Best Rubber Tip Stylus Pens You Can Buy in 2023

With plenty of rubber tip stylus pens available in the market right now, it can be a daunting task to select the best option for your needs.

With this article, I shall attempt to compile and provide you with my ultimate list of the best rubber tip stylus pen you can buy in the market as of 2023.

The best premium rubber tip stylus pen you can buy in 2023 is the Bamboo Pocket. The best cost-effective options are the CCIVV Stylus pen and the MoKu stylus pen. For dual functionality, the AluPen Twist is a fantastic option and for a bundle purchase, the Outus Pen bundle is the best rubber tip stylus combo.

What is a Rubber Tip Stylus Pen?

What is a Rubber Tip Stylus Pen?

Stylus terms can get crazy confusing judging by the product listing by brands.

A rubber tip stylus is a passive stylus that has a tip made of soft rubber. This ensures the pen works and conducts touch inputs just like a finger.

Rubber tip stylus is different from a fibre/fabric tip stylus pen in that the rubber is much more smooth and easier to register on the touchscreen.

But rubber tips have their drawbacks in that it produces a lot more drag when pressed for touch on the screen compared to a fibre/fabric mesh tip stylus.

Also, rubber tips get worn down much faster than a fibre mesh tip making it not ideal for tasks that require consistent use on the screen.

In general, rubber tip stylus pens are more common in budget options stylus pens and fibre/fabric mesh tips are much more common in higher-end passive pens.

I have made this comparison chart for you to further differentiate between the two types:

FeaturesRubber Tip Passive Stylus PensFibre Tip Passive Stylus Pens
Effect on-screen hardwareHarmless on-screen and screen protectorsCan scratch screen protectors if too much pressure is applied
Touch DragHighLow
Touch conduction LowHigh
Form factorHigh deformation when pressure is appliedLow deformation when pressure is applied
MaintenanceGets sticky with timeStays intact
Life CycleWears out easilyLasts much longer

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Choosing a rubber tip stylus is very hard as most rubber tip stylus pens are essentially from similar OEM product manufacturers, thus sharing design cues.

Therefore for the sake of fairness and ease of buying, I have compiled the list and categorized based on the customer reviews and brand value of the product.

I have also included categories for value bundles and special functioning pens as it is a popular form of purchase amongst rubber stylus pen enthusiasts.

Wacom Bamboo Pocket: The Best Rubber Tip Stylus Pen From Wacom

Wacom Bamboo Pocket : The Best Rubber Tip Stylus Pen From Wacom

Wacom is one of the best, if not the best-trusted brands when it comes to stylus pens.

Wacom's Bamboo Pocket is a rubber-tip universal stylus pen that has all the features you expect out of a rubber-tip stylus, and more.

Featuring a sleek collapsible milled brushed aluminium chassis weighing in at just 16.4g and with a solid rubber grip, it is a joy to use with a great in-hand feel.

This makes it an excellent choice for casual drawing and note-taking tasks on your smartphone and tablets, while on the go.

The collapsible body ensures the 5-inch stylus can be reduced to just 3.5 inches, further enhancing its pocket-carrying capabilities.

It also comes with a lanyard in the shape of a pen cap so that you can attach it to the headphone jack of your phone or tablet of choice and makes sure you don't lose the pen.

Although this might seem like an unfavourable feature as more brands are omitting the headphone jacks from their devices, it is a feature nonetheless.

The lanyard is also relatively customizable with its interchangeable coloured bands, coming in at red, blue and silver shades.

Although the product launched at a premium of $35, the Bamboo Pocket is available on Amazon for just $11.99, which makes this an absolute steal!

Wacom Bamboo pocket Stylus
Bamboo Pocket Expandable Stylus for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle, Android and other capacitive touch surfaces

CCIVV Rubber Tip Stylus Pens: The Best Rubber Tip Stylus Pen From CCIVV

CCIVV Stylus Pens : The Best Rubber Tip Stylus Pen From CCIVV

CCIVV is also a well-received brand when it comes to passive stylus pens. They have a wide array of supported passive stylus pens from mesh to even magnetic pens.

Their passive rubber tip ones though are easily their most popular ones amongst their stylus pen lineup.

It has a 6.9mm rubber tip which is housed in a very sleek 8mm dia pen body that comes in a rainbow of colours and has a more conventional pen design when compared to the Bamboo Pocket.

This makes it very pleasing to the eye and easy to hold in hand. It works pretty well for tasks such as general UI navigation, note-taking and casual drawing.

The USP of this pen is that for its price point, it is much sleeker than the typical rubber tip stylus pen and has replaceable rubber tips.

It also comes as a bundle of three pens with 12 replaceable rubber tips for maximum customizability and in the process extending the utility and life of the pen.

Like the Bamboo Pocket, it also includes a lanyard hole (the lanyard is not included in the box, unfortunately) and has a stainless steel clip for convenience in portability.

At $7.99 for the 3-pack bundle, it is definitely the best rubber tip stylus you can buy when it comes to its price-to-performance ratio.

CCIV Stylus Pen
CCIVV 3 Pcs Stylus Pens for Touch Screens (0.24-inch Tip Series) + 12 Extra Replaceable Rubber Tips (Black/Silver/Dark Blue)

MoKo Stylus Pen: The Best Rubber Tip Stylus Pen From MoKo

MoKo Stylus Pen : The Best Rubber Tip Stylus Pen From MoKo

MoKo is a very popular accessories brand that has a wide array of products ranging from tablet cases to sports and camping equipment.

