Blink Doorbell Blinking Red: How To Fix

Has your Blink Doorbell Camera been unexpectedly blinking red? You are probably wondering why the device is doing so just like I was.

I scoured online to find a reason for this new behavior and uncovered a lot of information, which helped me get over this issue. Here's what I found:

Your Blink camera is blinking red most likely because it has lost connection with your Wi-Fi network. Check for issues with the network and reconnect the Doorbell to the network. It could also mean that your device is running low on battery depending on the pattern of flashes.

Let's now take a gander at the many scenarios by which the Blink Doorbell blinks RED:

ScenarioCauses and Fixes
Blink Doorbell blinking RED out of the blueconnectivity issue; check for network issues and refresh the network
Blink Doorbell blinking RED in sequence of five flashesDrained battery; check and replace rund out batteries
Blink Doorbell flashing RED while setupNot an issue; indicates the progress of the setup process
Other scenariosFactory Reset the cam; contact customer support
Why Blink Doorbell blinks RED

Keep reading to figure out exactly why your device is blinking red and what you can do to fix it.

Blink Doorbell Camera

Why Blink Video Doorbell Blinks Red

Here are all the possible reasons why you could be seeing a red light on your Blink Doorbell camera.

✭Connectivity issues: The most likely issue that you are facing is connectivity issues due to which the doorbell camera is unable to establish a stable connection to the internet. The reason for this could be a weak signal due to faulty placement, ISP issues, or Sync Module issues.

✭Low battery life: Doorbell cameras are programmed to flash red when the device runs low on battery. Check the doorbell camera if it is blinking RED 5 times in sequence. This is indicative of low battery.

✭Motion detection: Blink cameras respond to motion detection by flashing a red light as they detect the trigger. This is to indicate that the device is armed and working properly. This is a standard feature of the device.

✭During initial setup: Blink cameras are programmed to flash red during the setup process and stop only once the setup process is complete. Once the device is successfully connected to your home network, the red light will cease.

If your home network is getting disrupted frequently, this could be why your Doorbell camera also simultaneously blinks red.

This could also be due to a faulty Blink Doorbell setup. Keep reading this article for some steps to fix the red light issue.

Check the Batteries on Blink Doorbell

Blink Doorbell batteries removed

If the root cause of the red LED indicator blinking is the battery, the indicator will blink 5 to 6 times. Most other Blink Cams also flash RED to indicate drained batteries.

To fix this, you can simply install 2 new AA 1.5V non-rechargeable Lithium batteries.

You can also check the status of your batteries in the Blink doorbell cameras by following the instructions below:

1. Open the Blink app.

2. Navigate to find the Blink doorbell camera and access its Settings.

3. In Settings, you can check under Details to see the entry next to Battery. Ideally, the entry should say OK.

4. You can check here to see if your battery is being overused and gain an idea of how long the batteries will last.

Replace the batteries of the Blink Doorbell camera if the entry shows anything other than OK.

Blink officially recommends Lithium AA batteries in contrast to Alkaline or rechargeable class of batteries even if they are Lithium-ion based. Rechargeable batteries are also not suitable for Blink Cams.

Power Cycle the Blink Doorbell

A power cycle can resolve glitches in the system thereby improving system performance and network connectivity.

If you cannot seem to fix the issue, you can simply power cycle your Blink doorbell camera to reset it. The same can be done if you experience issues with Blink Cam on Echo Show like timing out.

To power cycle the Blink Doorbell camera, follow the steps given below:

  • Remove the batteries from the Blink Doorbell.
  • Wait for 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Now, place the batteries back in the Blink Doorbell and wait for it to turn ON.
  • Check to see if your issue has been resolved.

Check for Network Issues


Network issues are the next crucial reason why your device is indicating red. Let's explore why the network is the reason for these issues:

  1. Poor Wi-Fi connection: The Blink Doorbell camera depends on a Wi-Fi network to communicate with the Blink servers to provide you with features. You need to check if your network strength is strong enough. If not, you might have to move the modem/router closer to the camera or use a Wi-Fi extender to improve signal strength.
  2. Interruptions in the network: If your Wi-Fi network is likely to drop frequently, the Blink camera will not be able to connect to the internet properly. You can check this by trying to connect to the internet using another device.
  3. Slow internet speed: If your network speed is not fast enough, the Doorbell camera might not be able to send the feed, images, or notifications properly. This could be a reason why the device is blinking red.
  4. Blocked MAC: If the MAC address of the Blink device is blocked on your router, this will prevent the device from accessing the network. You can check if this is the case by accessing the list of MAC-blocked addresses.
  5. Network SSID: Older Blink devices are known to not connect to networks with special characters especially if the Sync Module serial number is lower than 2XX-200-200. Make sure that your network name does not have any special characters to prevent this conflict.
  6. VPN: If you had any VPN service enabled during the camera setup process, it could interfere when you are trying to connect to the network.

