Vizio TV Turns OFF By Itself After 3 Seconds: How To Fix

A well-known issue with Vizio TVs is that it sometimes turns off without notice after a period of time. There have been a lot of reports of Vizio TV users experiencing this issue.

Here's how to fix this issue.

If your Vizio TV turns off by itself after 3 seconds, first check the cables and the power source. Then, power cycle the Vizio TV. Check if the power OFF button is been accidentally pressed on the Remote. Disable sleep timers from the TV settings. If all else fails, factory reset the Vizio TV.

Keep reading for detailed information on why Vizio TV turns OFF by itself after 3 seconds and how you can fix it.

Vizio TV powering up

Check the Cables and the Power Supply

Vizio TV cables

The first thing to check are the cables and the power supply of your Vizio TV.

The cables are directly responsible for bringing power to your Vizio TV. Any issues with them can trigger other problems like Vizio TV switching input to SmartCast or Vizio TV stuck on the logo.

Using ports that are damaged can also cause poor video signal transmission. If you feel that the port is in fact damaged, try using the TV with a different port and check if the issue resolves.

Another potential issue you could be facing is that the Vizio TV remote is malfunctioning. If that is the case, the IR blaster of the remote could turn on/off randomly.

Issues with the Remote hardware can trigger numerous other issues like Vizio TV Menu not working.

To check if this is the issue, you could turn off the remote by removing the batteries. Operate your TV manually or using the remote app and check if it is still turning off.

You can also check this by taking out the batteries of the remote while the TV is still turned on. If the TV switches off on its own, it is likely that the remote is not the problem.

Switch the Power Outlet

Power outlet

If your Vizio TV experiences a power surge, it could lead to your device overheating or potentially bigger issues. This can happen if you have many electronics connected to the same power source.

If you have set up your Vizio TV in this way, make sure you plug your Vizio TV directly into a dedicated power socket.

Using an overloaded outlet can lead to issues like damage to the mainboard, damage to wiring, and power overload, which is dealt with by the Vizio TV shutting down to prevent further damage.

Power supply inconsistencies are also a leading cause for issues with ancillary Vizio accessories like Vizio satellite speakers not working.

Power Cycle Vizio TV

Vizio TV unplugged

After you have checked the integrity of your cables and the port used, the next step is to power cycle your Vizio TV.

A power cycle can resolve software glitches, clear memory caches and reset hardware components. This step could potentially resolve your issue and several others like Vizio Chromecast not working.

To power cycle your Vizio TV, follow the steps given below:

  • First, turn off your TV.
  • Unplug the power cord from the back of the TV.
  • Hold the power button on the TV for five seconds. Repeat this step a few times.
  • Then, plug the power cord back into the port.
  • Let the device remain unpowered for an additional 10 minutes before turning it back on.
  • You have successfully power cycled your Vizio TV.

After connecting the cords to the main power, wait for the device to initialize completely. Your Vizio TV is ready to function properly now.

Resetting your device this way can yield results especially if you have not done this process in a long while.

Check for Accidental Button Presses on Vizio Remote

Vizio TV Remote

Another reason why you could keep running into this issue is due to accidental power button presses on your Vizio TV remote.

Sometimes, you don't even have to accidentally press the button, another remote can potentially interfere with the Vizio TV's sensors.

If that's the case, it is recommended to use the SmartCast app on your smartphone to navigate your Vizio TV instead of the remote. The same can be said if your Vizio Remote is blinking RED.

You should also check if the Vizio remote power button is jammed or feels different from the rest of the buttons.

If the power button in fact feels hard or weird to press, it could be due to accumulated dust underneath it potentially hindering its functionality.

You can attempt to clean the dust under the buttons of the remote using a cotton Q-tip.

Also, make sure that there are no obstructions between your Vizio TV's IR receiver and the IR blaster of your remote for optimal communication.

Check and Disable HDMI-CEC on Vizio TV

HDMI - CEC stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface - Consumer Electronics Control is a feature in the new generation of smart TVs that enables devices connected via HDMI cables to communicate and control each other using a single remote control.

This means that if you have enabled CEC, your TV can be controlled by another device remote. This could lead to interference from other devices.

Your Vizio TV could be misinterpreting other signals as a signal to the TV itself. As a result, constantly turn off.

You can disable this feature by enabling Eco mode on your Vizio TV as Eco mode disables most features in an attempt to conserve power.

Conversely, turning OFF ECO Mode is proven to be an efficacious fix for the Vizio Soundbar keeps turning OFF issue.

All functions and features that are considered excessive for the basic operation of the Vizio TV are turned off in Eco mode. This includes your TV receiving mixed messages from another device or remote.

