TCL Roku TV Ethernet Port Not Working: How to Fix [2023]

Lately, I have come across quite a few threads on Reddit by users who claim to face issues with their TCL Roku TV's ethernet ports.

Being a user of a TCL Roku TV myself, I got intrigued by the whole affair and decided to dig deep into this mess.

With the vast amount of articles and threads I read, I figured it would be best to write a one-stop troubleshooting guide on fixing this issue if you are brought to such a situation.

If your TCL Roku TV ethernet port is not working, check the cables and hardware of the TV. If there is no sign of wear and tear, check the stability of your internet connection and perform a power cycle on the TV. If the issue still persists, factory reset the TCL Roku TV.

Let's now briefly take a look at the many instances by which the Ethernet ports seem to not work on your TCL Roku TV:

ScenarioCuases and Fixes
Cannot access internet through wired connetionCable issue; check the Ethernet cable and replace it if damaged
Can access internet through WiFi but not through EthernetRouter/TV hardware issue; check the products for physical damage. Power cycle the devices
Very slow speeds through EthernetSoftware issue; factory reset the TV
Why Ethernet ports stops working on TCL Roku TV
TCL Roku TV Ports
TCL Roku TV Ports

Check the Cables

As a start to fixing this issue on your TCL Roku TV, check whether the intended connections are set up properly and not faulty in any shape or form.

Cables are to any TV like how nerves are to the human body. It is the channel by which information is transmitted or received.

A rupture in this communication channel will result in a truckload of issues, including what may seem like the ethernet port of your TCL Roku TV not working.

Check all the cables connecting to the TCL TV for any visible damage or physical wear.

Even if it isn't related to the ethernet port, it is best to check all cables and wiring to the TCL Roku TV as all it takes is a single missing connection to halt the whole system.

If you notice any red flags with the state of the device, then it is best to switch cables as soon as possible, preferably from TCL, Roku, or any verified reseller of reputed brands.

Alternatively, you can also confirm issues with cables by connecting the cable in question to another TV. If you do notice issues, then you've found the culprit.

If you're wondering 'whether Ethernet is faster than WiFi on Roku?', WiFi definitely reigns over Ethernet in the speed aspect of things.

But Ethernet does emerge as the overall winner with better reception and overall reliability. WiFi connections are susceptible to interference issues, making their speeds unstable.

Check the Hardware

TCL Roku TV Backpanel
TCL Roku TV Backpanel

Just like checking the cables for any fault, checking the hardware for damage is also pertinent when it comes to any device-related faults.

The TCL Roku TV, like any other TV, relies a lot on its internal thermal management. Therefore, the possibility of dust settling inside the system can be rather disastrous.

Dust can enter the system from any small rupture on the body of the TV, and it does not matter whether it is near the ethernet port or directly on the thermal vents.

Do a thorough check of the TCL Roku TV and keep an eye out for any physical deformations or crevices through which dust can possibly settle.

If there is a rupture on the body of the TV, then it is best to get the TCL Roku TV properly serviced and inspected by a certified technician.

Check the Internet Connection

The stability of the internet connection can be an overlooked factor when it comes to checking whether your TCL Roku TV's ethernet port is faulty or not.

In fact, it is the other connecting end of the ethernet cable, making it an important factor to consider before playing the blame game with TCL and Roku.

Check your internet connection and verify whether it is properly functioning or not.

Connect the ethernet cable to another ethernet-supported device like your laptop and check whether the internet is up and running.

Alternatively, you can also check whether the internet is properly functioning by connecting to WiFi.

If the internet is not working, it is best to call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) as soon as possible to fix your issue.

If the internet is running just fine while connected to WiFi, then there is a chance for the router to malfunction.

Check its hardware for any damage, especially near its ethernet port. If you notice any deformations, change your router or call your ISP for a more in-depth analysis.

Another plausible indication of internet issues on Roku's issues with Smart home features like Homekit not working on Roku.

