

Blink live view icon

2. Now, tap on the Save icon towards the bottom left of the screen.

Blink Save Clip

3. Blink Camera will now save the current Live View session.

4. Access the Clip from the Clips section of the app. Live View Clips feature a Camera logo next to the thumbnail.

You can also save all Live View sessions automatically to the Cloud storage. To do so, follow these steps on the Blink app:

1. Open the Settings icon from the bottom toolbar.

2. Select Devices and System Settings.

3. Choose the System.

4. Scroll down and toggle ON Save all Live Views.

Save all Live Views

From now on, all your Live View sessions will be saved automatically to the Cloud.

Two-Way Audio on Blink Cameras

Newer Blink Cameras, like the Blink XT2 and Video Doorbell, come with a relatively new feature called two-way audio.

What this feature does is that it enables users to communicate with entities in front of the Camera. Think of it as an intercom sort of deal!

The onboard speaker on Blink Cameras can output audible speech audio with minimal distortions.

You can access this feature from the Live View tab of the device.

But before you do so, you'll have to accept a few permissions on the host device, specifically microphone access.

Follow these steps to enable microphone access for Blink on your Smart Device:

1. Open the Settings tab on your device.

2. Scroll down and open the Blink app tile (on Android - Apps>Blink).

3. Toggle ON the Microphone tile (Microphone>Enable).

 Toggle ON the Microphone

4. Exit the settings tab and open the Blink app.

Now, follow these steps to access the Two-Way audio on Blink:

1. Open the Live View tab of your Blink Camera.

2. Tap and hold the Hold to Talk icon to communicate with the participants in front of the Camera.

Blink Talk-back feature

On Blink Video Doorbell, tap the Talk button once to talk and press it again to mute the Microphone.

Note: The Live View tab can open only for 5 minutes. Then, you'll have to exit the Live View tab and open it once again to use it.

Final Thoughts

Audio is a crucial aspect of Blink Cameras, and I have to say, what Blink has accomplished is quite praiseworthy.

With the Two-Way audio feature, you can convert your Blink Camera into an operational intercom system.

Now, Blink systems are susceptible to ambient noises, feedback loops, and other interference. If you encounter such issues, turn OFF the audio on your Cam to resolve it.

If you have any further queries with Audio on Blink Cam, get in touch with the customer services of Blink for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Blink cameras have microphones?

Yes, Blink Cameras come packed with omnidirectional microphones to capture surrounding audio. They are in no way perfect, and distortion and noise can sweep into the recording.

Does Blink camera record everything?

Since Blink Cameras do not record continuously, they won't record everything happening on your premise. Although, when they do record, they capture surrounding audio quite clearly.

Does Blink Mini record audio?

Blink Mini, like all newer Blink models, is capable of recording audio with video. It also supports two-way audio natively.

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I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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