Amazon System Recovery 3e: How To Fix [2023]

Many Amazon products are facing booting issues during loading, especially, Amazon Fire Sticks and Fire tablets, where an error code "Amazon system recovery (3e)" is shown.

I faced this issue when I tried to launch the Amazon Fire Stick connected to my TV. Even though the prompt on my screen read "The Amazon Fire TV will start in a few minutes", my device failed to start even after hours.

This article will outline potential solutions to this frustrating problem that many Amazon Fire device users are facing.

To fix the Amazon System Recovery 3e error, restart your Fire device, check your Network Status, restore the device firmware version via ADB update, and refresh Cache on Fire Stick. If these don't work, factory reset your Fire Stick.

This article will explore each solution mentioned above in detail. Hopefully one or a combination of the solutions mentioned will resolve the recovery mode error on your Amazon Fire device.

Power Cycle Amazon Fire Device

Power Cycle Amazon Fire Device

Power cycling is a popular and effective method to resolve the System recovery error in Amazon Fire devices.

Power cycling is the action of doing a soft restart of your device to reset the device.

Fire TV

There are two ways you can power cycle your Amazon Fire Stick.

First, you can restart the Fire Stick from the TV. Navigate to the top of the Amazon Fire TV home screen on your TV and find the 'home' tab.

Alternatively, press and hold the "Home" button" (symbolized by the icon of a house on the Fire Stick remote). Then, scroll to the right and click on 'Settings'.

Again, scroll to the right and find 'My Fire TV'. In the newly opened list, navigate to "Restart" and click on it. This will restart your Fire Stick.

If you cannot access your Fire Stick setting due to the error, then unplug your fire stick cable from the power source.

Wait a few seconds before plugging it back in. Wait for your device to load back up and check if power cycling has resolved the system recovery error.

Fire Tablet

If you are facing this error on a Fire tablet, power cycle your tablet.

Press and hold the power button of your Fire tablet for three seconds or until you come across a shutdown request on your screen.

If you are unable to interact with this pop-up on your screen, continuing to hold the power button will power down your device. If you can interact using your screen, tap 'OK'.

Your device will turn off now. Pressing and holding your power button again for two to three seconds will start your device back up.

Check the Network Status

Check the Network Status

Make sure your Fire Stick is connected to a functional network. When your Fire device comes across this error, it might be trying to communicate with the Amazon server to resolve this issue.

In order for your device to do that, the network connection should be sound. Here are a few ways you can check and reset your network connection.

Power cycle your modem to rule out issues with your network connectivity. In order to do this, either press the power button behind the modem or router to turn the device off.

Wait at least 10 seconds before powering your modem back up. Alternatively, you can unplug your router and plug it back in after 10 seconds to reset it.

Try connecting another device to this network to make sure that the problem is not with your network connection.

Restore Firmware Version via ADB Update

Restore Firmware Version via ADB Update

ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge, which is used to connect your Fire Tablet to your PC for testing and debugging. You can use ADB to restore your Fire Tablet to stock firmware.

A note to remember is that ADB is provided by the Android Open Source project and not officially by Amazon.

The instruction below is specifically for Fire 8, an Amazon Fire tablet range of eBook readers. Since it is an android device, you can manipulate the software to restore the stock firmware.

Below is a short tutorial to execute this process. For this process, you need to set up an ADB environment on your PC. You also need to sideload the update manually to your PC.

To download the software, find the Fire 8 stock update.


Before you begin restoration of the stock firmware, there are some prerequisites that you need to set up. You need the full Android SDK package provided by Google.

You also need to set up a quick ADB and Fastboot installer. If you are using a mac, find the instructions on how to set up ADB and Fastboot.

Make sure that your PC has the latest USB drivers to ensure that your Fire 8 is detected. You also need to enable developer options on your Fire 8 device.

To enable developer options, Go to 'Settings' on your Fire Tablet and then 'Device Options'. Check for the 'Developer Options' menu. If you cannot find Developer Options there, do the following.

From 'Device Options', tap on 'About Fire Tablet'. In the pop-up, tap on the 'Serial Number' seven times and return to 'Device Options'.

Now, you should be able to see a new item in the list titled 'Developer Options'. Tap on it and set USB debugging to 'ON'.

You have now completed all prerequisites to restoring stock firmware on your Fire 8 Tablet.

Installation Instructions

Once you have set up ADB and Fastboot environment on your PC, move the firmware you have downloaded to the same directory you have set up ADB.

On your Fire Tablet, before plugging it into your PC, you need to boot the device into stock recovery. First power off your device.

Then, press and hold both the volume down button and the power button for 6-8 seconds.

From the prompt that pops up, select the 'Stock recovery option' which will boot the device into recovery mode.

Further, select the option 'Apply update from ADB'. Once you have selected this option, connect your Fire Tablet to your PC using a USB cable.

