Amazon Wish List Not Working: How to Fix [2022]

Amazon Wish List is a feature provided by the Amazon store where you can shortlist your desired products. This lets you instantly check the prices of the items you have added without having to browse for the product all over again.

You can also share your Wish List with your friends and can even view theirs. In the event you want to gift your friend, this is the perfect feature to check their needs.

When my Amazon Wish List was not working, I went online to find out how to fix the problem. I compiled everything I learned into this troubleshooting guide so that you can fix your Wish List if it is not working.

If your Amazon Wish List is not working, reinstall the Amazon app. If you are on a browser, clear the browser cache. You could also try toggling Wish list privacy settings. If these don't work, contact Amazon customer support to resolve the issue.

Read on to understand how to execute each of the solutions mentioned above to resolve your issue of accessing and sharing your Amazon Wish list.

Reinstall Amazon App

Reinstall Amazon App

If you are accessing the Amazon Wish list on your Smartphone, try restarting your phone as your phone's memory management issues could disrupt the app's functionality.

If restarting your phone has not solved your issue, then deleting your Amazon app and re-installing it might resolve the issue.

If your Amazon Wish List is still not working, then you can rule out problems with the app or your phone. Check below for more troubleshooting methods to solve your issue.

There are reports of users facing issues with the Amazon wish list on the Amazon app but not on the browser.

So, make sure to try using the browser if you have trouble with the Amazon Wish list on your Smartphone.

Clear Browser Cache

Clear Browser Cache

All websites you access on your computer or other devices temporarily store some data on your hard disk to reduce latency in the event you try to access the same website again.

If there has been some update or changes recently made to that website, it creates a conflicts with the data that has been temporarily stored on your device.

This could be a potential reason why you have issues with your Amazon Wish List. So try clearing your browser cache to remove the temporary data stored on your device.

Close and relaunch your browser and check if clearing your browser history has solved your issue.

Toggle Amazon Wish List Privacy Settings

Toggle Amazon Wish List Privacy Settings

Making changes to your privacy settings on the Amazon website or the Amazon app can resolve sharing issues with Amazon Wish list.

Navigate to 'Your Lists' on the Amazon website. Select 'Manage List' from the list menu, found at the top of the list. Go to 'Privacy' in the 'Manage List' window. Here you can choose one of two options.

If you want to share your list with your family and friends, then make sure you have set your list to "Public or shared". Only people with a link to your list will be able to access your list.

If you want your list to be accessible by only you, set your privacy setting to "Private". Click "Save changes" in the "Manage List" window to confirm your setting.

If you are having trouble sharing your list, remember to check the sharing settings.

Contact Amazon Customer Support

Contact Amazon Customer Support

If none of these works, then the issue could be due to the Amazon website or app. Contact customer care to raise your issue with Amazon.

Make sure you try accessing your wish list from time to time as Amazon patches most bugs with their website or app pretty quickly.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Amazon Wish List is an amazing feature that lets users optimize the way they purchase their favorite items.

It lets you list and comparison shop your desired products in the world's biggest online store. It is certainly a useful and practical feature.

However, it can be frustrating when users cannot access, edit or share their list with their friends and family.

Hopefully, some of the solutions offered in this article have helped resolve the issues you are facing with your Amazon Wish List.

Good Day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens when I order an item on someone's Amazon Wish list?

When you have completed the purchase, the item is shipped to the wish list creator. The list creator receives a notification if the person has set the conditions on his Amazon Wish List to alert when a purchase is made.

Can people with access to my Amazon Wish List see my shipping address?

No, people you have granted access to your Amazon Wish List can only see your Name and the City. Your shipping address will remain private.

Can I cancel the order I made on another person's Amazon Wish List?

You can only cancel the order for 30 minutes after you have placed the order by accessing Your Account > Your Orders > Cancel items on Amazon. Once that time period has passed, you can only submit a cancellation request for the seller to review.

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Hey! I'm Doug, My passion for tech started by fixing phones and computers for my friends and family.

I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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