Toshiba Fire TV Sound Problems: How To Fix [2023]

After using my brand new Toshiba Fire TV for a few hours, I realized my audio and volume settings just randomly shifting without my input.

Sometimes the sound would just die out when I opened up a channel, and I could only get the sound back when I exit the channel.

Annoyed at the inconvenience, I research online on several user forums and support pages.

As a result of that research, I made this comprehensive guide that should help fix the audio issues on your Toshiba Fire TV.

To fix the sound issues on your Toshiba Fire TV, attempt a proper power cycle of your Toshiba Fire TV and then check for issues. Make sure your channel and apps are up to date. If it is still not resolved, perform a factory reset.

Toshiba Fire TV
Toshiba Fire TV

When it comes to troubleshooting, checking the basics first is the most important thing to do. This helps us make sure this isn't a fault on our end.

I will take you through some key fundamental factors you need to check first:

Check the Toshiba Fire TV Cables

Toshiba Fire TV Backpanel
Toshiba Fire TV Backpanel

Connecting cables can get a bit confusing for a lot of people, especially if they involve cables that have similar ports to go to.

Make sure they are plugged in properly with respect to their female ports. If you use an RCA cable, make sure you plug it in with respect to the color-coded inputs.

The physical state and specifications of your cables can drastically impact the signal you receive with your Toshiba Fire TV.

So check for any wear and tear on all your cables. Always use the cables you get from your Toshiba Fire TV box. as they are rated perfectly to run with your Toshiba Fire TV

An exposed wire can cause frequent audio and video sync issues.

if you feel your cable should be replaced, make sure you buy them from Toshiba or a certified seller and check the cable's specifications to see if it would work perfectly.

Check your Fire TV Input Ports

Toshiba Fire TV Backpanel
Toshiba Fire TV Backpanel

If your input port has been damaged, the communication between your Toshiba Fire TV and your input device would get hindered completely.

These female ports are quite fragile too, so breaking the connecting pins is a simple case of plugging in the cable the wrong way.

Always make sure you are plugging in the cables safely. Do not apply too much pressure and make sure to align the cables according to the port in the right manner.

If you want to test whether the port is working, try plugging in a working cable and checking if the signal is being detected.

If you feel the ports need to be replaced, book an appointment with Toshiba's Customer Services for a parts replacement.

Check your TV External Speakers (If Any)

Sometimes it could be an issue with your connected external speakers due to their improper wiring or hardware damage.

Connect the speakers to a different sound input system and check whether your speaker systems work properly.

If your external speakers have any inbuilt equalizer options, play around with it and check if it auto-adjusts equalizer settings and choose your favored settings.

Toshiba Fire TV Audio Out of Sync

Toshiba Fire TV Audio Out of Sync

One of the most prominent sound-based issues one could encounter on Toshiba Fire TV is out-of-sync Audio.

Most noticeable while employing the Fire TV in a home theater setup, out-of-sync audio can arise as a result of several reasons.

Damaged cables, improper setting options, and corroded input ports can be named, as with most other sound issues, the most common culprits.

Although, before we proceed with the troubleshooting fixes pertaining to this as well as other sound issues on your Toshiba Fire TV, you might want to check the AV Sync option first, especially for delay issues.

Here's how to adjust the AV Sync Tuning option on your Fire TV:

  • Open the Settings tab of your Toshiba Fire TV.
  • Navigate to and open Display and Sounds.
  • Click on the Audio option.
  • Select AV Sync Tuning.
  • Make the necessary adjustments by moving the slider left or right to match the audio with the video on the screen.
  • Press the Select button on the remote to confirm the changes.

Within the Display and Sound tab, you may also disable Volume Leveler and Dialogue Enhancer to fix sync issues on your Toshiba Fire TV.

Attempt a Proper Power Cycle

Attempt a Proper Power Cycle

A power cycle is similar to a restart, in that it completely discharges all the electrical components inside your Toshiba Fire TV, thus resetting the circuit.

But first, let's start with a restart. A simple restart can sometimes help solve temporary software-related bugs, which could be the case with yours too.

Do note that this is different from pressing the power button, as that only sets the TV to sleep. This won't clear temporary files, rather stay inactive.

To do a simple soft restart,

  • Press and hold the Home button to access the menu
  • Open Settings from your home screen.
  • Choose the option My Fire TV
  • Click on Restart

Following these steps will help you soft restart your Toshiba Fire TV safely.

To do a proper power cycle, simply follow the following steps:

  • Unplug your Toshiba Fire TV from the wall socket and wait for a minute.
  • Plug it back in. Turn on the Toshiba Fire TV
  • Wait for another minute after turning it on. Let the device successfully boot all background services.

