Shield TV Remote Not Working: How to Fix [2023]

Over the years, Shield TV remotes have gone through a lot of changes per generation, and the current model houses a wide range of buttons compared to its predecessor.

From the 2017 model onwards, Nvidia Shield TV remotes support IR functionality, allowing you to control several aspects of the TV as well.

But recently, my Shield TV remote stopped working. I tried several usual fixes like replacing the batteries and updating the TV, but it just would not work.

So I went online and read through a few user forums and support pages. I made this guide so that you can fix your Shield TV remote if it is not working.

If your Shield TV remote is not working, check the remote batteries and replace them if the battery has run out of juice. Update your Shield TV and remote, and clear the cache. Unpair and re-pair the remote with the Shield TV, and reset the remote. If none of the above works, factory reset your Shield TV. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the remote.

Check Your Shield TV Remote Batteries

Shield TV Remote with batteries

Insufficient charge in the batteries can cause your remote to be slow and cause connectivity issues. It is the most basic step to perform when troubleshooting your device.

To check whether you have enough power on your batteries, simply follow these steps:

1. On the Home screen, open Settings.

Shield TV Remote and Accessories

2. Click on Remote & Accessories.

3. Click on SHIELD accessories.

4. Here, you can see the power left on your remote.

How To Change Your Remote Batteries

Removing the Shield TV Remote back cover

If the batteries have insufficient power, replace them.

Changing the batteries or recharging them varies from generation to generation.

In the case of the first-generation remotes, the batteries cannot be removed, hence charging it through the supplied USB cable is advisable.

From the 2017 Model year onwards, the batteries can be replaced, provided your model supports it.

Remotes from this generation having a headphone jack feature non-removable rechargeable batteries.

To remove batteries (CR2032), press the circular depression on the back with a pointy tool like a paperclip.

This will cause a tray to be released. Replace the batteries in the correct orientation and push back the tray into its dent.

The current-gen remotes come equipped with easy-to-replace AAA batteries. Simply pull back the cover off the triangular surface to reveal the batteries.

Replace them and then try pairing the remote to the device.

Check For Shield TV Updates

One of the biggest advantages of owning a Shield TV over an Android TV is that NVIDIA frequently provides updates to the Shield TV for maintaining optimal performance and to get rid of bugs.

Whether you have manually turned off the auto-update setting or for some odd reason the setting was turned off, your system might be operating on an outdated version.

The problem with such outdated versions is that they cannot cope with the newer versions of the apps and channels you install on your Shield TV.

This may encourage possible errors causing bugs to root in your device and give you a hard time with the remote controls.

You can avoid this intrusion by updating the Shield TV to its most current version. To do so, follow these steps:

1. In the Settings tab, click on Device preferences.

Shield TV Device Preferences

2. Select About.

Shield TV About

3. Then click on System Upgrade to manually update.

Shield TV System Upgrade

Update the Shield TV Remote

NVIDIA also provides routine updates to the remote control firmware. To update the firmware follow these steps:

1. From the Settings tab, click on Remote & Accessories.

2. Then click on SHIELD accessories.

3. Select SHIELD remote.

4. Click on Update firmware to update to the latest version.

Restart your device and check whether you experience problems with the remote anymore.

Refresh the Connection

Updating the device to the latest version will remove most of the bugs and errors from the previous versions. But that doesn't mean that all the bugs in your device will get exterminated.

New updates tend to bring newer problems with them as well. They might as well cause the same connectivity problems that troubled you in the first place.

But these new bugs, almost always, should disappear with a quick refreshing of the connection.

Simply unpair and pair again the remote with the Shield TV to free them of any nascent bugs.

To easily unpair your remote, follow these steps:

1. In the Settings tab, click on Remote & Accessories.

2. Select SHIELD accessories.

3. Click on Forget all accessories(this will unpair your SHIELD controller also).

4. Click on OK to unpair the remote.

After you have successfully unpaired the remote, press and hold the Select button (button in the middle of the D-pad) to pair the device again.

If the light is blinking green (blue in the case of newer models), your remote is in pairing mode.

Wait for the screen to refresh and show the remote pairing screen.

Follow the prompts to connect your device.

Alternatively, if you have a controller or a Shield TV remote app, you can go to Shield Accessories>Pair an accessory to manually pair your remote.

Check if your remote is working properly now. If not, try the next fix.

Reset the Remote

Shield TV Remote

Still can't get your remote to work with your Shield TV? Fret not, with this fix, you can conclude whether the problem is with your remote or not.

Unlike other remotes, the Shield TV remote is capable of resetting itself without removing the batteries or any other hardware changes.

To reset your device, hold the Back button and the Select button together for about 15 seconds or until the light goes off. Your Remote has now been reset.

Now turn off the Shield TV by unplugging it and plugging it back in after a few seconds.

After the device starts and the home screen appears, press and hold the Select button until the light starts flashing (green or blue depending on the model).

Check whether the onscreen prompts appear and if you are able to pair the device.

If you cannot pair, the problem may be with your Shield TV or your remote may be faulty.

Clear the Cache

With time, a lot of memory will be wasted by piled-up cache and this may cause your device to become unresponsive and slow.

This might be the case with your Bluetooth connection, which may cause your remote to be unresponsive.

Clearing your cache from time to time can clear your cache and make your device more efficient.

To clear the Bluetooth app cache, follow these steps:

1. From the Settings tab, click on Apps.

2. Select System Apps.

3. Click on Bluetooth, then select Force stop.

4. Select Clear cache and data to clear your memory.

5. Restart your device and try to pair.

If you cannot solve the problem, try connecting another Shield TV remote (if available) to your device. If you are able to do so, all you have to do is to replace your old remote with a new one.

Factory Reset Shield TV

The penultimate fix to any software problem is to factory reset that device.

The same can be said in the case of the Shield TV. A system reset can get rid of all the temporal bugs and errors that cause problems to your system.

The only caveat being all your personal preferences and installed apps will get deleted and the device will retain its factory settings.

To reset your device, follow these steps:

1. On the Settings tab, click on Device preferences.

2. Then select Storage and Reset.

3. Click on Factory data reset.

Shield TV Factory Reset

4. Again select Factory data reset.

Shield TV Erase Everything

5. Select Erase everything.

After the reset is complete, you will have to configure your Shield TV to your liking, try pairing the remote now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to find my Shield TV remote?

You can either use the Find my Remote button on the Shield TV device (2019 model and above) or go to Settings>Remote and Accessories>Shield Accessories>Find this remote, using a mobile app or controller.

Does NVIDIA Shield have ads?

Yes, The Shield TV devices do have ads displayed on the top half of the screen interface. This was not always the case as the earlier models provided an ads-free premium streaming experience unlike most of its competitors.

How do I use my NVIDIA Shield without remote?

You can pair your smartphone with your Shield TV through a remote app available on the play store. The most preferred app is the Shield TV app which provides a user-friendly experience and easy pairing.

You can control most if not all the features of the Shield TV using this app. Other examples include Google TV, Android TV remote, etc.

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Hey! I'm Doug, My passion for tech started by fixing phones and computers for my friends and family.

I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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