Roku Remote Beeping Sound: How to Fix [2023]

Ever since the Find My Remote feature was implemented in Roku (those that support it), the distinct beeps always enlisted me in finding my ever-elusive remote.

But recently, my Roku remote started beeping randomly even when I did not use the Find My Remote feature.

Annoyed at this inconvenience, I went online to figure out how to stop my Roku remote from beeping and compiled everything I learned into this comprehensive guide.

If your Roku remote keeps beeping, check if the Find My Remote button is pressed down. Move your Roku to another spot and check for updates regularly. Change the beep sound and re-pair your Roku. Resetting the Roku might also work. If you can't get the beeps to stop, replace the Roku remote.

Let's now briefly take a look at the many instances by which the Roku remote starts beeping:

ScenarioCauses and Fixes
Roku Remote beeping abruptlyFaulty Find My Remote button; Check if the button is being pressed down
Remote beeping after moving it to a new locationInterference issue; relocate the device away from other wireless devices
New Roku remote beeping abruptlySoftware issue; restart Roku and update the firmware
Other scenariosFactory Reset Roku; replace the remote with a new one
Why Roku Remote keeps beeping

Here are the many fixes to stop your Roku Remote from beeping:

Check if the Find My Remote Button is Pressed Down

The Find my remote button

Assuming that you have a supported device like the Roku Ultra, you will have the Find My Remote button located on the top or in front of the device.

Once this button is pressed down, your Roku Remote starts beeping for a certain amount of time or until you press a button on the remote.

For some odd reason, maybe a manufacturing defect, this button can be in the indented state and cause your remote to go beeping unexpectedly.

To solve this problem, check whether the button is pressed down or not.

If it's not, simply unplug your device and plug it back in after a few seconds.

Press the Find My Remote button with a fair bit of pressure. Then, free the button and check whether the button returns to its initial state.

The button may be damaged if it stays slumped. In such a case, contact Roku support for further assistance.

Relocate Roku

Roku powered

Interference resulting from wireless devices placed in the vicinity of a Roku can also trigger the beeps erroneously.

This is because the Enhanced "point anywhere" remotes use RF (radio frequency) signals to control your Roku.

With interference from other smart gadgets and devices obstructing communication, it may lead to several features being enabled without command, like the beeping issue.

Home automation devices and networks using Zigbee protocols or Google Mesh networks can also cause interference.

Relocating your Roku to another spot away from the top of your TV or printer, like on a flat tabletop, can be your way out of such a predicament.

In the case of Roku streaming stick models, it is advised to use an HDMI extender to shift the connection away from a faulty HDMI port or any other point of interference.

Check for Updates

Running your device on the most current software version is crucial for the proper working of the device.

Conversely, running on an older, outdated version, which may house a number of bugs and errors, can cause abrupt troubles like the random pinging of the remote.

It is advised to always keep your device running on the latest firmware, especially if you are facing freezing issues with the Roku.

To update your Roku, follow these steps:

1. On the Home tab, navigate to the Settings option.

Roku Systems tab

2. Scroll down and click on System.

Roku System Update tab

3. Click on System Update.

Roku Software Update check now

4. Select Check Now to manually check for updates.

5. If there are any updates, click on Download/install.

Once the device is updated, check whether the problem still persists. If it does, check out the next fix.

Change the Beep Sound

Changing the Remote beeping sound is another proven fix for this issue.

Changing the standard alarm sound of your Roku remote can be done by:

1. Open Settings, then select Remote & Devices.

Roku Remotes tab

2. Select Voice Remote.

3. Click on Change the music.

4. Change to a different sound from the available choices.

Pair Back Your Roku

If the beeping doesn't stop even after going through the above fixes, the problem might not be with your remote, rather it might be with your Roku or WiFi network.

Alternatively, you may have received a faulty remote.

But before jumping to conclusions, let's remove and re-pair your remote to your Roku.

To re-pair your device, follow these steps.

