Can You Cancel Starlink Internet Anytime? [2023]

There could be a host of reasons why you'd want to cancel your Starlink internet.

Maybe Starlink's internet isn't working out for you or maybe you got access to something better than Starlink.

So can you cancel Starlink internet anytime?

You can cancel Starlink internet anytime through your Starlink account located within the customer portal according to clause 7.2 in Starlink's terms of service. Starlink does not have a contract and you will only be billed for your current billing cycle if you cancel it.

I'll answer every question you're likely to have on this topic.

Can You Cancel Starlink Internet?

All Starlink plans can be canceled anytime. There's no difference in the cancellation policy between residential, business, or RV here.

What if you Cancel in the Middle of the Billing Cycle?

What if you Cancel in the middle of the Billing Cycle?

Starlink does not have a pro-rata billing option and you'll be billed for the full billing cycle when you cancel.

This means that you'll get a monthly invoice even if you are just one day into your new billing cycle when you cancel.

So if you think you were unfairly charged, make sure you get your billing cycle dates correct.

When Does your Starlink Billing Cycle Start?

According to Starlink's terms of service, your billing cycle starts 14 days after your Starlink kit is shipped.

It doesn't matter when you start using it or when you activate it. You get billed 14 days after the kit ships.

Can you Return your Starlink Hardware if you Cancel?

Starlink unboxed

No, you cannot return your Starlink hardware (dish, router, or cables) if you cancel Starlink.

Starlink transfers the title (ownership) of the hardware to you when you buy Starlink.

This is quite unlike other internet services like T-mobile 5G or Verizon 5G where they just rent the devices to you as long as you keep using their internet.

But this also means that you can legally sell your Starlink hardware to an interested party.

How to Cancel Starlink Internet

Cancelling Starlink is quite easy.

To cancel Starlink service, follow these steps:

1. Login to the Starlink customer portal

Starlink Account icon

2. Navigate to the Account page

Starlink Manage subscriptions tile

3. Click Manage Subscriptions and then Cancel Service.

Then, check the box I want to return my hardware and click confirm.

Can you Cancel your Starlink Pre-order Deposit?

Can you Cancel your Starlink Pre-order Deposit?

You can cancel your Starlink pre-order deposit anytime and get a full refund of your deposit fee. Login to the Starlink customer portal and click on "cancel and request a refund".

Doing this takes you off the Starlink waitlist. If you wish to get Starlink again you'll have to start afresh at the bottom of the waitlist for your area.

Can you Suspend/Pause Starlink?

Starlink lets you pause its service only if you have Starlink RV (recreational vehicle).

Starlink PlanPausing?
Starlink Pausing Feature by Plan

Starlink RV can be paused anytime, any number of times in a year.

They use the term "pausing" and not "suspending".

There's no pro-rata option here as well which means you'll be billed for your entire billing cycle when you pause Starlink RV.

You can reactivate Starlink RV anytime by sending a message to Starlink customer support through the Starlink portal.

Starlink portability is an add-on feature to your Starlink residential plan costing an extra fee every month.

Portability works quite similarly to Starlink RV and it can be canceled and reactivated anytime.

Starlink does not have a vacation mode (like Xfinity) where you can keep your internet plan at a reduced rate while you're away from home.

Does Starlink Place a Limit on the Period of Pausing?

Starlink does not place any limit on the period of pausing your Starlink RV plan.

The largest I've heard of someone pausing Starlink RV was for 6 months and it worked fine for that person when they reactivated after 6 months.

Can you Get a Refund for Starlink?

Can you get a Refund for Starlink?

You can get a refund for Starlink in two situations. There are two different ways through which you are eligible for a refund:

First, if you just pre-ordered and paid only the deposit fee. You cancel this and get your $99 deposit back.

Second, if you are within 30 days of receipt of the Starlink kit or accessories.

Starlink gives you a full refund minus the shipping and handling fees if you wish to return your Starlink kit or Starlink accessories.

To do a return, log in to the customer portal and follow the return instructions.

What if your Starlink Breaks or Stops Working?

Starlink customer support is bound to help you troubleshoot your issue if Starlink stops working for you.

The warranty period set by Starlink is 12 months from the date of purchase.

If your Starlink stops working within those 12 months, Starlink will either repair or replace your Starlink kit within 30 days of your registering a complaint.

If Starlink is unable to make it work for you even after replacing your Starlink kit, they'll give you a partial refund.

How Does a Partial Refund Work?

Starlink gives you a refund for your hardware fee proportionate to the number of months remaining in your first 12 months.

For example, if you're 3 months into your purchase, Starlink will give you 75% (i.e 9/12) of the purchase price that you paid for the hardware.

Note that you will not get any refund for the monthly recurring fee.

What if you're Past 12 Months and your Starlink Stops Working?

The bad news is that you have no remedy here according to Starlink's terms of service.

Starlink only legally promises 12 months of warranty for their hardware.

However, such a situation is extremely rare and I personally do not know anyone who had a hardware breakdown.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have to pay monthly for Starlink?

You have to pay a monthly recurring fee to Starlink for using their services. If you have Starlink RV, you can pause the service if you intend to take a break from using Starlink. For all other Starlink plans your only option is to cancel Starlink.

How long do you have to return Starlink?

You have 30 days from the date of receipt of your Starlink kit to return Starlink. After that return window, you're only eligible to get your Starlink repaired or replaced in case you face issues with your Starlink internet.

Is Starlink faster than Fiber?

Starlink is not faster than fiber and will never be. Ground-based wired internet such as fiber internet has huge inherent advantages over internet data transfer and speeds. Starlink is primarily intended to be used in rural areas and remote locations where traditional internet options such as fiber internet are unavailable.

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I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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    Great articles/research on Starlink. In considering my internet options, I only need service for six months out of the year. I understand that I cannot pause the Residential service. If I am cancel my account, would I then be able to start back up with the same hardware? Cost plays a factor here.

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