Nvidia Shield Controller Not Charging: How To Fix [2023]

A couple of weeks ago when I tried to charge my controller, I was unable to do so. I tried connecting it to the wall plug, on my computer, but nothing seemed to work.

Determined to fix the issue, I scoured the internet and went through several support pages and user forums.

After a couple of hours, I was able to solve the problem. Turns out the USB port on my Shield controller was damaged. All I had to do was replace the port.

I compiled all the troubleshooting tips I learned during my research that can fix a Shield controller having charging issues.

If your Nvidia Shield controller is not charging, unpair the controller, refresh it, and pair it back to the Shield TV. If the problem still persists, check for updates for the Shield TV and the controller, and clear the Bluetooth cache. If none of these work, factory reset the Shield TV.

I have also mentioned a few other fixes that you can try if your Nvidia Shield controller is not charging.

Nvidia Shield Controller not Charging
Nvidia Shield Controller not Charging

Refresh the Connection

Try Refreshing the connection.

Refresh the connection by unpairing the device and pairing it back again.

To unpair and pair the Nvidia Shield controller, follow these steps.

1. After you have unplugged the controller, press and hold the Nvidia logo button for about 20 seconds. This will cause the controller to turn OFF/unpair.

2. Then press and hold the logo button again for about 3 seconds for it to turn ON.

3. Follow the onscreen prompts to pair the controller to your Shield TV.

4. Plug in the cable and check whether you can charge the device.

Alternatively, you can go to Settings> Shield Accessories> Forget All accessories> OK to unpair all your Shield accessories including the remote. Then, follow the pairing procedure to connect them again.

Reboot the Controller

Sometimes, all your connectivity and charging issues can be resolved by resetting the controller and pairing it back again with the Shield TV.

A quick refresh can remove all the temporary bugs that may cause issues.

To Reboot your Shield TV controller, follow these steps.

1. Disconnect the controller from the USB cable.

2. Press and hold the Back, Home, and the Shield Button together for about 15 seconds or until the LED blinks.

3. After the controller turns OFF, press and hold the Nvidia Shield button for about 3 seconds to enable pairing mode.

4. Pair back the device to the Shield TV and check if charging.

Update the Controller and the Shield TV

Running the Shield TV and the controller on an outdated firmware version can have much more implications than a charging issue. It can affect other aspects of your streaming.

A routine check for updates and hotfixes is advised to make sure you never miss an official fix. Checking for updates is also a troubleshooting step if your Nvidia Shield internet is not working.

To update your Shield TV,

1. On the Home screen, click and open the Settings tab.

Shield TV Device Preferences

2. Select Device preferences, followed by About.

Shield TV About

3. Click on System upgrade to manually update the device.

Shield TV System Upgrade

To update your controller when an update is available, follow these steps.

1. Connect your controller to the Shield TV through a USB cable.

2. If an update is available, the Shield TV will automatically download and install the updates once you have connected the controller.

Additionally, you can manually install the updates by following these steps.

1. In the Settings tab, navigate to Remote and Accessories.

2. Next, select SHIELD accessories.

3. Click on Shield controller and then Update Firmware.

After you have updated the controller, restart and then connect to the Shield TV. Check if you were able to resolve the issue.

I also faced GameStream issues on Shield TV, but could solve it in no time.

Clear the Bluetooth Cache

Piled-up memory can make your apps slow and vulnerable to bugs and errors. The same is applicable in the case of the Bluetooth app.

The Shield TV remote and the Shield TV controller communicate with the system through RF signals, a.k.a, a Bluetooth connection.

If the cache memory has mounted to the limit, Bluetooth connections may get affected.

To clear the cache, follow these steps.

1. On the Home screen, click and open Settings.

Shield TV Apps

2. Select Apps and then select Bluetooth from the list.

3. Then click on Clear cache to free up the memory.

4. Restart the device and see if it was helpful.

Check if Network Debugging is Turned ON

This setting option by default is turned OFF, in fact, the setting within which this option lies is hidden.

If by any chance you have turned ON Developer options on your Shield TV, you will be able to access the Network Debugging setting within it.

If you have turned ON the setting, try turning it OFF because it has been known to cause connection problems.

To turn OFF the option, follow these steps.

1. In the Settings menu, click and open Device Preferences.

Shield TV developer options

2. You will be able to find the Developer Options in there if you have enabled it.

3. Inside the Developer options tab, navigate and find the Network Debugging option.

4. Make sure it is turned OFF.

Factory Reset the Shield TV

Some problems might be so stubborn that they will never cease unless you hard reset your device.

Hard resetting the device will remove all the discrepancies and irregularities that have piled up over time on your system.

It will also remove all your preferences and the apps you have downloaded and make your device the same way it was out of the factory.

In our case, if at all some settings have been altered and it is causing the hindrance, you will be able to resolve such changes with a reset, unless you were able to find them out beforehand.

To reset the device, follow these steps.

1. In the Settings tab, click and open Device Preferences.

2. Select Storage & Reset.

Shield TV Factory Reset

3. Click on Reset and click it again to confirm.

Shield TV Erase Everything

4. Select Erase everything and the process will start.

After you have successfully reset your device, you will have to set it up again. Follow the onscreen prompts and messages to set it up again.

And if you didn't know already, there are a lot of cool things to do on your Nvidia Shield TV.

Other Troubleshooting Steps

Apart from the ones mentioned above, here are some more tips and fixes you should check for if you haven't yet found a solution. These fixes are also applicable if your Shield TV Controller is not working altogether.

Check the ports

Shield TV ports

You will have to check both the ports, the controllers, and the Shield TVs. Connect the controller to a different port like a wall outlet and check if you are able to feel the rumble(indication of charging).

If so your Shield TV's port may be damaged, else, it must be the controller's port.

Nvidia Shield Controller Ports
Nvidia Shield Controller Ports

Check by charging or connecting another device to the Shield TV's port to verify.

Check the Batteries

Unfortunately, there is no other way to check the batteries unless you open the controller and check the juice using a multimeter.

If you are going to disassemble the controller, make sure you have the right tools and follow a well-informed guide.

Check the USB Cable

Sometimes, a faulty USB cable may be the culprit for all this commotion. Simply connect your controller to a charging port using a different USB cable to clarify the issue.

Disable voice commands

Voice commands can deplete the battery of your controller.

If you are not using the feature frequently, try turning it OFF to save battery life. Go to Settings>Remote & Accessories>Shield Controller>turn OFF "OK Google" detection.

Note: You may want to consult a repair expert if you have problems with the port and battery, so as to not damage the controller internals.

If your Shield Controller is still not charging, contact the Nvidia support team.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does a 2015 shield controller differ from the newer model?

The 2017/19 model Shield controller offers superior features over the older model. Battery life up to 60+ hours, a much more versatile D-pad, an even better touchpad, and a headphone jack are a few to mention.

Can I use the Shield Controller on a PC?

Yes, you can connect and use your Shield controller on your PC. Make sure you have disconnected the controller from the Shield TV and then connect it to the PC. Make sure you have the latest version of GeForce Experience Software. The Shield Controller should be running on firmware version 1.0 or above.

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Hey! I'm Doug, My passion for tech started by fixing phones and computers for my friends and family.

I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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