Kindle Store Is Currently Unavailable: How to Fix [2023]

I had trouble accessing the kindle store recently and I surfed online to find a solution for this. I found several solutions to this problem.

So, I decided to write this article to condense all the solutions that I found after my research.

If your Kindle store is currently unavailable, check your internet, reboot your Kindle, and update your kindle to the latest firmware. If the issue persists, factory reset your Kindle. If the store is still unavailable, check your Kindle version as Amazon has stopped store access for the older generation Kindle devices.

Amazon Dropped Support for Older Generation Kindle Devices

Amazon Dropped Support for Older Generation Kindle Devices

Amazon, since 2022, has been restricting access to the Kindle store for older-generation Kindle devices.

This move will particularly affect devices that were released 10 years before and beyond.

Even though Amazon has not officially released a statement confirming the restriction of access to the Kindle store, Kindle users have reportedly received emails from Amazon stating the same.

The oldest Kindle that will be losing this feature is the second generation Kindle model launched internationally in October of 2009.

The most recent Kindle that will suffer the lack of store access is the fifth generation Kindle model introduced in September of 2012.

The list of Kindle devices that will lose this feature is given below:

  • Kindle Second generation International
  • Kindle DX International
  • Kindle Keyboard
  • Kindle Fourth generation
  • Kindle Fifth generation

Amazon could be ending store access to older Kindle devices as a consequence of hardware limitations. Hardware changes over the span of a decade have been drastic.

A software update might not be able to close this gap which could mean that modern security requirements are difficult to be met for old-generation Kindles for purchasing eBooks.

There are also reports of Amazon possibly ending support for MOBI and AZW formats for Kindle eReaders and replacing them with EPUB files.

So, we can expect a software patch around the end of the year that renews file formats and officially adds EPUB support.

Even if you have one of the above-mentioned devices, your Kindle will not be completely redundant. You can still add eBooks to your Kindle.

You can access and purchase eBooks from the website using a web browser on any device. These eBooks as usual are sent to your Kindle.

You can also download eBooks from other sites and sideload them onto your Kindle via email or using a USB.

If you are one of the Kindle users affected by this policy update, check your email inbox.

Amazon has attached an offer along with the notice to attract customers towards updating their old Kindles to newer versions.

Reports claim that Amazon is attaching a discount code offering a 30% discount on the purchase of a new eReader along with the email.

There are also refurbished Kindles up for sale on Amazon.

They are also offering 3 months of free access to Kindle Unlimited service upon purchase of a new Kindle eReader.

Here's a video walkthrough from us that'll help you troubleshoot the "kindle store is currently unavailable" issue,

Kindle Store is Currently Unavailable

Force Reboot the Kindle

Rebooting your Kindle device is a quick solution that can fix most of your issues.

An issue most Kindle users face is when the display shows the prompt "The Kindle Store is currently unavailable" and on pressing 'OK' the screen freezes.

If this issue persists even after you have tried powering your Kindle on and off and your Kindle screen is still frozen, you might have to try force rebooting your Kindle device.

This issue could be because the software running on your Kindle has been locked up. To reset this, you need to do a force reboot of your kindle device.

Kindle Power Button

To execute this, press and hold the power button on your Kindle for 40 seconds.

Kindle Restarting

Do not press any buttons after these 40 seconds and wait for a minute for your Kindle to power back up.

In case the issue has not been resolved, try this solution at least three times and each time give your Kindle device a minute to power back up.

If your Kindle is still running into this issue, try charging your device for 15 minutes and try this method at least twice again.

Check the Internet Connection

A frequent issue that users face when having trouble connecting to the Kindle store is network troubles. To make sure that your issue is not due to your network, try the following tips.

Try restarting the router. To restart your router, turn off the router using the power off switch on the back of your router or just unplug your router.

Wait for 30 seconds to one minute and power your router back up. Try connecting your Kindle to your network and check if you have access to the Kindle store.

