Starlink Firmware Updates: Latest [2023] (All versions)

Starlink comes out with frequent updates to better the security protocols and performance of your User Terminals.

Note: This article is updated regularly to keep track of every new update. Find the latest information on firmware updates for Starlink here.

Starlink Firmware Updates List: Every Update

Here is a list of the terminal updates rolled out by Starlink:

Firmware VersionRelease Date
9a523755-03ee-4abe-b101-cb86b5f735c6.uterm.release02 August 2023
5fd8b512-ee46-47c6-bb66-e52b8d2f3be0.uterm.release28 July 2023
4c0c479d-d59a-4a0b-a7bc-fc4fc0bbe55d.uterm.release20 July 2023
541a3a76-f7d4-44df-9b58-1d9630f23a06.uterm.release12 July 2023
24641c43-aedb-4c1d-9a1a-114bfe57f6ae.uterm.release08 July 2023
e055302d-93ee-44c0-9f18-4d927a6ee54e.uterm.release24 June 2023
14fe5a98-2ada-4e5b-b124-390f88343cda.uterm.release23 June 2023
a4ad9746-b0bf-48f7-ad7d-89541acb43a4.uterm.release23 June 2023
5a3d63ca-2ab4-44c7-9106-29a21c72e260.uterm.release21 June 2023
2e05a8d5-0988-4e73-9831-3bdc83e48746.uterm.release15 June 2023
560a41f3-aa2d-4337-aef7-deb503a48130.uterm.release13 June 2023
1c89e5b3-1c4c-4997-8537-63333fd98871.uterm.release13 June 2023
55964439-e532-4d39-b7f4-36d1f9bdb243.uterm.release11 June 2023
43293dbb-e124-43a5-ad39-7b3f2cc0c55b.uterm.release08 June 2023
c46db847-5c43-46d4-abab-7837391f1258.uterm.release07 June 2023
71846917-8803-4151-833e-151e8e85e58e.uterm.release01 June 2023
2ce8c16a-67b6-4bbd-a135-a00662a60151.uterm.release31 May 2023
954b12ef-ab3b-4d55-875b-4541455cca35.uterm.release22 May 2023
8cd5bb78-2b4d-46d4-95e0-a4cda85b39e0.uterm.release30 April 2023
abfcc0e9-7441-4f98-8329-ce3c1229e7eb.uterm.release17 April 2023
c9957b74-87b3-440f-b7ef-f90fafdbeb41.uterm.release16 April 2023
6cae12a2-2492-41cd-b838-59909916a28f.uterm.release06 April 2023
5781cfe2-3678-457f-a0e7-c460b8985cef.uterm.release04 April 2023
7974cb07-8ba9-40ab-8aa6-4be7fb90309b.uterm.release30 March 2023
a28232ed-57fa-4c72-9de7-7757efd59a39.uterm.release24 March 2023
d7d702a3-d8ee-468e-a536-de3448c91088.uterm.release16 March 2023
41c7b2ba-3a18-4d62-907e-9f159151f6af.uterm.release04 March 2023
3fe2830f-62f0-4607-8bbf-53da8b206184.uterm.release01 March 2023
5a09c843-4f89-45ba-9736-de61159ad299.uterm.release24 February 2023
472ecb41-9a16-4173-8b20-60c2b5488ec4.uterm.release16 February 2023
cc18f87c-1d30-4acc-8ba6-5e53bc8b903d.uterm.release12 February 2023
191e4dfa-d63a-46b1-a73b-9fa907733864.uterm.release28 January 2023
6ac8c726-f096-45a5-9f02-c026b2a65e78.uterm.release23 January 2023
c36a30b4-93ac-4a14-b663-0622ef7ed944.uterm.release21 January 2023
6ac8c726-1096-45a5-9102-c026b2a65e78.uterm.release20 January 2023
367d68e9-6a60-4a21-878d-00e1f9b89c56.uterm.release14 January 2023
2d2db653-e245-403b-b1a5-1af2cca0aa43.uterm.release06 January 2023
8c03f1b9-de75-404b-87fd-7986892cdacb.uterm.release23 December 2022
756b8328-7273-4e5b-a253-363d85873d28.uterm.release18 December 2022
1745cc47-0a6c-4ef4-8cc7-9b0539cc6a2a.uterm.release14 December 2022
42b5ab75-81b6-4908-a445-e209eb070ed3.uterm.release30 November 2022
f562e306-0cd5-44c2-9058-9ab6800c4b50.uterm.release20 November 2022
Starlink Firmware Versions release dates

*Note: The links redirect to Reddit pages that account for the changes and enhancements addressed in the corresponding update.