Open the directory where you have installed Fastboot and ADB on your PC and right-click on the empty space to open a drop-down list. On the list, select the 'Open command window here' option.

This should open a command prompt window. To check your connection with your Kindle Fire device, type the following command into the command prompt window (without quotation marks).

"adb devices".

Pressing enter should show your Fire device information on your PC. If the device information is not shown, then there is a problem with the connection between your PC and the Fire device.

Make sure you have installed the latest USB drivers if the command prompt window does not return your device information.

Once you have confirmed the connection, it is time to install the firmware. To execute the installation, copy the following command into the command prompt window (without quotation marks).

"adb sideload update-kindle-"

For Mac or Linux users, the command is as follows (without quotation marks):

"./adb sideload update-kindle-xxxx.bin"

Once the installation is complete, reboot the system and your device has been loaded with stock firmware.

Refresh Cache/Data Memory on Amazon Device

Refresh Cache/Data Memory on Amazon Device

Another potential solution to the bug that plagues Fire devices arises from failing to clear cache or data memory.

Fire Tablet

To clear app cache and data on your Kindle Fire Tablet, the instructions are as follows:

Open the 'Settings menu and select 'Apps & Notifications'. Further select 'Manage All Applications' or 'See All Apps'. Select the apps that you want to clear cache and data from.

Select 'Storage' and tap on 'Clear Data' or 'Clear Storage, then 'Clear Cache'.

Fire TV

To clear the app cache or data on your Amazon Fire TV, the instructions are as follows:

Go to 'Settings' on your Fire TV and select 'Applications'. You can pick the applications you want to clear app cache or data from once you select 'Manage Installed Applications'.

Select 'Clear Cache' and then 'Clear Data'.

Factory Reset Amazon Device

Factory Reset Amazon Device

If all solutions mentioned in this article have not resolved your issue, you might have to Factory Reset your Amazon device to resolve your bug.

The reason why a factory reset should be the last step you should try is that doing this reset will return your device to its initial configuration as designed by the manufacturer.

This action will wipe the Kindle device of your personal preferences, settings, downloaded content, passwords, media, and apps including in-app purchases.

Fire TV

There are two ways you can factory reset your Fire TV. Instructions on how to do this process are given below.

The first method is by navigating through your TV. Turn on your TV and get to the home screen. Find 'Settings' on your home screen.

Select 'My Fire TV'. Depending on the version of your Fire Stick, this option might be 'Device' or 'Settings' in place of 'My Fire TV'.

Select 'Reset to Factory Defaults'. This will bring up a prompt to confirm your decision to reset your Fire TV to factory settings.

Give confirmation to proceed with the factory reset.

The factory reset will be completed in 5-7 minutes. Once it is complete, you need to feed in all information starting with Wi-Fi setup and registration with Amazon.

The second method is through using your Amazon Fire TV remote. Turn your Fire Stick TV on. Then, press and hold the 'Back button' and the 'right side of the navigation circle' for about 10 seconds.

This will prompt a pop-up on your TV screen asking for a confirmation to reset your Fire TV. Approve the prompt to factory reset your Fire TV.

Note to remember: Failing to choose when Fire TV asks for confirmation will automatically reset your device in a few seconds.

Fire Tablet

Before you factory reset your Fire Tablet, you have the option of backing up your device if you want to restore your settings on this device or another compatible device.

However, this backup will not save account passwords, side-loaded content, or third-party app data. All of this content will be lost during the factory reset.

The instructions to do a factory reset on a Fire Tablet are as follows:

Swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the notifications bar and tap on 'Settings'. Find 'Device Options' in settings and tap on 'Reset to Factory Defaults'.

To the pop-up that follows, tap on 'Reset' to confirm your decision to reset your Fire Tablet.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Many Amazon Fire device users have raised the issue regarding the Amazon System Recovery 3e bug where the device is stuck in recovery mode.

If you are within the warranty period while facing this bug, make sure you reach out to Amazon support for help with resolving your issue.

Amazon devices have a huge user base and this fact helps in bringing out common bugs and fixes.

Hopefully, some of the solutions offered in this article have helped resolve the issues that you are facing with your Kindle device.

Have a good day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does recovery mode delete everything on my Android device?

Entering android recovery mode does not delete any data on your device. However, the recovery mode has the factory reset option that allows the user to factory reset the device and wipe all data.

What is the purpose of recovery mode?

Android recovery mode is a construct made that operates on the boundary of the Operating System of an Android device. Booting into recovery mode lets you troubleshoot the device problems and can bring a malfunctioning android device back to life.

How to exit recovery mode Amazon Fire?

While in recovery mode, use the 'Reboot system now' option to restart your device. Once your device reboots, it will load in normal mode. You could also use the power button to turn your Fire device off and press it again to load it back up in normal mode.

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I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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