Their brand is well-regarded and trusted enough to earn some great reviews on their stylus pens too.

The MoKo Stylus Pen comes in a pack of four pens, all with their separate rubber tips preinstalled, which are unfortunately not replaceable.

It features a 4.1-inch aluminium and steel body fashion finish and weighs in at just 25g while having the same dimensions as a typical pen for a much more natural feel in hand.

It houses an 8mm rubber tip and also includes a clip-on on its body, just like a regular pen for easy portability and convenience.

Although the MoKo stylus pen is the weakest of the three I have mentioned so far, it makes up for it by it being the cheapest of the lot.

The best part as I have mentioned is the absolute value of the product for its price as it costs just $5.99 for 4 pops!

Just Mobile AluPen Twist: The Best Dual Functionality Rubber Tip Pen Stylus

Just Mobile AluPen Twist : The Best Dual Functionality Rubber Tip Pen Stylus

Just Mobile's AluPen Twist sits here on this list due to some special features it boasts that puts it above the normal rubber tip passive pen feature set.

The AluPen Twist is a dual-functioning rubber-tipped passive stylus pen that also has a normal ballpoint pen tip at the other end.

The ballpoint pen tip reveals itself with a twist of the pen body, hence the name AluPen Twist.

This innovative design further improves upon the utility of the pen, making it the most versatile pen on this list when it comes to the feature set.

Although there are other similar products available, AluPen stands out due to its pretty unique design and twist capabilities that protect the nibs.

With an 18g body encased in a unique aluminium-black dual-tone finish, it is a compact and very lightweight pen that also feels good in the hand.

at just $10.99 it is a great rubber-tipped stylus pen to get if you want a bit more versatility and oomph to your pen.

Just Mobile AluPen Twist Stylus Pen
Just Mobile AluPen Twist Pen/Stylus for iPad and tablets, Silver (AP-888SI)

Outus Fiber Tip Stylus Bundle: The Best Value for Money Rubber Tip Stylus Pen Bundle

Outus Stylus Pens Bundle : The Best Value for Money Rubber Tip Stylus Pen Bundle

There might come a moment when one or two stylus pens aren't enough for your needs, or maybe you need a stylus in different rooms for different needs.

For such niche cases, there is always the stylus pen bundle available that comes usually in huge quantities so that you can fill your home and some with stylus pens.

The Outus stylus pen bundle I have linked bills in at $21.99, which is the highest on this list. But in return, you get not one, not three, but 120 rubber-tipped stylus pens!

It comes in a spectrum of colours too, and weighs just 3g each making it ideal to store away at obscure places in your house where you might need one once in a blue moon.

To be fair they are generic stylus pens that have features of rubber tip stylus pens just as advertised, but that's what most use a rubber-tipped stylus pen for.

They can be used just fine for general UI navigation, casual drawing in canvas applications and even taking notes.

Due to the sheer quantity you get, you will never run out of stylus pens and they are fantastic to use when your hands are grubby or when finger touching isn't possible.

Outus Universal Stylus Pens
36 Pieces Stylus Pens Fiber Tip Series Capacitive Stylus Pens for Universal Touch Screen Devices Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Tablet (12 Colors)

Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide

Before we wind up, there are some key things to keep in mind before going out to buy a rubber tip stylus pen:

Always Buy From a Trusted Vendor

This is a very important factor to consider as counterfeit and older rubber-tipped stylus pens are constantly on the rounds amongst local unreputed vendors.

This is the exact reason why I have categorized my list based on the brand of the product with respect to the customer reviews, as well as linked the products from Amazon.

Always buy from a reputed store like Amazon or the product's official website to make sure the money you pay is for the product that you intended to purchase.

Rubber Tips Degrade Over Time

Rubber, by nature, can get sticky and easily worn out with time. This is an important thing to check when you get your hands on the rubber-tipped stylus pen.

Feel the rubber tip by pressing it mildly. If it is sticky or gooey, return the stylus pen and ask for a replacement.

Not All Stylus Pens Are The Same

Rubber tip stylus pens fall under the category of passive stylus pens. They are very different to Active stylus pens, which are compatible with only select products.

They are also massively different from a digital pen, which is used for digitizer tablets. They are also categorized under stylus pens and can get confusing to differentiate.

Make sure the product description of the rubber-tipped stylus of your choice specifically mentions it is rubber tipped and is universally compatible before buying.

Final Thoughts


Although rubber tip stylus pens have their fair share of disadvantages, it is the cheapest of the line up of stylus pens that serves its purpose perfectly to most stylus pen users.

It is also a technology that is currently undergoing massive changes, so in the near future, it is safe to expect much better features on rubber-tipped stylus pens.

I hope my article has been helpful in relaying to you the best rubber-tipped passive stylus pen you can buy as of 2023.

Have a good day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does a rubber tip of a passive stylus pen last?

Depending on the quality of the rubber, the rubber tip of a rubber tip stylus pen can last from 1 week to 3 months on consistent use.

When should I replace the rubber tip of my stylus pen?

The rubber tip of the stylus pen must be replaced as soon as visible wear is noticed or when the nib gets worn to approximately 1mm.

What are the disadvantages of a rubber-tipped stylus pen when compared with an active stylus pen?

Rubber tip stylus pens lack pressure sensitivity, extra Bluetooth-enabled features, and precision in strokes when compared to an active stylus pen.

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