Does Eero Work With Fios? We Did the Research

Eero is a brand that has revolutionized the home network connectivity segment with its patented TrueMesh technology.

FiOS is an Internet Service Provider powered by Verizon. They boast a 100 percent fiber optic network along with internet capabilities up to 1 Gbps with a fixed price for 4 years.

I wanted to know if Eero mesh routers work with Verizon Fios. Here is what I found after hours of research on the internet:

Eero works with Verizon FiOS. To set up the FiOS internet without FiOS TV, connect the Eero directly to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT). To set up FiOS internet with FiOS TV, connect the Eero with the existing router, create a double NAT temporarily, and put them into Bridge mode.

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Keep reading for information on how to set up your Eero with Verizon Fios.

Do Eero Mesh Routers Work With Verizon Fios?

Do Eero Mesh Routers Work With Verizon Fios?

Mesh technology is the current buzz in router/Wi-Fi technology that has brought enhanced capabilities like consistent signal strength and network speed.

It works by setting up a virtual mesh of routers, each able to communicate with the other and manage real-time network traffic.

Devices based on Mesh technology consistently find the optimal network traffic routes using dynamic routing algorithms to bring a stable and consistent network for all devices connected to the network.

Eero mesh routers can be added to complement your Fios network connection to enhance network capabilities and eliminate dead zones.

Eero routers also provide better network management and security via mesh technology, especially if you live in a household where network requirements cannot be satisfied by a single modem/router.

How to Set Up Eero With Verizon Fios

Here, you can find detailed instructions on how to set up Eero with Verizon Fios depending on the package or services you have availed from Verizon.

Namely, the two distinctive packages that require different setups include the package with Fios TV along with the internet and the Fios internet without Fios TV.

Keep reading for steps on how to execute the setup for each of these packages.

Setting up Eero With Only Fios Internet

Setting up Eero With Only Fios Internet

If your FIOS package has an internet-only connection, you can directly connect your Eero to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT).

ONT is set up in your home along with the FiOS connection outside or inside your home. It will be plugged in at all times and has three components.

The main Optical Network Terminal unit, Power supply unit, and Battery backup unit in case of outages.

The purpose of an ONT is to convert the incoming optical signals into electrical signals that your computer, TV, or phone can understand.

ONTs are designed to communicate with your Eero router either via an ethernet cable or a coax cable.

If your ONT is configured for coax, then Eero recommends that you approach the Verizon fiber solutions center to request for your ONT configuration to be changed to be compatible with an ethernet cable.

In case such a change in configuration is not possible, then you can set your Eero in bridge mode behind your existing router. Steps for this are given under the title 'Setting up Eero With Fios TV and Internet'.

Eero recommends ethernet configuration over setting up your Eero in bridge mode because there will be a loss of some advanced features.

Configuration in bridge mode will lead to the loss of the following features:

  • Family Profiles
  • Eero Secure
  • Eero Labs
  • Device bandwidth usage details
  • Device blocking
  • Advanced network settings management through the Eero app
  • Automatic Channel Selection (ACS), which also disables DFS
  • Apple HomeKit

If your ONT is configured for Ethernet, you need to release your DHCP lease. DHCP lease is a temporary assignment of IP to a device on the network.

These assignments last for a short period of time, in a sense, each client on the network is merely renting the IP assigned to it.

You need to release the DHCP lease from your old router as FiOS DHCP leases are MAC bound to their router. Once released, Eero will be able to handle routing properly.

Here are a few ways to release the DHCP lease :

1. Turn the Router off for 2 hours: Verizon’s DHCP lease interval is 2 hours. The new router will be able to obtain a new DHCP lease once this duration has expired.

You can break the lease by calling Verizon Fiber Solution Center (1-800-VERIZON)

You can also break the lease by using the FiOS App. Simply follow the troubleshooting steps for "I can't connect to the internet".

2. Release the DHCP lease via the router GUI. To do this, first, connect your router to a computer or laptop via the ethernet cable.

Once connected successfully, type in your IP address in a web browser.

Log in to your account by typing in your username and password. If you have not set a username or password, the most common router credentials are 'admin' and 'password'.

Your password might have been changed by a Verizon technician during setup to 'password1' or check the bottom of the router for a password.

This will allow access to the router GUI where there are many network settings that you can customize.

Depending on the model of your Verizon-provided router, the steps for releasing the DHCP lease can differ. The steps for the release of the most common routers from Verizon are given below:

  • Steps for Actiontec MI424-WR:
    1. Click on the ‘My Network’ icon at the top
    2. Select ‘Network Connections' and choose between coax or ethernet, depending on your connection to the ONT
    3. Click ‘Settings
    4. Click on ‘Release
    5. Then click ‘Apply
    6. Disconnect the router immediately to prevent it from re-requesting a DHCP lease.
  • Steps for Westell 9100EM:
    1. Click on ‘My Network
    2. Select ‘Network Connections' from the menu on the left
    3. Select ‘Broadband Connection’ and choose between coax or ethernet, depending on your connection to the ONT.
    4. Select ‘Configure Connection
    5. Click on ‘Release
    6. Click ‘Ok
    7. Disconnect the router immediately to prevent it from re-requesting a DHCP lease.

A note to remember - Verizon allows for only one MAC address per account and this is stored upon handing out an IP address.

So run the following sequence: Disconnect your old router> Set up Eero> Report trouble with your circuit on the Verizon iPhone app.

This will trigger an automated test which will release the MAC they had stored immediately and allow your device to connect.

