Wyze Outdoor Cam Not Connecting: How to Fix [2023]

I recently came across a weird bug where my Wyze Outdoor Cam refused to sync with my Wyze app and connect to my internet.

The camera would simply default to a buffer sign and would show a "3/3 Video Data" error code on the screen.

After a quick skim through plenty of forum posts, I curated this one-stop troubleshooting article that will help you fix connectivity issues with your Wyze Outdoor Cam.

If your Wyze Outdoor Cam is not connecting, check Wyze Base Station's internet connectivity status and signal strength. Next, check the battery status of the camera. If these don't work, factory reset the Wyze Base Station.

You can also manually attach an antenna to the Wyze Outdoor Cam to further increase its coverage with the Wyze Base Station.

Let's now take a brief take look at why Wyze Outdoor Cam fails to connect:

ScenarioCauses and Fixes
Wyze Cam Outdoor won't connect to Base StationWyze Cam/base station out of coverage; reduce the distance between the devices
Wyze Base Station not connecting to WiFINetwork issue; check for network connectivity-based issues. Connect only to the 2.4 GHz band
Wyze Outdoor Cam frequently looses connectionLow battery; check and replace drained out batteries
Other scenariosFactory Reset the device; contact Wyze customer support
Why Wyze Outdoor Cam fails to connect

Wyze Base Station-Related Issues

wyze outdoor cameras with base station

Your Wyze Base Station is one of the most important components in your Wyze Outdoor setup, as it acts as the command center between your Wyze App and Outdoor Cam.

So when it comes to issues relating to connectivity, it is almost always the issue with signal strength between the base station and the Wyze app/Outdoor Cam.

Check the Internet Connection

Check if your internet connection is up and running smoothly.

No matter how fast your internet plan is, a dodgy connection can cause issues with your Wyze Outdoor Cam simply refusing to connect altogether.

Wyze cameras require a 2.4GHz WiFi band for operation. So it is imperative to stick to that, even if your router supports 5GHz and/or 6GHz bands.

Make sure that all three devices: the Wyze Outdoor Cam, the Wyze Base Station, and your mobile device are connected to the same WiFi.

Ensure that there is proper access to the internet by connecting your smartphone to the same 2.4GHz WiFi and checking if you can browse the web.

If you are having any issues, best to contact your internet service provider and patch up your connection.

Check Signal Strength and Placement

The placement of all three components in your setup-the Wyze Outdoor Cam, the Wyze Base Station, and your internet router- can also prove to be a very important factor.

If there are any obstacles that hinder the signal strength between the devices, then this can somewhat prove to be disastrous for the communication between devices.

So it is best to keep them all as close as possible to each other, with the least number of distractions in between.

Wyze has included an option in its app that allows you to check the signal strength associated with your connected devices.

It is best to place your devices in such a configuration that they have the best signal possible.

To check the signal strength on your Wyze app, follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure that all devices are connected to the same WiFi, and all are paired with your Wyze app.
  2. Open the Wyze app.
  3. Tap on the device you want to check the signal strength of.
  4. Tap on Device Info.

You should be able to see the three-bar icon in the WiFi signal strength field.

Wyze Outdoor Cam Related issues

wyze outdoor camera

The Wyze Outdoor Cam is the second component in your Wyze system and probably the primary component.

Issues with the hardware are bound to crop up, especially considering that this is a battery-operated device that is meant to withstand the rough conditions outdoors.

Check Wyze Outdoor Cam’s Battery Status

Not many take the first and foremost step to first check the battery status of the Wyze Outdoor Cam.

Plenty of people complain about having connectivity issues and jump the gun to check their internet without having a glance at the condition of the camera at hand.

Since Wyze Outdoor Cam is battery operated, it can be hard to analyze when the batteries die out or do not provide sufficient charge for operation.

Wyze Outdoor Cam's batteries are rated to last 6 months, but real-world usage should result in values much lower.

So make sure to check the battery status first, and charge them up to full.

Ensure to charge the Wyze Cam Outdoor via the Base station with the supplied accessories. Relying on third-party means may render the Wyze Cam Outdoor not charging.

Wyze Outdoor Cam Does Not Have a Massive Range

This can be hard to digest for some, but it is fair to say that the Wyze Outdoor Cam does not have a massive range in terms of connectivity.

The Wyze Outdoor Cam, being a tiny camera that operates on batteries and connects to a base station, prioritizes operation and battery life instead of offering a longer range.

This can be an annoying factor to deal with, especially if you bought the device with the intention of hosting it in the wilderness far from your home.

A few users on Reddit, though managed to get around this issue by manually installing an antenna to the Wyze Outdoor Cam for better coverage.

This is not a step for novices though, as it requires you to have ample hardware knowledge of the Wyze Outdoor Cam and be ready to get inside the outer shell even.

You can check out the video below, where the user r/Nickolusw or Nickolus Wiebel does the same detailing every single step:

Factory Reset the Wyze Base Station

Wyze has not provided an option to reset the Wyze Outdoor Cam, owing to it being a security risk.

Since the Wyze Outdoor Cam is placed outside your home, it has a higher risk of being stolen.

The lack of the factory reset option ensures the thief can't use the device without the main user's Wyze account.

But the Wyze Base Station does have a reset button, which clears all its data and resets its operations, ensuring a clean approach to connectivity the next time you pair with it.

To perform a factory reset on your Wyze Base Station, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure that your Wyze Base Station is plugged into the power.
  2. Locate the reset hole on the body of your Wyze Base Station.
  3. Using a sharp object like a smartphone sim ejector pin or a safety pin, poke the button inside the hole for a few seconds, till the lights flash orange on the Base Station.

Final Thoughts

wyze outdoor camera with base station

If you have further queries regarding your Wyze Outdoor camera, feel free to contact Wyze support.

I hope my troubleshooting article on how you can patch up your Wyze Outdoor camera not connecting has been a helpful read and has aided you with the same.

Have a good day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Wyze Outdoor Cam free to use?

Wyze cameras, including Wyze Outdoor Cam, do not require a mandatory subscription fee for operation.

But a subscription to the Cam Plus or similar can help in enhancing the feature set of the Wyze Outdoor Cam.

Is Wyze Outdoor Cam weather resistant?

The Wyze Outdoor Cam is rated to withstand water sprays and dust to an extent, thanks to its IP65 rating.

This does not make it weatherproof but resists mild to usual weather conditions without many issues.

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I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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