Can You Read Kindle Books Offline? Answered [2023]

This article will answer whether you can read books offline on your Kindle and the pros and cons of the same.

You can read Kindle books offline as reading does not require an active internet connection. The benefits of using Kindle online are that it keeps the books in sync across multiple devices, and you can access the Kindle store and cloud library. The drawbacks are that it drains the battery faster and more ads are shown.

Reading on Kindle Does Not Require an Internet Connection

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After you have registered an Amazon account on your Kindle, you do not need to connect to the internet to use or read on your Kindle anymore.

A scenario where you need internet access after registration is when you want to access the Amazon bookstore to add new books to your library.

You can also add books without connecting to the internet by connecting and transferring books to your Kindle device via a computer.

However, if you regularly receive your books via email, you need an internet connection to access those books on your Kindle device.

Another situation where you might need to connect to the internet for using Kindle is when there is an update available.

You might face bugs if your Kindle is not running the latest firmware.

Benefits of Reading Kindle Books With Internet Access

Benefits of Reading Kindle Books With Internet Access

It is advisable to use Kindle with internet access if you have multiple Kindle devices and would like to switch between devices during the course of reading a book.

Internet access is also required to access the Kindle cloud library and books through the Kindle store.

You also need internet access to use the real-time translate feature on Kindles and dictionaries that you have not made available offline.

Always in Sync With Multiple Kindle Devices


Using your Kindle with internet access while reading syncs your progress across multiple devices.

Amazon uses a feature called Whispersync for Kindle books which updates your progress across all devices.

This feature works not just with Kindle devices but also with non-Kindle devices you are using to read with the Kindle app.

Make sure that the Whispersync feature is turned on for Amazon to track your progress and in order to do this, an active internet connection is required.

For this feature to work, the non-Amazon book that you add needs to be in MOBI or other compatible file formats.

Amazon Kindle does not yet have EPUB format compatibility.

To add the books, use the email-to-Kindle function to send the non-Amazon books to your Kindle email address.

Once it is sent, those books get incorporated with the Whispersync function. This will not work with books that you sideload.

The books that are added by emailing, will show up in the 'Documents' folder and not in 'eBooks'.

They have to be accessed via the 'Docs' icon and not the 'Kindle' icon.

How to turn on the Whispersync function?

To make sure that your 'Whispersync' function is turned on, first, you need to enable the feature and then connect to the internet, in that order.

To turn on the Whispersync function, on your Kindle device, navigate to 'Manage your Content and Devices' and select the 'Preferences' tab.

Select 'Device synchronization (Whispersync settings)' and confirm that the feature is turned on.

Access to the Kindle Cloud Library and Kindle Store

In order to access the Kindle Cloud Library and browse books through the Kindle store, you need to have an active internet connection.

Once you have downloaded the books you want to read and if you do not intend to switch between devices while reading, then you no longer require internet access.

However, if you want to access the books that you have added to your Kindle cloud library but have not yet downloaded to your Kindle device, you need to connect to the internet.

Once you have made those books available on your Kindle device, you do not need internet access to read those books.

Issues with the Kindle store like the Store being unavailable can be resolved by checking the status of the network connection.

Drawbacks to Reading Kindle Books With Internet Access

Drawbacks to Reading Kindle Books With Internet Access

Since we have already established that Internet Access is not a prerequisite to reading on a Kindle device, let us further explore what the potential drawbacks could be for reading with Internet access.

Faster Battery Drain

There are many reports of Kindle users facing battery drain issues.

One of the main causes of battery drain in Kindles is the device searching for networks to connect to.

When you are not using features that require internet accessibility, it is advisable to turn off your internet as an active internet connection uses several features unrelated to the primary use, reading.

On average, a Kindle device will last about 6 to 8 weeks on a single charge if used for an hour a day for reading with the Wi-Fi turned off.

With Internet access, the Kindle will last only around 7 to 10 days on a single charge. The effect of internet access on the battery is evident from the disparity.

An additional measure you can take to conserve battery is to lower your screen brightness. The screen brightness level recommended by Amazon is 10.

More Ads

Amazon sells Fire tablets and certain eReaders as "Kindles with special offers". The term 'special offers' here roughly translates to advertisements.

The cost difference between these two versions of Kindles, with and without special offers, is 20$.

You can either buy a Kindle with a special offer and revoke the service later on or buy one without it.

The pro of buying a Kindle with special features is that the ad suggestions are personalized and you could potentially come across books that you might want to read.

The con is that the ad suggestion adds an additional step in the form of a swipe while opening your Kindle to read.

If that extra interaction is acceptable for you, a Kindle with special offers would be fine.

The ads are updated more periodically if you are using an ad-enabled Kindle with internet access.

If internet accessibility is turned off for a sufficiently long period of time, ads eventually disappear and are replaced by generic phrases.

You can also reach out to Amazon customer support and request the special offers be turned off.

The steps for turning off Kindle special offers by paying are the following.

Go to 'Manage Your Content and Devices' on your Kindle, under 'Special offers' click on 'Remove offers'.

A pop-up will show you the amount to be paid to remove the special offers.

How to Add Books to Kindle Without Internet Access

How to Add Books to Kindle Without Internet Access

This section focuses on how to add books to Kindle using books you have downloaded on your computer.

Amazon Kindles recognizes the .mobi file format. It is important to remember that when downloading books from sources other than Amazon.

First, go to and click 'Accounts & Lists' on the top right part of the website. Navigate to 'Content & Devices'. Click on 'Books'.

The website will now show you all the books you have added to your account. Find the book you want to transfer to your Kindle and click 'More actions'.

From the drop-down list, select 'Download & Transfer via USB'. Choose the device for which you are making this book available and click 'Download'.

Repeat for all the books you want to transfer.

To transfer books that you have downloaded on your computer to your Kindle device, follow the steps given below.

Use a USB cable to connect your Kindle device to your computer and open the Kindle drive on your computer.

Access the 'Documents' folder in the Kindle drive. If you are using a Kindle Fire, you need to open the 'Internal drive' and then the 'Books' folder.

Transfer your downloaded books from your computer onto this destination on your Kindle drive. Once the transfer is complete, safely eject the Kindle device.

Once you have completed these steps, open 'Library' on your Kindle device and you should be able to view and access all the content you have transferred.

Do keep in mind that adding a ton of books can make the Kindle a bit slow.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Amazon's Kindle is definitely one of the top devices in the range of Readers.

The versatility of this eReader combined with the wide range of access to books and cloud support helps Kindles retain its position.

And Kindle Readers are fairly immune to errors and problems, but when one pops up from time to time, like the Kindle not connecting to store issue, they can be fixed quite easily too.

Amazon's customer support for its errors, bugs, and general support is incredible. Frequent firmware updates also keep your devices secure and functional.

Hopefully, the information in this article has helped you in understanding how to use your Kindle without internet access and what the benefits and drawbacks are.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you use Kindle Unlimited on Kindle without using Wi-Fi?

The books that are accessible through Kindle Unlimited are only available to you while you have an internet connection. But once you have downloaded them to your device, you no longer need a Wi-Fi connection to read and edit those books.

Can you transfer physical books to Kindle?

Kindle Convert service allows users to transform documents and physical books into eBooks that can be accessed on your Kindle and via the Kindle app.

Can you read and listen to a book at the same time?

If you have bought Audible narration along with the book, you can read and listen to the narration at the same time with real-time text highlighting. You can also switch between reading and listening without losing progress as long as you are connected to the internet.

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