Setting up Eero With Fios TV and Internet

Setting up Eero With Fios TV and Internet

If your package with FiOS includes both TV and internet, you can setup up your Eero behind your existing router from FiOS, temporarily create a double NAT, or put them in bridge mode.

Double NAT-ing is the scenario when you have two routers connected to each other which extends the Wi-Fi coverage, but each with its own Wi-Fi network.

Using your routers in double NAT mode can lead to problems like difficulty in communicating with devices that are connected to different Wi-Fi networks in the same household.

On the other hand, the bridge mode in routers resolves the double NAT problem.

It is a setting feature in routers that turn off the router's Wi-Fi broadcast and convert it into a bridge between the primary Wi-Fi router and the network.

Double NAT-ing your Eero Device

When you have a router and modem from your internet service provider, to double NAT your Eero, simply plug in the gateway Eero to the router and not the modem. The Eero app will suggest otherwise.

Once you have done so, you can follow the instructions for setup in the Eero app to double NAT your Eero device.

If you have a combo device with both modem/router functionality, you can plug your gateway Eero into the combo device.

Once you have done so, follow the instructions for setup in the Eero app.

A note to remember is that when double NAT-ing, make sure you give an SSID and password that is different from your existing network for the Eero network.

Having the same password and SSID can lead to technical difficulties while running the two networks simultaneously.

Configuring Bridge Mode

Configuring Bridge mode

Although putting your device in bridge mode will lead to a loss of features, this setup is necessary for some users with certain network configurations.

Especially if you have a modem/router combo device, bridge mode is recommended for managing your network through the existing device.

Configuring your Eero in bridge mode turns off the network services and allows Wi-Fi access. It is also required that one Eero remain wired to the network via an ethernet cable.

This configuration channels all connections through one gateway Eero.

To configure bridge mode in Eero, follow the steps below:

The first step is to create an Eero network. You can follow the setup instructions in the Eero app to complete the network setup.

A note to remember, if your network configuration necessitates for bridge mode to function, you have to set up the Eero network by double NAT-ing first, steps for the same are given above.

The second step is to configure bridge mode in your Eero by following the steps below:

  • Open the Eero app and navigate to 'Settings' located in the bottom right corner.
  • Tap on 'Advanced'
  • Tap on 'DHCP & NAT'
  • Switch the selection from 'Automatic' to 'Bridge' or 'Manual'.
  • Make sure you tap 'Save' in the top right corner after these changes are made.

You have successfully changed your Eero configuration to Bridge mode.

Cannot Set up Eero With Verizon Fios? How to Fix

There are a lot of issues that you can potentially run into when setting up your Eero with Verizon FiOS. Some of the solutions below can resolve your issues.

Power Cycle the Devices

eero 6 wifi
eero 6 wifi

Power cycling is an effective step that can resolve most issues. Additionally, power cycling is required for the modem to release the IP assignment.

To power cycle your Verizon FiOS follow the steps below:

  • Unplug the router from the power source.
  • Wait at least a minute.
  • Plug the router back into the power source.
  • Wait for 1-3 minutes for your modem to initialize.
  • Attempt to connect to the internet.

The steps for power cycling your Eero routers are almost the same:

  • Unplug the router from the power source.
  • Wait for a cool-down period of 2-5 minutes
  • Power the device back up
  • Let the device initialize

Eero comes with LED indicators that turn solid white and subsequently start to flash during booting.

This process takes around a minute, following which the Wi-Fi network broadcast begins. Once the broadcast begins, the LED indicator goes back to solid white.

Eero Router Placement

A potential cause for your network issues could be the placement of your Eero routers.

They should be kept 20 to 30 feet away from objects that can potentially cause signal disruptions like microwave ovens.

Avoid keeping your routers in closed spaces. A stable surface located at a considerable height in the room is ideal for these devices.

Placing these routers in a clear line of sight with each other aids inter-device communication and signal strength especially if your household has thick walls.

Contact Eero and Verizon Support

Contact Eeros and Verizon Support

If you are unable to restore internet connectivity, it is worthwhile to contact Eero and Verizon support.

I recommend starting with Verizon to check if there are any outages in your area. They will confirm or deny if there are any outages and if not, assist you in troubleshooting to find the issue.

Eero support will almost always ask you to remove and re-add the Eero device you are having trouble with in the Eero app. So save some time and try this step as well.

If you cannot seem to resolve the problem, the Eero website has a support section where you can get in touch with the Eero team to help solve your issue.

Most likely, the issue that you are facing is a common one and they will be able to help you out.

Final Thoughts

The modems that come with Verizon FiOS have far lesser capabilities when compared with Eero's mesh systems.

If you cannot fully utilize the high-speed network that Verizon FiOS provides, why pay for it? Eero makes the network speed that you pay for, worth it.

The change that the Eero system brings forth when compared to the provided standard modem with respect to speed, stability, range, connectivity, and additional features is truly amazing.

Eero customer support and user community are also added benefits that make troubleshooting and device setup much easier.

Have a good day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Eero work through walls?

Eero routers are designed to work through barriers like walls, doors, and floors. You can check the strength of the connection between Eero and the gateway Eero through the Eero app.

Can too many Eeros cause issues?

Using too many Eeros can cause network traffic issues. Wi-Fi network speeds may even dip into a net negative meaning that speed gets slower by adding too many Eeros when not required.

Why does my eero keep dropping WiFi?

If your Eero disconnects randomly try power cycling your device. Power cycling can fix issues with the router if a setting change caused the issue. A power cycle restores the settings back to normal.

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I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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