How To Fast Forward On Roku: Quick Fix [2023]

I have been having trouble operating the Fast Forward button on my Roku Ultra, often mistaking it for the directional right button instead.

To fast forward on Roku, click the Fast Forward (>>) button on the Roku remote. Multiple simultaneous presses can ramp up the seeking time by 2x to 4x times. You could also use the Roku remote app to fast-forward content on your Roku device.

Here is an in-depth guide on how to fast forward Youtube, Hulu, and other media on Roku. I have also included a few tricks that you can do using the Fast Forward button.

Button Configuration on a Roku Remote

Before fast-forwarding media and playing around with the buttons, let's know a little about these very buttons.

With every Roku product, may it be a Roku stick+ or a Roku TV, you also get a feature-rich remote as standard with the product.

Even if Roku remotes vary from model to model, they do share some features and buttons between them.

All Roku remotes communicate with the Roku devices through RF signal communication, a superior medium over the omnipresent Infrared mode of communication.

RF-controlled remotes are not required to satisfy the Line-Of-Sight(LOS) requirement, a must for all IR remotes. They are also unperturbed by interferences, a major con of IR remotes.

Roku Remotes require batteries to be powered, and unless you have a voice control or an enhanced Roku remote, a couple of batteries are more than enough to power your Remote for a long time.

With that said, let's look at the various buttons on a Roku remote.

Roku Express and Remote

Here is a table encompassing the buttons of a Roku remote.

(Note: we have considered a Roku Ultra Remote as the subject of this study since it offers almost all of the buttons(and more) found in most Roku remotes)

Power Button(Optional)Power ON and OFF your TV
Side-mounted Volume Buttons(Optional)Control the volume or mute it
Back ButtonRevert to the previous screen/option
Home ButtonGo to the Roku Home screen
D-pad with OK select buttonNavigation and select options
Replay ButtonReplay the last few seconds of the current media
Options (*) ButtonView additional options/open the options menu
Voice search Button(optional)To activate the voice-assisted search feature
Sleep Timer Button(optional)Put your device/TV to sleep after a particular period
Rewind(<<) ButtonSeek back a few seconds on the current media(seek time can be incremented with multiple clicks)
Play/Pause ButtonStop or continue playing the current media
Fast-Forward(>>) ButtonSeek forward a few seconds on the current media(seek time can be incremented with multiple clicks)
Quick Shortcut ButtonsTwo or four shortcut buttons for your favorite apps. (Can be customized in select models)
Gaming Buttons(A and B)(optional)Paired with the D-pad to play games. (Remember to hold the Remote in landscape orientation)
Button configuration on a Roku remote

Note: Buttons marked as optional may not be present in your Roku remote. The Enhanced, Voice pro, and Ultra remotes support both RF and IR modes of communication. Hence, enabling them to control and communicate with the TV.

Since you now know the buttons and their functions on a Roku device, let's dive into the methods with which to fast-forward media on a Roku device.

In addition to the many buttons mentioned above, select Roku remotes also host a headphone jack.

Plugin your headphone to enable private listening while in a crowded room or on a late-night endeavor.

How to Fast Forward with the Roku Remote

Roku Fast Forward button

TV is one of the greatest inventions the 20th century has to offer. And what better way to supplement such an invention than with yet another brilliant discovery- the VCR.

With VCRs, for the first time ever, users were able to access playback controls like recording, pausing, and the best of them all, seeking time while playing media.

Then came DVD players, Blueray players, and digital players, all following the steps of a VCR which has finally led us to streaming services.

Seeking did change the game for enthusiasts and professionals alike, who yearn to enjoy and study that perfect sequence in their favorite movies and shows.

From the complex analog rotary seeking mechanisms of yesteryear VCRs, seeking has since become a hassle-free intuitive process, thanks to a more robust and easy digital alternative.

Similar to how one would fast-forward in the VCR times, you can fast-forward media on a Roku device at a click of a button.

