Best Universal Stylus Pens You Can Buy In 2023

The best stylus option for most regular users is the universal stylus pen, as it is meant for basic use and is more affordable compared to other stylus types.

But universal stylus pens can get a whole lot confusing for many as there are an insane number of options to choose from.

In this guide, I have come up with the ultimate list of the best universal stylus pens you can buy in 2023.

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The best universal stylus pen you can buy is the MEKO 2nd Gen Universal Disc Stylus pen. The DIGIROOT universal disc stylus is a close second. Wacom Bamboo Pocket and CCIVV Stylus pens are excellent options for rubber-tip stylus pens. The Cool Hand EDC Bolt Action pen is a great dual-mode stylus pen and the Outus fiber stylus bundle is the best universal stylus pen option that comes in a bundle.

What is a Universal Stylus Pen?

What is a Universal Stylus Pen?

Brands often use too many key terms to differentiate their products from their competition, and a 'universal stylus pen' is something that popped up in a similar way.

A universal stylus pen is synonymous with a passive stylus pen, and they are the cheapest stylus pens you can buy for your touchscreen device.

They are termed 'Universal stylus pens' due to their universal compatibility with any touchscreen device irrespective of its screen technology or operating system.

A universal stylus pen is different from a Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) certified stylus pen in that USI pens are active stylus pens meant for Google Chromebook devices.

There are two types of universal stylus pens that are more popular: rubber tip and fiber tip stylus pens.

I have made this table to give you a quick overview of their differences:

FeaturesRubber Tip Universal Stylus PensFibre Tip Universal Stylus Pens
Effect on-screen hardwareHarmless on-screen and screen protectorsCan scratch screen protectors if too much pressure is applied
Touch DragHighLow
Touch conductionLowHigh
Form factorHigh deformation when pressure is appliedLow deformation when pressure is applied
MaintenanceGets sticky with timeStays intact
Life CycleWears out easilyLasts much longer

Rubber Tip universal stylus vs Fibre Tip Universal Stylus

In general, rubber tip stylus pens are more common in budget options stylus pens and fiber/fabric mesh tips are much more common in higher-end passive pens.

A universal/ passive stylus pen is massively different from an active stylus pen in that universal stylus pens don't require any external power source to operate.

In general, universal stylus pens are more commonly seen in the lower-budget segments of the stylus pen market, and active stylus pens are in the higher-end budget segments.

Since most stylus pens are from similar OEM manufacturers, they share a lot of design and feature cues thus making it very hard to make a proper purchasing decision

Therefore for the sake of fairness, I have categorized this list based on the brand value and customer reviews of the product.

Since unique pens are hard to find, I have added specific categories revolving around the USP of specific products and even bundle products that are a complete value for money.

Meko Universal Stylus (2nd Gen) - Best Universal Stylus Pen For Drawing

MEKO 2nd Gen Universal Disc Stylus : The Best Universal Stylus Pen For Drawing

MEKO produces one of the best passive stylus pens you can buy in the market right now. They are also one of the most popular cheap Apple Pencil alternatives on Amazon as of 2023.

They are very keen on implementing the latest stylus pen technology onto their products and the 2nd gen MEKO universal stylus pen is no different.

The MEKO 2nd gen is a very gorgeous stylus that comes with an assortment of colored 5.8-inch aluminum chassis with a stainless steel clip.

Weighing in at just 28g including the rubber grip, this gives the pen a fantastic pen-like feel and makes it an absolute bliss to draw with on a touchscreen.

It comes with a precision tip on one end as well as a normal passive rounded mesh tip on the other end, making it very versatile to use for your stylus pen input needs

The precision tip is fantastic for drawing, and the clear disc buffer is used to protect the display as well as enhance the precision of the tip

Both the tips are replaceable thus extending the lifespan of the stylus pen, and it comes with 2 extra tips of precision tips and one fiber mesh tip right in the box.

There is a newer and cheaper MEKO 3rd gen universal disc stylus pen, but due to reports of it being more flimsy than the 2nd gen, I wouldn't recommend it.

But that doesn't mean the 2nd gen MEKO isn't cheap, as the pen costs only $11.99! You can get a 2 or 3-piece bundle offer for even more bang for your buck.

MEKO Universal Stylus GEN 2
MEKO (2nd Gen) Universal Disc Stylus Touch Screen Pen for iPhone,iPad,All other Capacitive Touch Screens Bundle with 6 Replacement Tips ,Pack of 3 ( Black/Rose Gold/Aqua Blue)

DIGIROOT Universal Disc Stylus - Best Universal Stylus Pen For Note Taking

DIGIROOT Universal Disc Stylus : The Best Universal Stylus Pen For Note Taking

A product similar to and closely competing with the MEKO 2nd gen is the DIGIROOT Universal disc stylus pen.

This is also a very popular product on Amazon which has been bringing in rave reviews since its inception into the stylus pen market.

The (rather bland) aluminum body houses a precision disc tip on one end and a fiber mesh tip on the other, just like the MEKO 2nd gen.