Check if your Kindle is connected to Wi-Fi. It is worthwhile to check if your Kindle device is recognizing and connected to your Wi-Fi network.

To do this, either swipe down from the top of your screen or go to Menu.

Kindle All Settings tab

Navigate to 'All Settings' and then 'Wireless'. Further, select 'Wi-Fi networks' and find your network in the list of available ones.

Kindle WiFi Change

Once you have found your network, tap on it and type in your network password.

Then, press 'Connect'. Make sure your Wi-Fi network has good signal strength to ensure proper connectivity.

In case you are using a 3g or 4g/LTE network, make sure you try connecting to the store on a Wi-Fi network to make certain that the issue is not due to a network connectivity problem.

It's recommended to turn OFF the network if you want to save battery life since you can use Kindle Offline too.

Update Kindle to the Latest Available Firmware

Kindle users face store connectivity problems when their device is not currently running the latest software.

Updating your Kindle software might resolve your store accessibility issue.

By updating your device, you get to make the Kindle faster, hence resolving issues like Kindle being slow.

Kindle updates come with security overhauls, bug fixes, and several streamlining or optimization features.

Therefore it is worth it to make sure that your Kindle device is running the latest available firmware.

Kindle devices generally update automatically.

However, if it has been a while since you have connected to a Wi-Fi network or if you have been using your device in Airplane mode, your Kindle device might be running on old firmware.

To check if there are any updates available for your Kindle device, navigate to the Home screen and tap 'Menu' and go to 'Settings' or swipe down from the top of your screen and tap on 'All Settings'.

Kindle All Settings tab

Tap on the 'Device options' icon and navigate to 'Advanced Options'.

Kindle Advanced options

If this option is greyed out, it means that your Kindle is running the latest firmware and no further updates are available.

Kindle Update your Kindle option grayed out

If the option 'Update your Kindle' is available, first plug your Kindle into a power source and then tap this option.

A prompt will pop up to which tap 'OK' to confirm the update.

Then the message 'Your Kindle is updating' will be displayed on the screen. Once the update is complete, your Kindle device will restart automatically.

Leave your device plugged in to let Kindle index your books.

Factory Reset the Kindle

Factory resetting your Kindle is a final measure to try if you have exhausted all other troubleshooting solutions.

However, most issues are cleared through a factory reset, including the notorious Kindle Store won't connect issue.

The reason why a factory reset should be the last solution is that it resets your device to its initial configuration.

This action will wipe out all your personal preferences, settings, downloaded books, passwords, media, and apps on your Kindle.

Kindle All Settings tab

To do a factory reset, swipe down from the top of your screen to access 'Settings' or navigate to the Home screen and press 'All Settings'.

Kindle Reset option

Go to 'Device Options' and select ' Reset'. If you are using an older Kindle, select 'Reset Device' again.

A prompt will pop up to confirm your choice to reset your Kindle. Tap 'Yes' to confirm your choice.

Your device will reboot and start up with its initial factory configuration. Once you have factory reset your Kindle, your device is deregistered from your Amazon account.

In order for you to access your books and other media, you need to register again to get access to your Amazon account.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Amazon's Kindle is a one-of-a-kind product with incredible backend support and a huge user base.

As a result, we can always expect solutions to bugs and errors with Kindle devices.

Moreover, they provide incredible access and support to a wide range of books through their Amazon store.

The decision to restrict older devices from accessing the store in hindsight will be a practical and constructive decision as any user would agree that transaction security triumphs over all other concerns.

Hopefully, some of the solutions offered in this article have helped resolve the issues that you are facing with your Kindle device.

Have a good day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I share an eBook that I have purchased?

To share an eBook that you have purchased, set up a Family Library. Family Library allows 2 adults with their own Amazon accounts and 4 children. Once you have set up a Family Library, you can share eBooks and other content.

What happens to my books if I cancel my Kindle Unlimited membership?

Once you cancel your Kindle Unlimited membership, you will have access to the Kindle Unlimited eligible books until the end date of your membership.

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I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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