Here's how to properly perform a fast-forward action while playing content on a Roku device.

Roku Stream Seeking
  • First, open a streaming channel or an app from the Roku Home screen.
  • Select the show/movie to play.
  • Once the show starts playing, press the Fast-forward button on the remote once to seek the media by a few seconds. (Seeking period depends on the channel/app)
  • Pressing and holding the Fast-forward button will seek the media to your desired timestamp/location.
  • Multiple simultaneous clicks will multiply the seek time by 2x to about 4x or even more times.

That's all there is to know about fast-forwarding time using a Roku remote. Now let's look at how to fast-forward with the Roku remote app.

The seeking period may also vary from Roku model to model. For example, Roku Streaming Sticks have a much longer seeking time than that Roku Ultra.

How to Fast-Forward Using the Roku App

If you don't have access to a Roku remote or if you lost it along the way, check out the Roku app instead.

The Roku app offers a remote function that helps you control and navigate through the Roku device.

Via this remote, you could also fast-forward content on your Roku device.

But first, you will have to pair the Roku device to the Roku app to use the said function.

Follow these steps after installing the app on your smart device. Make sure to connect both devices to the same WiFi network.

1. Using the Remote, navigate to the Settings tab.

Roku Systems tab

2. Open the System menu.

3. Then, click and open the Advanced System Settings option.

4. Select the 'Control by mobile apps' option and click on the Network Access' option.

Roku Control by Mobile apps

5. Make sure to select the Default or the Permissive option.

6. Exit the menu and open the app on your smart device.

7. If done correctly, the Roku device should pop up on the Home screen.

8. Select the device and start the pairing procedure.

9. A pop-up message will appear on the TV screen. Confirm the pairing.

10. Now click on the Remote button from the App home screen to start controlling your Roku device.

If you have trouble pairing the Roku device through the Roku app, you better check for any updates on the Roku device.

Go to Settings> System> About> System Update> Check now to check and update the device.

Secret Menus on Roku

Finally, let's take a gander at the various secret menus available on a Roku device.

These so-called secret menus allow you to configure and access settings otherwise unavailable on your User Interface.

And to access them, you have to press a button sequence on your remote.

Exhilarating as it sounds, most users will never have to access these menus unless under certain circumstances, like in times of unresponsive UI or so.

So without much ado, let's look at these menus, shall we?

Roku Home Buttom

To access the Factory Reset/USB Test/Update options, press: Home button x5>Fast-forward button x3> Rewind button x2.

✶ To reboot your Roku device, press: Home button x5> Up button> Fast-forward button x2.

✶ To access the hidden antenna settings menu, press: Home button x5> Fast-forward button> Down button> Rewind button> Down button> Fast-forward button.

✶ To access quality settings and adjust bit rate options, press: Home button x5> Rewind button x3> Fast-forward button x2

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, a comprehensive guide on the various methods to fast-forward content on your Roku device.

Included are also the various buttons and their function on a Roku remote.

Make sure to also check out the various secret menus on your Roku device.

If you have issues with seeking content on your Roku TV, uninstalling the associated app and reinstalling it may resolve the issue. Updating your Roku device can also be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can you fast-forward through commercials on Roku?

Roku inherently doesn't allow users to fast-forward through live TV or commercials. Although, several apps like Hulu allow such functions with their premium plans.

Is Roku commercial free?

Roku, as a streaming device, adopts an ad-free service principle. The Roku streaming channel is also an ad-free streaming service. You can also limit ads on your Roku device by going to Settings>Privacy>Advertising>Toggle the Limit Ad Tracking option.

How do I turn on my Roku without a remote?

To turn ON a Roku TV without the Roku remote, use the Roku remote app on your smart device instead. But, you'll have to pair the Roku TV with the app first.

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Hey! I'm Doug, My passion for tech started by fixing phones and computers for my friends and family.

I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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