The precision disc point boasts an excellent 2mm point design for maximum accuracy possible on universal stylus tip pens.

It has an ever-so-smaller 5.6-inch aluminum chassis and weighs in at a lighter 24g including the rubber grip. This gives it a very nice pen-like feel in hand.

This is what makes the DIGIROOT a great option for handwritten notes and the pen-like feel compliments this very well.

Both the tips are also replaceable, and the pen comes with 9 replaceable tips (6 disc tips and 3 fiber mesh tips) right inside the box, which is more than what MEKO provides

Although this too has a cheaper newer version with magnetic caps, extra tip storage, and a much sleeker design, it doesn't have the durability boasted by its predecessor.

The next-gen also omits the stainless steel clip for a more conventional rounded and easily rollable design. This can be a deal-breaker for some.

At just $11.99, the DIGIROOT universal disc stylus pen is an excellent competitor to the MEKO 2nd gen and offers a great selection of features.

Digiroot Universal Stylus
(2-in-1) Disc Stylus Pen Touch Screen Pens for All Touch Screens Cell Phones, iPad, Tablets, Laptops with 6 Replacement Tips(4 Discs, 2 Fiber Tips Included) - (Black)

Wacom Bamboo Pocket - Best Universal Stylus Pen From Wacom

Wacom Bamboo Pocket : The Best Universal Stylus Pen From Wacom

Wacom is one of the most recognized and popular brands when it comes to digital pens. They are one of the key pioneers of the stylus pen industry.

Wacom Bamboo Pocket is Wacom's product in the passive stylus pen space. Although it has been a good while since launch, it is still one of the best premium universal pens

It still uses an inferior rubber stylus tip, but it makes up for it with the sheer convenience and quality of the product in general

Weighing in at just 16.4g, it is one of the lightest universal stylus pens on this list, and also has a great rubber grip making the in-hand feel a perfect 10/10.

It also features a very sleek milled brushed aluminum chassis with a collapsible body that takes its 5-inch body to just 3.5 inches

This makes it an ideal premium choice when it comes to casual drawing and note-taking tasks in general on a touchscreen device.

It comes with a lanyard in the box that connects to the headphone jack of your touchscreen device of choice to ensure you don't lose your pen

Although headphone jacks are slowly becoming extinct by the day, this is a fantastic inclusion nonetheless.

The lanyard is also customizable with its interchanging bands of various colors, and turning your tech into a fashion icon is always a good thing

As the product brand and feature set state, this is a premium product and hence it was launched at a rather hefty $35, but you can get it on Amazon for as low as $11.99!

This makes it a fantastic deal if you want a great quality pen and you are fine with a rubber tip stylus.

Wacom Bamboo pocket Stylus
Bamboo Pocket Expandable Stylus for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle, Android and other capacitive touch surfaces

CCIVV Rubber Tip Stylus Pens - Best Rubber Tipped Universal Stylus Pen

CCIVV Rubber Tip Stylus Pens : The Best Rubber Tipped Universal Stylus Pen

When it comes to universal rubber tip stylus pens, CCIVV is a well-recognized brand and its products have been quite popular amongst the consumer base

In fact, CCIVV's rubber tip stylus pens are the most popular universal stylus pens on Amazon in their respective category, which is no small feat

It houses a 6.9mm rubber tip, which is only slightly bigger than the Wacom Bamboo Pocket but has a much sleeker 8mm dia pen body.

It also comes in a spectrum of colors which makes it a great eye candy and a fashion statement, which some consumers are keen on having

The sleek body also helps in the great in-hand feel it provides, making it an excellent choice for casual drawing, note-taking tasks, and general UI navigation.

The reason it ranks higher than the Wacom Bamboo Pocket on this list as the best rubber tip universal stylus pen is due to the replaceable design of the rubber tip.

It comes with 12 replaceable rubber tips thus extending the overall utility and lifespan of the product in general.

The stylus pen also comes as a three-piece bundle out of the box for just $7.99. This drastically changed things as you get three for less than the price of one Bamboo Pocket.

But then again, this is not as premium as the Bamboo Pocket nor does it have the collapsible body or lanyard accessory.

But judging solely as a rubber tip universal stylus, the CCIVV stylus pen reigns supreme.

CCIV Stylus Pen
CCIVV 3 Pcs Stylus Pens for Touch Screens (0.24-inch Tip Series) + 12 Extra Replaceable Rubber Tips (Black/Silver/Dark Blue)

Cool Hand EDC Bolt Action Pen - Best Rugged 2-in-1 Stylus cum Ballpoint Pen

 Cool Hand EDC Bolt Action Pen : The Best Rugged 2-in-1 Stylus cum Ballpoint Pen

This is a special category pen I have added to this list based on its sheer versatility as a product.

Cool Hand is a brand that makes rugged tactical equipment that is built to sustain rough use and the EDC edition is no slouch either.

