Starlink RV Case Guide: Official vs Aftermarket [2023]

Storing Starlink hardware safely when traveling is critical.

One of the requirements to look out for when choosing the case is the size of the Dish.

While Starlink offers a travel case of its own through its shop, there are several better aftermarket alternatives available.

This is quite natural as Starlink isn't really a "travel case" manufacturer and its primary area of focus is internet services.

Starlink's official travel case isn't compatible with the round Starlink dish and can only fit the rectangular Starlink dish while aftermarket cases are customizable and can fit round dishes as well. Aftermarket cases are waterproof and also offer the option of mounting the dish directly on the case.

Here's a detailed account of the best carry cases for your Starlink RV hardware.

Starlink Official Travel Case: Good or Bad?

Starlink Travel case

The Official Starlink Travel Case is available in the Starlink shop for a moderate price of $250 (excluding shipping and taxes).

Although Starlink recommends the case for RV customers, it is safe to say that you can use it with the Residential kit as well.

Featuring a tough plastic exterior shell, the design of the Starlink Case is compact and quite the head-turner.

The Case can take some beating without damaging its contents.

Talking about contents, the Starlink Travel Case features a foam-padded interior capable of withstanding external shocks and stimuli without affecting the contents.

It also features zip-lined compartments to store the accessories aside from the Starlink Dish.

With the supplied shoulder straps with decent pads, you can carry the Case on your back without much ado.

On the other hand, the Case does come with a couple of hand straps if you prefer to carry it by hand.

Before storing the Starlink Dish, enable Stow mode from the Starlink app. Doing so will prepare the Dish to be stored away.

Starlink slide to stow

Open the app and access Settings>Stow Mode>Toggle ON.

Even if the form factor of the Case is much more compact than most other aftermarket options, it may be a little too big as a carry-on for air travel.

Now, coming to the elephant in the room, the compatibility factor.

The deal-breaker of the Starlink travel Case is that it is compatible only with the Rectangular Dish.

And so, users with the Round Dish may have to look at other options, say the aftermarket ones. You also can get some for a price much cheaper than the official case with better flexibility and features.

Here's a more in-depth analysis of aftermarket cases for Starlink dishes.

Why Choose Aftermarket Cases for Starlink?

Why Choose Aftermarket Cases?

Here's a glimpse of how aftermarket cases and the official case differ in regard to each other:

AspectStarlink Travel CaseAftermarket Cases
Price$$$ - $$$
Build Quality★★★ - ★★★
CompartmentsPadded interior with zip-lined compartmentscustomizable
CompatibilityOnly Rectangular DishesCompatible with both Dishes
Water Proofing
Mounting options
Official Case vs Aftermarket Cases

As evident from the table, aftermarket cases offer several advantages.

These aftermarket cases are also perfect for Starlink dish dimensions and there's no need to do any further customization.

Apart from the compatibility factor, the Starlink travel case also falls behind the aftermarket cases in quite a few aspects.

Waterproofing is a crucial aspect of cases. And the Starlink travel case lacks any sort of waterproofing.

On the other hand, you can find cases, even DIY ones, with waterproofing in the aftermarket.

You also get flexibility with compartments, or in some cases, make your own custom compartments with aftermarket cases.

Another subtle yet helpful feature to have on your case is the option to mount the Dish directly on the Case. With aftermarket cases, you get that too.

Prices can vary from product to product.

If you're on a budget, get a cheap store-bought case and customize it to your liking. It works just as fine as the official one.

Custom Starlink cases that come at a much steeper premium are also available on the market.

Ultimately, it is better to explore the aftermarket options before settling on the official case.

Let's now take a look at some of the best Starlink Cases you can get right now:

Pelican 1610 Case: Best Budget Option

Pelican 1610 Case

The Pelican case may be the most sought-after case for Starlink, partly for its aggressive pricing and partly for its features.

