CPI Doorbell Camera Not Working: How To Fix [2023]

CPI doorbells are great Smart Doorbells that won't cost you a fortune, unlike the other options on offer now. But what if it stops working? Let's find out.

Among the many Smart home gadgets in my arsenal, the CPI doorbell has to be one of the more feature-rich yet affordable options. Its seamless integration with AI assistants like Alexa further accentuates its appeal.

But one day, when I returned from work, my CPI doorbell straight up didn't seem to work. Upon further inspection, I was able to figure out the issue and fix it.

If your CPI doorbell camera is not working, check the network and power cycle the associated devices, including the doorbell. If the indicator on the CPI doorbell is flashing orange, the issue is with the network connection. Uninstall and re-add the inTouch app to fix any app-related issues.

Here's a more comprehensive account of fixing a CPI Doorbell that is not working:

Check the LED Indication on CPI Doorbell

Check the LED Indication on CPI Doorbell

Like most other Smart Monitoring gadgets, the CPI doorbell also comes with a handful of LED indications to signify various statuses of the device.

And when met with an issue, it's always imperative to check the status of the LED indicator.

Here are the various LED indications on the CPI doorbell:

LED StatusIndicationTroubleshooting
Solid GreenNo issues; working normally-
Orange (double flash)Connectivity issueCheck the Network
Red (double flash)Power Supply issueCheck the power supply
Flashing BlueReboot/Power Cycle taking place-
Flashing YellowFactory Reset taking place-
CPI Doorbell LED indications

As evident from the table, CPI doorbells can stop working due to network issues or problems associated with the device's internals.

If you notice the LED indicator flashing orange rapidly two times, the network connection on the device may be in peril.

A flashing Red LED indicates that the power supply is at fault.

And the recommended troubleshooting steps to resolve such issues are to power cycle/factory reset the doorbell, evidently indicated by flashing Blue or Yellow LEDs.

Apart from the more common LED indications, an alternating Red and Green LED indicates that the device is waiting to be connected to a network. You can do so by pairing the app to the temporary network of the doorbell and then configuring the WiFi network.

Now, let's look at the troubleshooting fixes to resolve this issue.

Power Cycle CPI Doorbell

Power Cycle CPI Doorbell

Oft times, electronic gadgets put up resistance to working correctly. May it be the doings of bugs or error or due to senility.

And when met with issues of a similar nature, one of the fixes that fare well is to reboot it.

Power cycling CPI doorbells may be the most effective for our given circumstances.

What power cycling does to electronic gadgets is that it not only reboots the system but also depletes the piled-up static charges, which are troublemakers, from the system.

And so, without any further ado, here's how to power cycle your CPI doorbell:

1. While the CPI doorbell is powered, press and hold the Button until the LED blinks Blue.

2. Once the power cycle test is complete, the LED turns solid Green.

Check for the issue now.

Check the Power Supply

Check the Power Supply

A faulty power supply can also render your CPI doorbell camera out of commission.

An optimal power supply is vital for security gadgets to work. If and when the CPI doorbell is underpowered, it ceases to work.

When in doubt, it is recommended to unscrew the doorbell from its harness and check the status of the wired power supply.

Rusty wire ends and other visible wear and tear can mess up the power supply. Also, precarious wire connections can result in improper power supply.

If you're powering the doorbell through a power outlet, ensure the outlet is pumping optimal power through the wires. Make use of a Multimeter to check the same.

You may also want to check the leads on the CPI doorbell for any signs of corrosion or other physical damage.

Nonetheless, for power-related issues, consulting an authorized technician is a safer bet.

Check the Status of the Network

Check the Status of the Network

Another crucial aspect of modern Smart gadgets is a stable network connection.

CPI doorbells, similar to most other Smart doorbells, require a minimum upload speed of 1 Mbps. You can operate the doorbell with a network speed below the recommended limit. However, the performance may not be up to the mark.

As you know, CPI doorbells are wireless monitoring devices that rely on a stable WiFi connection to perform their functions.