It is meant to be an inclusion to your EveryDay Carry (EDC) collection, along with your watch, wallet, phone, etc and hence serves the function of a pen first and then a stylus

It is a very unique-looking design that appeals only to the most adventurous of folks, but its design and implementation are well thought out.

It is made with a 4.5-inch micarta body weighing in at 28g with a stainless steel clip and an aluminum end cap that protects the rubber tip stylus end.

The body is indented with grooves throughout that give it a very unique flair and exponentially enhance the grip factor of the pen.

The other end houses a ballpoint pen that is opened by a very innovative bolt action rifle reload design that has three stages to click open and close the pen

The pen can be refilled by using a P900M refill and is also compatible with Parker and Fisher SPR ballpoint pen refills as well.

The bolt action mechanism overall is very well built and pleases the gun fanatic inside to hoist and carry such a pen around on a daily basis.

Though this is such a novelty stylus pen to carry around, the replaceable rubber tip end still serves its purpose of being a good stylus pen for general UI navigation.

At $31.99 it is the most expensive option (barring the Bamboo Pocket considering its launch price) in this list, but its uniqueness makes this a product well worth your investment

Cool Hand EDC Stylus
Cool Hand 4.5inch EDC Ballpoint Ink Refillable Bolt Action Tactical Pens Stylus for Touch Screen, Ergonomic Grip, Hold in Texture with Finger Grooves

Outus Fiber Tip Stylus Bundle - The Best Value For Money Universal Stylus Pen Bundle

Outus Fiber Tip Stylus Bundle : The Best Value For Money Universal Stylus Pen Bundle

Outus is a brand that prioritizes quantity over quality and its product lineup further enhances its ideology.

This is not a bad thing at all, because for most users stylus pens are just a tool to interact with their touchscreen devices at times their fingers aren't free.

There have been moments for sure when you wanted to have a particular stylus for a task in a particular room, like while cooking or when in a shower.

For such mundane tasks, having a stylus in different locations of your house can help a lot. That's where a stylus bundle like the Outus Fiber Tip bundle comes into play

This is a pack of 36 pieces fiber tipped stylus pens that can be used for various tasks and the best part is that it comes in at just $17.99!

You can get more stylus pens from Outus for the same price if you opt for the rubber tip universal stylus pen bundle, but they aren't as durable as fiber tip pens.

The Outus Fiber Tip stylus pens also come in a variety of colors and each pen has a great ergonomic design for handy tasks such as UI navigation and general note-taking.

Due to the sheer quantity of pens, you get at such affordable pricing, you will never run out of stylus pens and you can always find a replacement if you break one.

Outus Universal Stylus Pens
36 Pieces Stylus Pens Fiber Tip Series Capacitive Stylus Pens for Universal Touch Screen Devices Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Tablet (12 Colors)

Buyer's Guide for Universal Stylus Pens

A Buyer's Guide To Universal Stylus Pens

Before jumping in to buy the best universal stylus pen you have selected from the list, it is very important to first look into some key tips:

Not All Stylus Pens Are Same, Even Though They Might Look Similar

As mentioned initially, there are a lot of stylus pens in the market that might seem similar, but might not serve your purpose specifically.

Universal stylus pens are different from active stylus pens and both are different from digital pens. The three of them work on different principles and are not compatible.

Make sure the product description properly mentions that the product is a universal or passive stylus pen that is compatible with all touchscreens before buying.

Rubber, by nature, can get sticky and easily worn out with time. This is an important thing to check when you get your hands on the rubber-tipped stylus pen. Feel the rubber tip by pressing it mildly. If it is sticky or gooey, return the stylus pen and ask for a replacement.

Buy From a Reputed Vendor

Counterfeit stylus pens are not hard to come across. Especially of the ones specified in this list as they are the more popular and reputed ones.

Always buy from a reputed and trusted vendor. All the links I provided are from Amazon, and the sellers are specifically from the concerned brands.

Final thoughts

Final thoughts

Although universal stylus pens have their fair share of disadvantages when compared to active stylus pens, they are the cheapest type of stylus pens and are universally compatible

It is also a technology that is currently undergoing major changes and is safe to expect much better features on universal stylus pens.

I hope this article on the best universal stylus pen you can buy in 2021 has been a fruitful read and helped you make a proper buying decision.

Have a good day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does a rubber tip of a universal stylus pen last?

Depending on the quality of the rubber, a rubber tip of a universal stylus pen can last from 1 week to 3 months on consistent use.

What are the disadvantages of a universal stylus pen when compared with an active stylus pen?

Universal stylus pens lack pressure sensitivity, extra Bluetooth-enabled features, and precision in strokes when compared to an active stylus pen.

Can a universal stylus pen scratch the touchscreen when used?

Most good-quality universal stylus pens use conductive rubber or fiber mesh tips that don't scratch the screen of your phone or tablet. But with enough pressure applied it is possible to scratch the screen and a screen protector is recommended. Also, specs of dust stuck on the tip can cause harm to the screen.

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