Starlink rolls out firmware updates quite frequently to enhance security and add additional features to their Terminals. Firmware updates are installed automatically on all Starlink hardware. You can however check the version of your Starlink firmware through the Starlink app.

Starlink, being a relative newcomer, has made an indelible mark in the industry thanks to its relatively high data caps and excellent network speeds.

And building up on their success, Starlink comes out with regular updates to keep their peripherals secure and well-updated on the changing geography of the networking world.

Since its launch, Starlink has come out with several updates addressing the shortcomings of an up-and-coming service, like tackling network-based issues and getting rid of bugs and errors.

Even if you're experiencing network issues, Starlink may have already gotten a whiff of the issue and could get it rectified with an upcoming update.

But what good is it to you if you can't narrow down whether your Starlink Terminal did update to the latest firmware version or not?

For that, you need to know how to check the status of your Starlink Firmware version. Here's how to do so:

How to Check the Status of the Firmware Version

From the table above, it's evident that Starlink does come out with updates ever so often.

And keeping a regular watch on the updates can be a taxing affair.

But before we can even start embarking on such a quest, we'll have to find the current version of the Starlink firmware.

Fortunately, you check up on the whereabouts of the Terminal firmware right from the Starlink app.

Follow these steps to do so:

1. Open the Starlink app and log in to your account.

Starlink settings tile

2. Tap open the Settings tab.

3. Select the Advanced option.

4. Scroll to the Starlink tile to know the current firmware version of the Terminal.

You could also check the Uptime to know the date and time of the last update.

Even if Uptime doesn't elaborate on the exact date and time of the update, you do get to know the last time the Terminal was updated.

Next, let's take a closer look at how to update Starlink.

How to Update Starlink Firmware

How to Update Starlink Firmware

Usually, electronic gadgets require user authentication to trigger an update.

Contrary to the usual, networking and surveillance systems are designed to undergo an update regardless of user interaction.

Starlink, like many other networking services, updates automatically.

All you have to do is to ensure that the Terminal is powered ON and receiving a stable connection with the Starlink satellites.

Once an update is completed, the Terminal will reboot on its own, and the UpTime counter from the Advanced Settings menu will get reset to the date and time of the update hence completed.

Now, there have been reports floating around of users receiving notifications on the Starlink app to authenticate an update.

The legitimacy of such claims can be questionable, though.

Another notion sharing similar veracity is that rebooting the Terminal could trigger a firmware update.

Also, Starlink doesn't roll out updates simultaneously to all its customers. They are known to be sporadic and inconsistent.

And at times, many of the users may not even receive the update altogether.

The fact that you couldn't opt out of future updates could also annoy the conservatives among you.

How to Update Starlink App

How to Update Starlink App

Like the Terminals, the Starlink app also demands frequent updates to keep up with the rising trends and dangers in the networking world.

Operating on an outdated firmware version can hinder several features of the service and cause issues when installing Starlink accessories like the Starlink Mesh Node to your Terminal.

And so, it's of the essence to keep the Starlink app updated at all times.

Follow these steps to check and update the Starlink app on your phone/tablet:

Update Starlink App On iOS

1. From the Home Screen, navigate and open the App Store.

2. Click on the Account icon and scroll down to the Updates Available section.

3. Check for the Starlink app in the tab.

4. Click on the Update icon to start updating the app.

(You could also search for the app from the App store home screen to check and update it)

Update Starlink App On Android

1. Open the Play Store and search for the Starlink app.

2. Tap open the Starlink app tab.

3. Select Update to start the process.

Open the app after updating it.

You could also enable Automatic updates on your device's respective app stores to update them.

To do so, go to the Application store>Settings>Automatic Updates>Toggle ON.

Final Thoughts

Firmware updates are one of the most important aspects of a device connected to the internet. They help maintain security standards and update the device with newer features and enhancements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does the Starlink update take?

The time taken to complete an update on a Starlink Terminal will depend on the size and the nature of the update. For smaller security patches, expect a time frame of about 5-10 minutes. For the more significant updates, expect it to take much longer.

How do you refresh Starlink?

To reboot your Starlink Terminal, perform a power cycle test. Unplug the power cable from the router and connect it back after a few seconds.

Is the Starlink router waterproof?

The newer Starlink routers are IP54-rated meaning they can withstand slight water splashes and dust particles. Although, as a thumb rule, steer away from exposing the Router to such harsh conditions.

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