Starlink Disconnected Error: Try this Fix [2023]

If you see a "Starlink Disconnected" error on your app, it means there's an issue with the data connection between your Starlink dish and your router.

There are several reasons why this could happen and I'll walk you through each of those to help you fix this issue.

If you get the "Starlink disconnected" error, check if the cable from the router is seated correctly inside the dish. When the cable is properly seated, you'll hear a click. If that doesn't fix it, check if the metal pin on the plug is bent, and check for cable damage.

Check Cable Seating on the Starlink Dish

The most common reason why Starlink shows the "disconnected" error is because of cable seating issues.

Now, this applies only if you have a Gen 2 rectangular dish and doesn't apply to round dishes.

In round dishes, the cable is permanently connected to the dish.

If you have a rectangular dish, make sure the cable from the router is seated well inside the dish.

You'll be able to hear a click when the cable is properly seated in the dish.

It's easy to mistake that the cable is seated properly when it's actually loose.

Do not force the wire too hard or it can get bent. Just go at it by trying multiple times.

Sometimes you might need to stick a folded piece of paper between them to get it right.

When the cable is correctly connected, the arch in the cable and the arch in the dish will line up correctly without any gap.

Honestly, it's a bad design from Starlink that users have to try this hard to get it right.

If you're able to connect it properly, tape it up so that there's no loose connection.

Another way to know if your dish is being supplied with power is to check if the dish moves when you enable stow mode.

Stow Mode makes the Dish fold into a compact form, making it easy for transport or storage.

There have been cases where the app says "disconnected", but the dish moves.

Check if the Metal Pin is Bent

Sometimes the metal pin connected to the straight plug could be bent at an angle leading to an improper connection.

In that case, take out the plug and gently straighten it out using your fingers. Try plugging it in again to see if you can hear a click.

Also, check for any debris inside the pin and clean it if there's anything.

Check the Seating of the Cable on the Router End

The cable should be seated properly on the other end as well. This is the end that goes into the router.

Starlink Gen 2 Router Ports
Starlink Gen 2 (Rectangular) Router Ports

Take out the cable from the dish and connect again. Try to reboot it then.

If you have a Gen 1 (round) dish, check if the power adapter's (brick) LAN port pins are intact/straight.

Sometimes those can get bent affecting the cable connection.

If they are bent, you can try to gently make them straight for establishing a proper connection with the RJ 45 end.

If you think the connection at the LAN ports is loose, stick a piece of paper along with the cable to tighten the connection.

Check for Cable Damage

If your cable is routed through your lawn or the outside of your house there's a chance of cable damage which can cause Starlink to not connect.

This happens more often than you think. It could be a lawnmower accident, a dog chewing the cable, or even bad weather (hailstones) damaging the cable.

Broken Starlink Cable
Broken Starlink Cable

Check the entire length of your cable for any signs of damage.

If you have a Gen 2 rectangular dish and your cable is damaged, you have two choices.

  • Get the cable replaced from the Starlink shop
  • Repair the cable

Now getting the cable replaced is fairly straightforward. Just go to the Starlink shop and order a new cable.

Although note that shipping times for accessories can be a bit long.

If you have a Gen 1 round dish, replacing just the cable is not possible and you'll have to get a new dish,

Raise a ticket with Starlink support and get a replacement.

Repairing a Broken Starlink Cable

There are several methods to splice broken ethernet cables.

Since Starlink's cable is CAT5e, it can be spliced like any other ethernet cable.

Temporary Quick Solution

The most rudimentary way would be to just tape them together. Let's look at this procedure:

  1. Before doing anything, disconnect the power to the cable.
  2. Use a wire stripper or a blade to strip the shielding first. You should be able to see 4 pairs of wires with copper strands inside them.
  3. Join the two ends of the cable by twisting the strands together, matching them by color.
  4. Make sure to twist in their original direction. Duct tape tightly after joining them.

I would recommend doing this only as a temporary measure if you need internet urgently.

Proper Way to Splice

For this method, you need 2 RJ45 Ends, a Crimping tool, and a Waterproof RJ45 Connector.

You need to crimp both ends to RJ 45 ends. Here's an easy-to-follow pictorial guide- Crimping RJ 45.

If you don't want to get a crimping tool, you can also do it using a pair of scissors.

Once you've attached both ends to RJ 45's, use the RJ 45 connector to connect them.

This is a proper way to repair your Starlink cable.

Power Supply Issues to the Router

Starlink Router plugged in

Starlink disconnected error can also appear if the adapter or router isn't being supplied with power.

For Gen 2 (Rectangular) dishes, there's just one white light under the router. Check if that's on.

For Gen 1 (round) dishes, there are two lights. Check if both lights are on.

If the lights are off, it indicates a clear power supply issue.

Starlink Gen 1 Power Adapter with Both Lights on
Starlink Gen 1 Power Adapter with Both Lights on

First, check if you've powered the device properly. If not, then the adapter/router could be faulty.

If you're powering your router through a UPS or power strip, remove the intermediary source and power the router directly to see if that helps.

UPS batteries can sometimes be faulty.

If you have a Gen 1 power adapter and you see a red light, unplug the power from the dish and wait for 20 minutes.

Then plug it back.

Check if you're Connected to the Right Network

The disconnected error can happen if your Starlink router is connected to the wrong SSID, possibly another network at your location.

Reset the Starlink router and connect to the default SSID by skipping the custom SSID option.

The method of resetting the router depends on the generation of your router.

  • For Gen 1 router, push and hold the button under the router until the light on the router turns blue. Release it and the router will be reset.
  • For Gen 2 router, unplug the router from power and plug it back in three times in a row to reset it. This is called power cycling. The router will take a few minutes to reset.

Check for Possible Interference

If your cable crosses any power supply lines or cables, signals can go awry due to interference between them.

Make sure the cable does not cross any power lines and if there's no other choice, align them perpendicular to each other to minimize interference.

Check with Another Router

Starlink Router next to a household Router

If you have the ethernet adapter for Starlink, replace your supplied router with another aftermarket router and try if the issue is solved.

You'll need to put your Starlink in bypass mode first for this to work.

Note that if you have the Gen 1 (Round) dish, the adapter is supplied with the kit.

For Gen 2 (Rectangular) you'll need to order the ethernet adapter as an extra accessory.

If you're already using a router of your own, try factory resetting the router to see if that helps.

Faulty Cable

There have been cases where Starlink users got faulty cables. If nothing works the problem could be with your cable.

Get it replaced through the Starlink shop.

There's no way to use an aftermarket cable as the Starlink cable has proprietary ends.

Contact Support

If there's a hardware issue, you can get it replaced for free as long as you're under warranty (within 1 year).

Contact Starlink customer support by opening a ticket through your Starlink account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does Starlink take to connect?

Starlink can take between 5 minutes to a few hours to connect when you set it up the first time. Once connected it can take up to 12 hours for your Starlink to reach optimal performance.

What does the red light on Starlink router mean?

A red light on the Starlink router indicates there's no connection to the dish from the router. Check if your Starlink cables are connected properly if this happens. Power cycle the router as well to see if the issue is with the router.

How many devices can the Starlink router handle?

According to Starlink's official support resources, the Starlink router can handle up to 128 devices at the same time. For all practical purposes, this means an unlimited number of devices can be connected to Starlink without any issue.

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Hey! I'm Doug, My passion for tech started by fixing phones and computers for my friends and family.

I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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