If the network is undergoing issues associated with poor speeds and ballooning latency, the doorbell will suffer from poor connection and end up unresponsive.

Hence, it's high time to check the status of the network if and when the doorbell starts to act up.

How to do so? Running a speed test on the network will do the trick.

Access a speed testing application on your smartphone or PC through a browser or the respective app store.

Once you complete the test, you're given a real-time account of the statuses of the various networking parameters like network speed, latency, and signal strength.

If you notice a significant disparity in any of these parameters, it's time to resolve them post-haste.

One of the better tricks to resolve such issues is to reboot the Router/Modem:

Power Cycle Router/Modem

Networking devices, especially host devices, are known to go through intervals of capriciousness during which they tend to put out underwhelming performance.

As a result, the network speeds tend to dip, and latency starts to boom.

Usually, to resolve such inconsistencies with the Router/Modem, all you need to do is to refresh them.

A power cycle test similar to what we did with the CPI doorbell should do the trick.

Here's how to do so:

1. Unplug the Router/Modem from the power supply.

2. Leave it idle for a few seconds.

3. Press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds. Perform this step a few times.

4. plug back in the power supply.

Power ON the Router/Modem after a few seconds.

Run the speed test once again on the network. If everything seems to be in its place, connect the CPI doorbell to the network and check for the issue now.

Remove and Re-add the CPI inTouch App

Remove and Re-add the CPI inTouch App

Sometimes, the issue may not be even with the CPI doorbell. At times, the inTouch app to which you pair your CPI doorbell may be at fault.

There are a fair few reasons for mobile applications to go wayward on you.

Piled-up cache memory, lack of updates, bugs, and other temporal errors are the notable culprits that can trouble a mobile application.

And instead of tackling these issues one by one, you could uninstall the affected app and get done with it.

Once you do so, restart the device and install the app from the app store.

With that said, here's how to uninstall/remove the inTouch app from your device:

1. Navigate to the inTouch app tile on the home screen.

2. Tap and hold the app tile until the pop-up menu appears.

3. Select Remove (uninstall on Android).

4. Confirm the selection by selecting Delete App.

You can also uninstall the inTouch app on your device by going to Settings> Apps> CPI inTouch app> Uninstall.

Reboot the device and hop on the application store to reinstall the inTouch app. You'll have to reconfigure and add all your devices from scratch.

Factory Reset CPI Doorbell

Factory Reset CPI Doorbell

Finally, if none of the aforementioned fixes seems to resolve the issue, try factory resetting the CPI doorbell.

With a factory reset, you essentially revert the device to its factory defaults with all the user-defined settings removed or reset.

The network preferences, too, get reset as a result.

If and when your CPI doorbell doesn't seem to respond or breaks down completely, factory resetting it might be the way out of such a predicament.

Here's how to do so:

1. Locate the Reset button on the back of your CPI doorbell.

2. With the help of a paper clip or a similar pointy tool, prick the reset button for about 5 seconds until the LED flash Yellow.

3. Wait for the process to complete.

You can now configure the doorbell like new. Check for the issue now.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, a comprehensive yet hassle-free troubleshooting guide on fixing the CPI doorbell not working issue.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, the CPI doorbell can also not work due to physical damage such as intense water damage.

If that's the case, contact a trained professional for assistance.

You may also contact the customer services of CPI for any further assistance regarding the said issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does flashing Blue LED mean on CPI doorbells?

A flashing Blue LED on your CPI doorbell signifies that the device s undergoing a power cycle refresh. You can power cycle your CPI doorbell by pressing and holding the Button for about 5 seconds.

Why is my CPI doorbell camera not saving video clips?

When the number of clips saved on your CPI doorbell exceeds the set limit, the device stops saving any further recorded clips. As a result, Schedule settings become disabled by default.

To enable them back on, open the inTouch app and go to Menu> Video> Settings (gear icon)> Recording Rules> Enable Doorbell Call Recording Schedule and Doorbell Motion Recording Schedule.

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I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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