Power Cycle Your TCL Roku TV


A power cycle is a form of reboot for your TCL Roku TV that allows the system to get rid of any unwanted nuisances in the system that might be causing issues.

These temporary leftover bugs should not be taken lightly. A proper reboot can fix a whole bunch of issues, even ones that you never knew existed!

A power cycle relies on rebooting the hardware of your TCL Roku TV by resetting the charging and discharging cycles of the system internals.

This helps in getting rid of any unbalanced charges inside the internal components of the system, thus helping in relaying seamless work as intended.

A power cycle test can also get rid of other issues like black screens on Roku if done correctly.

In order to do a power cycle on your TCL Roku TV, follow the steps below:

  • Unplug the TCL Roku TV from the wall plug.
  • Let it sit idle for a minute.
  • During the minute wait, long press the buttons on the TCL Roku TV for about 10 seconds to get rid of all charge inside the system.
  • Plug the TCL Roku TV back into the wall plug.
  • Let it sit idle for a minute powered on.

This will properly perform a power cycle on your TCL Roku TV.

Just as important as the hardware reboot of your TCL Roku TV is the software reboot of the same.

A software reboot can help in clearing out any unwanted software bugs clogging the system from an app update or from the countless operations it performs daily.

This will ensure that the software will be optimized as intended to run the system efficiently.

In order to do a software reboot on your TCL Roku TV, follow the steps below :

  • Press the Home button on your TCL Roku TV remote.
  • Navigate to the settings option
  • Click on System.
  • Open the Power tab.
  • Select the System Restart option.
  • Tap on Restart and confirm your selection.

This will safely soft reboot your TCL Roku TV and clean out all temporary software bugs on the device.

Factory Reset Your TCL Roku TV


If the above steps fail, then the only other viable option from your end is to perform a factory reset.

A factory reset typically acts similarly to a software reboot, but along with the temporary files, it will also clear all data from the system including user data.

This results in your TCL Roku TV being reset to just like when you first unboxed the device.

Do note that you will also have to link your accounts again with your TCL Roku TV.

You could also execute a hard reset to fix other hardware issues like Audio issues on Roku.

In order to do a factory reset on your TCL Roku TV, follow the steps below :

  • Press the Home button on your TCL Roku TV remote.
  • Navigate to the settings option.
  • Click on System.
  • Open the Advanced System settings tab.
  • Tap on Factory Reset.
  • Select Factory Reset Everything.
  • Confirm your selection by entering the code shown on the screen and selecting OK.

This will factory reset your TCL Roku TV. Do note that this will take some time to reset your device.

Final Thoughts

TCL has been a pioneer when it comes to electronics, and they have been making quality televisions for a very long time.

Their partnership with Roku brought forward an incredible marriage between their hardware and Roku's software, pushing their product lineup even further into the limelight.

But with great sales figures comes an even greater emphasis on quality checks, and for the most part, it is acceptable for most users.

But in some cases, there can be issues leading to problems such as the ethernet port not working.

Thankfully, most of the cases in that already smaller margin can be easily solved with a simple troubleshooting guide like this one.

That being said, I hope my article on the ethernet port not working on the TCL Roku TV has been a helpful read and has aided you in achieving the same.

Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to connect the ethernet cable to the USB port of the TCL Roku TV?

The USB port is a universal bus connection that supports almost all forms of input, even from an ethernet cable, as long as a certified ethernet to USB converter is available

Is the TCL Roku TV the same as using a TCL TV with an external Roku device?

The TCL Roku TV is simply a TCL TV with a Roku system inbuilt. This negates the need for extra cables and Roku devices on the exterior owing to a much cleaner look.

But the device performance does take a hit over time, as separate Roku devices get better over time and there is no option to upgrade the internal Roku system on the TCL Roku TV

Can another Roku device be connected to a TCL Roku TV?

Since Roku devices use an HDMI port to connect to TVs, they can easily be connected to a TCL Roku TV. It will be available as a separate input source under the HDMI tab.

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I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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