Roku Remote Batteries Unplugged

1. First, switch off your Roku by unplugging the device. Also, remove the batteries of the remote.

2. After plugging back in and the Home screen comes on, put back the batteries on the remote.

Roku Remote batteries installed

3. Press and hold the Pairing Button next to the battery compartment for about 3 seconds or until the pairing light blinks.

4. This should make the LED on your remote blink green (the LED may be in front or back of the remote).

5. If the LED doesn't blink, try changing the batteries.

5. Wait for the remote to pair until the onscreen prompts appear.

6. Follow the prompts.

Now you have re-paired your remote with your Roku.

Check your WiFi Network


In some cases, the beeping seems to persist even when all the necessary requirements are taken care of. In such cases, better take a look at the network connectivity.

High latency in your network may cause communication between devices to become slow and patchy.

When the traffic in your network exceeds the limit, latency tends to overshoot.

This causes all sorts of problems like buffering issues, longer loading time, and in our case, unresponsive commands from the remote.

Roku recommends that in order to avoid high latency and for faster speeds, connect your Roku device with a 5 GHz band of your WiFi or internet connection.

A 5 GHz band channel has a broader bandwidth than the traditional 2.4 GHz band meaning it can support a higher number of devices without compromising latency.

In order to switch bands in your Roku, first, you have to make sure that your Roku supports the channel. Check the user manual for more info.

Next, make sure that your WiFi supports dual channel connections (2.4 and 5GHz bands).

Follow these steps to switch the network:

Roku Network tab

1. In the Settings tab, open Network.

Roku Set up new connection

2. Click on Set up Connection.

Roku Wireless tab

3. Select the Wireless option.

4. Select your 5GHz band network from the available networks.

5. Enter the password to establish the connection.

Any problem with your connectivity should be resolved once proper speeds and lower latency are established.

Reset Your Roku

As a final resort, resetting your Roku may take care of bugs that may have been causing the Find My Remote feature to go off abruptly.

A word of caution, if you reset your Roku all your preferences and third-party channels will be deleted and the device will return to factory defaults.

A hard reset will eliminate all the unwanted bugs and errors accumulated over time from various sources, including updates.

To reset your device, follow these steps:

1. In the Settings tab. navigate to and open the System option.

3. Click on Advanced system settings.

Roku Factory Reset tab

4. Then select Factory reset.

Roku Reset enter code

5. Enter the code and click OK.

6. Wait for the procedure to be completed.

Now you have successfully reset your Roku.

Set up your device once again like new and check for the issue now.

Replace the Roku Remote

Roku Remote in action

You have changed your network, re-paired your remote, updated the device, and even reset your Roku to factory settings, but still, the beeps keep on coming.

After going through all the above troubleshooting steps we can conclude that the problem is with the remote.

The only possible fix for this is to replace your remote.

It might have been faulty right from the manufacturer or might have broken from a fatal fall or an unanticipated accident.

If that's the case, either replace your old remote with a new one by contacting customer services or buy a new remote.

Roku Voice Remote Pro is now available which offers both RF and IR capabilities meaning you can use it with a traditional IR-supported Roku also.

It also has additional features like rechargeable batteries and a headphone jack.

Irrespective of which new remote you buy, follow these steps to pair it with Roku:

1. If you don't have your old remote with you, you can download the Roku remote app from the app store of your device.

2. On the Settings tab, click on the Remote & Devices tile.

3. Select Pair a new device.

4. Click on Remote and follow the prompts to pair the new remote.

You can also follow the above-mentioned method(re-pairing method) to pair your new Roku remote.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does blinking light mean in Roku?

If the LED on your Roku is blinking that means that there is a problem with your Roku. Different lights signify different errors.

A blinking white light is indicative of WiFi issues. A blinking red light means there isn't sufficient power for your Roku. A static RED light indicates overheating.

How can I reset my Roku without a remote?

You can reset your Roku by pressing the reset button on your Roku. Press and hold until the LED is blinking which indicates that the device is factory resetting. Once the LED turns OFF, the reset is complete.

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Hey! I'm Doug, My passion for tech started by fixing phones and computers for my friends and family.

I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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