Unlike the other two alternatives mentioned here, the Pelican 1610 doesn't come with a pre-made interior. That, you'll have to DIY.

Featuring a Polypropylene body, the Pelican 1610 can withstand harsh terrains and shocks without damaging precious goods.

The Case is watertight, so you needn't worry about moisture sweeping into your Starlink hardware.

It also features wear and tear-resistant polyurethane wheels for easy travel.

As mentioned earlier, the Pelican 1610 case does not come pre-fitted with foam inserts for the Starlink Dish.

DIYing the interior could mean a lot of work. But the upside is that you now get to make room for the Round Dish, which is seldom seen with Starlink cases.

Flaunting a price tag of about $309, the Pelican 1610 is indeed a worthy case for Starlink Hardware. You can shave $50 off the price tag if you opt for the no-foam option.

Caseman 20911 Rugged Travel Case: Best Overall

 Caseman 20911 Rugged Travel Case

Next up on the list - the Caseman 20911 is a purpose-built rugged case of Starlink hardware.

It features a tough plastic shell capable of withstanding hard knocks and shocks, all the while keeping the contents safe inside.

The interior is adorned with precision-cut foam that secures the Starlink hardware perfectly. You won't have to DIY the interior yourself.

And since the entire case is watertight, you can take your Starlink hardware with you anywhere, even on extreme adventures.

Talking about flexibility, the 20911 also features an inbuilt mounting point on which you can mount the Dish, much like with the supplied stand.

The case also comes with extra room for a portable power supply. Now you needn't worry about carrying a battery along with you every time you set out on an adventure.

And following suit to its long list of desirable features, the Caseman 20911 does carry a hefty price tag. At a price of about $489, it is far from cheap!

Starlink "On the Go" Case by SavageUTV-Feature Packed Case

Starlink "On the Go" Case by SavageUTV

The 'On the Go' case from SavageUTV can be assumed as the ultimate option when it comes to Starlink cases.

And it carries a price tag worthy of its praise. Running a cost of about $549, the 'On the Go' Case falls in the upper echelon of Starlink aftermarket cases.

Featuring a tough plastic outer shell, the 'On the Go' case is designed to withstand the elements and rough terrains.

One of the defining features of the Case is its interior.

The interior is of foam padding, with each compartment separated by a divider layer, which helps in protecting the Dish from dust and other effluents.

A removable platform with straps for storing accessories also comes as standard with every case.

Unlike the Caseman 20911, the 'On the Go' case features dual mounting options.

You can mount the Starlink Dish directly atop the Case via the onboard mount or use the universal mount to secure the Dish on the RV railings or ladder.

Customization is a key element of SavageUTV cases, and for a nominal fee, you get to add a 110V power supply and an ethernet port to the 'On the Go'case as well.

If you're on a tighter budget, SavageUTV does offer a watered-down version of the 'On the Go' case - the Starlink Storage Case.

Final Thoughts

Picking a suitable case for storing Starlink RV equipment can be a taxing affair, especially when you weigh the pros and cons of the associated products.

The official Starlink Travel Case is a great choice, but its compatibility is limited to the Rectangular Dish.

And so, we are prompted to explore aftermarket options.

In this article, we discuss three brilliant products, each with its merits and debilities.

Included, too, is a brief comparison of aftermarket cases and the official Starlink case.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a difference between Starlink and Starlink for RV?

Starlink Residential and Starlink RV are different in several different ways. With Starlink RV, you get to take it with you on the road. Portability factor aside, Starlink RV also costs a bit more than the regular plan.

What hardware comes with Starlink for RV?

Starlink RV comes with the same exact kit as the regular plan. You get a Starlink Dish, a Router, a pair of PoE cables, and a tripod mount with the kit.

Does Starlink RV limit data?

While Starlink does not have a data cap for RV, it only offers a deprioritized service for RV users called "basic access". During peak hours residential users get higher priority over Starlink RV users.

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