Check whether the sound issues have been fixed. If it hasn't, keep following this guide.

Check your Fire TV Remote

Toshiba Fire TV-Remote
Toshiba Fire TV-Remote

Not many assume there to be complaints about their Fire TV, but there have been reported issues with consumers complaining that their Fire TV remote causes issues.

Most of the reported Fire TV remote issues are with ghost input presses and random disconnections with its parent FIre TV setup.

Although I didn't see any Toshiba Fire TV-specific TV remote complaints, it is always better to be on the safer side and review all points of consideration.

Start with changing the batteries of your Fire TV remote. Underpowered batteries can relay too little charge at uneven times that may generate ghost touches.

If you are sure it's the fault of the remote, get a fresh replacement directly from Toshiba or Amazon.

Update your TV Firmware and Apps

Toshiba Fire TV Apps
Toshiba Fire TV Apps

Firmware updates are very important for electronic devices as they can come with bug fixes for known issues directly from Amazon and Toshiba

This bug list might also include the annoying sound bug, so keeping our faith in the company to push out updates to heed our cause can be crucial.

But there are some caveats that come with his over-the-air boon of a software package.

Users have noted that their Fire TV systems lag and UI stutters after firmware updates, with even some facing black screen issues

Downgrading to an older firmware is also not advised. This is because Amazon may implement a version check for some Fire TVs that soft bricks downgraded devices.

I am using the latest firmware and I haven't faced any such issues.

To update your firmware, simply follow the following steps:

  • Press and hold the Home button to access the menu.
  • Select the Settings option from your home screen.
  • Choose the option My Fire TV
  • Select About
  • Choose Check for Updates

If there is an update available, just click on the resulting Install Update option to download the update. It usually takes 5 minutes to finish updating.

Audio issues can also be the issue with certain apps failing to decode the audio signals properly via the Fire TV operating system.

In fact, this is exactly what happened in my case, and Netflix was the culprit.

But thankfully, channels like Netflix do check up on their reported bugs list and did push an update directly to the Fire TV channel store ASAP.

But the Toshiba Fire TV has a terrible implementation of relaying update notifications from the channels you install from the Amazon app store.

Sure, auto-updating works most of the time. But in my case, it just didn't work and that was the cause of all my annoyance and distress.

To manually update your channels, simply follow the following steps:

  • Press and hold the Home button to access the Toshiba Fire TV menu
  • Select the Settings option from your home screen.
  • Choose the option titled Applications
  • Choose the app you want to check for manual updates and click on the More info option in the resultant screen
  • You will notice that the App's app store page would open up. If there is an update, instead of the Open button, you would notice an Update button.
  • Choose Update to start the updation process.

Attempt a Factory Reset

Attempt a Factory Reset

This is the ultimate step I can give you that will completely reset your Toshiba Fire TV back to its factory settings

Do keep in mind that doing this will completely wipe your data, so I would advise you to back up any necessary files before you make your move

To factory reset your Toshiba Fire TV,

  • Press and hold the Home button to access the Toshiba Fire TV menu
  • Select the Settings option and click on Device
  • Click on Reset to Factory Defaults and choose Reset

This might take about 30 minutes to clean and reset, but this will take away all your problems with it too.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The main problem I had while facing this issue was the occurrence of the issue: not the frequency, but the sheer uncertainty prospect of it.

The issue occurs very intermittently and this makes bug fixing hard for both us as well as Toshiba or Amazon.

Thankfully, the issue gets fixed pretty fast. Mine got fixed right after I manually updated the Netflix channel and a power cycle.

People who reported the issue also claimed to have their problems fixed with a factory reset.

With all this research done, I am quite satisfied with buying my Nephew a Toshiba Fire TV too.

I hope my article has proven to be useful for solving all your sound-related issues with your Toshiba Fire TV

Have a good day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I turn off Dolby Digital Plus sound EQ on my Toshiba Fire TV?

To turn off Dolby Digital Plus, simply follow the path: Press Home to go to Fire TV Menu > Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio > Dolby Digital Output > Turn Dolby Digital Plus Off.

Why is the music on my TV louder than the voices?

This could be an issue with how your audio equalizer settings are set up, or it could be a hardware issue with the speaker diaphragm.

Adjust TV audio settings as well as signal settings to tweak to the best possible and optimal limit.

Is Toshiba Fire TV smart TV the same as a non-smart Toshiba TV with a Fire TV Stick?

Since they run on the same operating system, the software experience is bound to be the same on both devices.

Hardware can drastically vary between the two, as the Fire TV stick is a budget offering from Amazon. The hardware's capabilities determine the software's performance.

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I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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