You can reset the Wi-Fi connection to your Blink camera by following the steps given below:

1. Open the Blink app and tap on the Device Settings icon of your Blink Doorbell.

2. Scroll down and select Change WiFi.

3. The App now informs you to unmount the Doorbell and unplug the power cable if you have one connected to it.

4. Now, press and hold the Reset button until the LED flashes on your Doorbell.

5. Tap on Discover Device on the app and follow the onscreen prompts to refresh the Network.

Blink Doorbell, unlike most other Blink Cams, can work without a Sync module. So you can perform most functions that would otherwise require you to go through the Sync module independently on a Blink Doorbell, like refreshing the network,

Power Cycle the Router

Router unplugged

Power cycling the router can also help resolve network issues if you feel that your network is working abhorrently.

Disrupted networks can result in lag, poor image quality, and overall weak user experience. It can also result in numerous other issues like Blink cam command failed to complete.

To power cycle your router, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate your router and the power button on your router.
  2. Turn off your router by flipping/pressing the power button. If your router does not have a power button, unplug the power cable.
  3. Wait for at least 10 to 15 seconds for the router to completely discharge any residual power.
  4. Plug the power cord back into the router or flip/press the power button on the router. Wait for the device to boot up and stabilize.

Check if your connectivity issues have been resolved.

A power cycle can often resolve minor connectivity issues, however, if you find that you need to power cycle your router frequently, it might be a sign of a deeper issue that needs to be properly investigated.

Factory Reset the Blink Doorbell

Factory reset is the final step you can take and should only be performed if you have attempted every other fix.

This is because factory resetting your Blink device will remove all customized settings that you have made on the device.

Furthermore, the device will be brought back to factory defaults and will have to be set from scratch like the time you bought the device for the first time.

Factory Resetting a Blink Cam is a proven fix for most other issues like Blink Cam output only black and white. Doing so is also a crucial step in removing a Blink Cam registered to another account.

Follow the steps below to factory reset your Blink Doorbell camera:

1. Blink Doorbell cameras have a dedicated reset button that is located inside the battery compartment. So you will have to remove the batter cover in order to access this button.

Blink Doorbell reset button

2. Press down on the reset button until the light on the front of the device flashes red.

3. Let go of the reset button once you see this indication.

4. Power up your Blink Doorbell camera and set up the device as you did the first time.

Once you have completed setting up the device, recreate the prior situation and check if the device is still blinking red.

Final Thoughts

If you have executed all the troubleshooting steps suggested in this article and still have not solved the issue, then your next step is to contact Blink support.

Keep a note of all the troubleshooting steps that you have executed to be conveyed to the support staff.

it is likely that the issue is hardware-related if you cannot fix it by following the troubleshooting steps in this article.

The customer support staff at Blink will be able to guide you through the most effective fix for this issue.

Hope the information in this article has helped you fix the issue.

Have a Good Day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Blink Cameras Record All the Time?

No, Blink cameras do not record all the time. They are designed to record only when motion is detected. These recordings are stored in the cloud if you have an active subscription to Blink. However, if have the newer Sync Module 2, you can record clips locally to a USB stick without WiFi or even without a Subscription.

How far will a Blink Camera Detect Motion?

A Blink Camera can detect motion up to 20 feet accurately. However, there are also other factors like the ambient environment and the field of view, influencing this detection distance.

Why is my Blink Doorbell not Blinking Red for Setup?

The Blink Doorbell camera is designed to blink red for setup, change of system, or Wi-Fi and to indicate that the doorbell is ready to be connected. If the red LED is not flashing as expected, remove the batteries for 5 seconds and insert them back in. Replace the batteries if the reset did not work.

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I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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