Hiseeu Camera Not Working: How To Fix [2023]

Hiseeu Cams may be the most all-rounder monitoring camera on offer right now. And like any other Monitoring Cam, they are susceptible to a handful of issues, including going out of commission.

One thing that stands out about this device from all the other Smart monitoring cams is that Hiseeu Cams come with a proprietary NVR with an impressive storage capacity for saving clips locally.

And being a proud owner of a couple of Hiseeu cameras, I jumped into action as soon as one stopped working. Here's what I found out:

If your Hiseeu Camera is not working, check the power supply and restart the device. Ensure the white antenna on the camera is working and in good condition. Check the network status and update both the camera and app. If these don't work, reset your camera.

hiseeu camera with NVR

Check the Power Supply on Hiseeu Camera

hiseeu camera cables
check power supply to hiseeu camera

Power may be the most vital aspect for Hiseeu Cameras to work. The same goes for the NVR to which you pair the Cams.

If the Cameras or the NVR aren't suitably powered, they will become unresponsive. Now, Hiseeu Cams, wired or wireless, are powered through a wired connection.

Hiseeu recommends 12V - 2A Adapters to power their devices, including the Cameras.

And so, if and when your Camera starts to act up, best start with the power supply.

Now, there are quite a few things at stake here. Things can go wrong with the power adapters in several different ways.

Some of the more notable undesirables are wear and tear, crooks, kinks, bends, and the most crucial of them all - rusty leads - on the cable.

Things can go south with the Adapter itself. Whether from a faulty power outlet or an untimely short circuit, the Power Adapter can get fried.

In that case, better swap the broken Adapter for a new one. Make sure to go for only the proprietor Adapters since third-party ones can damage your Cameras.

If there's no visible damage to the cable or the Adapter is working fine, try switching the power outlet to which the devices are connected.

Faulty power outlets will lead to short circuits and underpowering. Check for such damage using a multimeter if you have one handy.

With the check for power issues taken care of, let's now reboot the Camera:

Refresh Hiseeu Camera

hiseeu camera

Electronic gadgets, especially Monitoring systems, will start to slow down and show signs of critical efficient issues with time. Hiseeu Cams are no exception to this eventual inevitability.

And as they age, Monitoring Cams start to become unyielding, or in our case, cease to work.

One of the easiest and quick fixes for such issues is to perform a power cycle test.

Power cycling your Hiseeu Cam is in many ways similar to rebooting it.

The thing about power cycling the Cam is that you don't have to go through the many quirks of refreshing the device through the software interface. It's a lot more hands-on sort of deal.

Here's how to do so:

1. Unplug the Hiseeu Cam from the power supply and leave it to rest for a few seconds.

2. Hold the Reset button on the Cam for a couple of seconds. Perform this step a couple of times.

3. Plug back in the power supply.

Wait for a few seconds before powering ON. Connect it back to the NVR hub and check for the issue now.

You can also refresh the Cam connection to the NVR through the interface. Open the interface followed by right click the mouse>Video Manage> Refresh/Search.

Note - this is not a system reboot but a connection status refresh.

Check If the Antenna is Damaged on Hiseeu Camera

check hiseeu camera antenna

Hiseeu Wireless Cameras come with an antenna through which communication and data transmission happen.

And if this antenna happens to be damaged, the Camera will not work.

An easy check for structural damage, like with the cables, will suffice for form factor issues. Check for signs of wear, torn-off bits, etc.

Another structural integrity check is to ensure that the antenna is firm and not loose from its connection end.

If that's the case, replace the damaged antenna with a new one.

Hiseeu also recommends another troubleshooting check for antenna/power issues.

Here's how it goes: Cover the lower half of the Camera where the sensors are located with your palm and check if the LEDs light up.

If it does light up, you have nothing to worry about. If it doesn't, consider the chances of a damaged power adapter or a bad antenna.

With that taken care of, let's move on to the next bit:

Check for Network Issues

hiseeu camera NVR

A stable internet connection is crucial for all modern monitoring cams, may it be POE, WiFi, or Wired cams.

And Hiseeu Cmas rely on a stable internet connection to communicate with the NVR and transfer files.

If there is an issue with the network, either of these vital functions won't happen. Hence, rendering the Camera unusable.

And so, it's imperative to check the status of the network when met with such issues.

You can do so by running a speed test on your network.

Access a speed-testing application, such as ookla, from the application store or a browser.

Once you run the test, you're given the status of various networking parameters like signal strength, network speed, and latency.

If you find a noticeable disparity in any of these parameters, you may need to take further measures to fix it.

One of the effective fixes to solve such inconsistencies is to refresh the Router/Modem:

Power Cycle the Router/Modem

As with monitoring Cams, the networking gadget to which they are connected also suffers from similar issues redolent of long working hours and age.

With time, Routers and Modem start to pile up a considerable amount of static energy within the system internals, which makes them slow.

And a good fix for depleting static charges from the device is to power cycle it.

Follow these steps to do so:

1. Unplug the power supply from the Router/Modem.

2. Leave it to rest for a few seconds.

3. Press the power button on the Router for a couple of seconds. Repeat this step a few times.

4. Plug back in the power supply and power ON the device.

Run the speed test once more on the network. Check and ensure the parameters are stable. If so, then connect the Cameras and check for the issue now.

Hard Reset Hiseeu Camera

Hard Reset Hiseeu Camera

Now, if none of the above-mentioned fixes seems to alleviate the issue, try factory resetting your Camera.

A factory reset will clear your Camera of all inconsistencies and reset it back to its factory defaults.

Factory resetting gives you another go at making things right with your Hiseeu Cam.

But before we reset the Cam, you'll have to remove it from the NVR first.

Here's how to do so:

1. On the interface, right-click the mouse button and select Video Manage.

2. Click on the errant Cam under Added channel or Protocol.

3. Select Delete.

Exit out of the interface. Now, let's reset the Camera:

1. Press and hold the Reset button on your Hiseeu Cam for about 10 seconds.

2. Now, add the Camera to the NVR by right-clicking the mouse on the interface> Wireless Add> Confirm the Camera IP address starting with 172.20.14.##.

3. Double-click on the Camera IP address to successfully pair the Camera.

You may also want to reset the Hiseeu NVR as an added measure. To do so, right-click the mouse button> System setup> System admin> Factory Setting> Check all the tiles> Apply.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, a comprehensive guide on fixing the Hiseeu Camera not working issue.

If you happen to have issues with the Eseecloud app, make sure it's updated to the most current version. You can do so through the application store on your smart device.

It's best if you don't tinker with hardware issues on the Camera for yourself. Get in touch with a certified professional if that's the case.

You can also contact the customer services of Hiseeu for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does my NVR keep going offline?

Issues with the network and power-based inconsistencies can make the NVR go offline. Try connecting the NVR to a different network band to sort out such issues. Performing a factory reset could also help.

How do I know if my Hiseeu Camera is disabled?

You can check the status of your Hiseeu Camera through the NVR interface. Open the interface and right-click the mouse button, followed by Video Manage.

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I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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