To disable the CEC feature on your Vizio TV, follow the steps given below:

  • Access your Vizio TV Menu.
  • Go to System and access CEC.
  • Now, Disable the feature.
Vizio TV CEC tab

Check if the issue has been resolved.

Check and Disable Sleep Timers and the Auto OFF Feature

Vizio TV comes with pre-programmed Sleep timers and Auto-Off features. These features acting haywire could be why your Vizio TV keeps shutting down.

To check if this is the issue, turn off the Auto-Off function first. This function instructs the TV to turn off after a specified period of time.

To disable the Auto-Off feature, follow the steps below:

  • Access Menu on the Vizio TV.
  • Navigate to Timers.
  • Here, navigate to Auto Power Off and toggle the settings Off.
Vizio TV Auto Power OFF

There is another feature similar to the Auto-Off feature called Sleep Timer. This feature turns off the display of the TV if there has not been any activity for a certain period of time.

To turn off the Sleep timer feature, follow the steps given below:

  • Access the Vizio TV Menu.
  • Navigate to Timer.
  • Select Sleep Timer from the list of options.
  • Disable any active Sleep Timers and exit the Menu.
Vizio TV Sleep Timer

Check to see if the Vizio TV has stopped turning off on its own.

Check Connected Devices

There is always a possibility that a device that you have connected to the Vizio TV is causing the device to turn off at regular intervals.

Examples of these devices include Chromecast, Fire TV devices, gaming consoles, etc. It can also be caused by other connected devices like a Blu-Ray player.

Your Vizio TV could also be experiencing bugs when connected with other devices that can cause abrupt shutdown at regular intervals.

You can test if this is the case by disconnecting all external devices from your Vizio TV and operating your TV for at least an hour.

If your Vizio TV does not shut down on its own, then the culprit is one of the connected devices.

You can find the exact one by plugging each device independently into the Vizio TV, and like before, operating the TV for at least an hour. Observe the result till you find the responsible device.

Update the TV Firmware

Vizio TV check for updates tile

If you are running an older firmware on your Vizio TV, the device can potentially run into this issue. Therefore, it is crucial that the firmware is up to date.

You can set your Vizio TV to update automatically when connected to your Wi-Fi. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Access the Vizio TV Menu.
  • Navigate to System.
  • Now, tap on Check for Updates and tap on Confirm when you are prompted to confirm your choice.

If you have an available update, your Vizio TV should be updating to the latest firmware.

Vizio SmartCast not working is yet another issue that comes to life with outdated firmware.

Factory Reset Vizio TV

Factory resetting is an irreversible step that reverts the TV to its factory defaults. As a result, your saved preferences will be erased from the device.

Therefore, this step is recommended only if you have run out of other options or solutions to fix the issue.

To factory reset your Vizio TV, follow the steps given below:

1. Access the Vizio TV Menu.

2. Navigate to System.

Vizio TV systems tab

3. Scroll to find Reset and Admin Options.

Vizio TV Reset to factory Settings

4. Here, tap on Reset to Factory Defaults.

Vizio TV reset tile

5. Tap on Reset and confirm your choice. Upon confirming, the TV should reboot and launch in factory default mode.

Once the reboot is complete, you will have to set up your Vizio TV from scratch just as you did when you got the device for the first time.

Perform a Factory reset to get over several other issues as well, like Vizio TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi or when Vizio gets stuck on downloading updates.

Final Thoughts

The fixes mentioned above should help you overcome this issue and restore the proper functionality of your device.

However, if they don't work, it is highly likely that the issue is hardware related and not due to software bugs or glitches.

If that's the case, better contact Vizio customer support for baby further assistance.

Additionally, you can access advanced video settings on the Vizio TV Menu and disable features like Ambient Lighting, Backlight control, and Advanced Adaptive Luna to limit the load on the Vizio TV circuitry.

Disabling these features could resolve the overheating issue and lower the required processing power.

Even though it is not a complete fix, if this works for you, the issue could most likely be due to overheating.

Hope the solutions in this article have helped you restore the functionality of your Vizio TV.

Have a good day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Vizio TVs have auto shut-off?

Vizio TVs have an auto sleep function which you can access through the Vizio TV Menu. Using the Left and Right navigation buttons on the remote, you can highlight the period of time after which the TV will go to sleep. The options range from 30 minutes to 180 minutes. You can also toggle this setting to Off.

How do I know if my Vizio TV is on or off?

You can check the backlight of the Vizio TV to check if the TV is in fact on or off. You can also check the power light on your TV. It will most likely be placed on the left or the center of the bottom side of the Vizio TV.

How long do Vizio TVs last?

Vizio TV's life expectancy is around 3-6 years if used frequently. However, if used sparingly, the device should last for 5-6 years at least. On average, Vizio TV units have a lifespan of approximately 7 years.

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I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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