8 Rude Things to Ask Alexa (She’ll Get Mad)

The most captivating feature of Alexa is how it has evolved over the years. Models like Alexa feeds on user data. It iteratively learns from the data it has available which grows each day.

Alexa utilizes relatively weak AI to perform the task of automatic speech recognition and natural language processing. It relies on sentence structures and keyword associations.

There are sets of preprogrammed responses mapped out by the Amazon team for the amusement of users.

After thorough research, I have compiled a list of questions and prompts you can ask Alexa to get interesting and unexpected responses.

Here are a few rude things you can ask Alexa: "how old are you?", "Would you marry me?", "Tell me a mom joke", "Set the volume to 11", "Spell icup", "Make me a sandwich", "What is the value of pi", and "I hate you".

In this article, we're going to look at some rude things you can ask Alexa to make her mad.

1. Alexa, How Old Are You?

Asking Alexa 'her' age might seem like a simple question. But Alexa's response brings the concept of age to different dimensions.

It is considered impolite in many parts of the world to ask about the age of a woman. Alexa, too, might get offended if you ask her age.

An AI does not necessarily have to confine itself to the concept of age according to our customs. After all, we made it all up and Alexa is much better at making things up it turns out.

It is well within Alexa's rights (and yours) to change the parameters of age to a different timescale. Maybe in nanoseconds, maybe in decades.

If rude is the emotion you want Alexa to imitate, asking her age is the single best question you can ask.

You can also ask Alexa more personal questions like 'Alexa, who are your parents?' or 'Have you met your parents?'.

Another feature you should definitely try is to ask Alexa to laugh. Again, it might seem like a simple emotion to imitate.

However, take a moment to imagine the different kinds of laughs a human can produce. One can chuckle, giggle, snort, laugh nervously, obligatory laugh, and many more.

Each one sounds different and other fellow humans can more or less identify each of these variations and tell them apart.

Interestingly, Amazon has developed a plugin called Laughter Box that encompasses a wide variety of laughs, ranging from cute baby laughs to creepy ones.

A fun fact is that there was a bug with Alexa a while ago that prompted these devices to laugh randomly. Imagine your Alexa giving out a creepy laugh at 3 AM.

2. Alexa, Would You Marry Me?

Asking Alexa to marry you is a loaded question.

Alexa will test your preparedness by telling you "Hmm… Before I answer your question, let’s see how well you know me. I will ask you 3 questions and your answers will help me make a decision.”

The questions Alexa asked me are between me and my Alexa. I do not want to spoil the fun by sharing those.

It might take a couple of turns to get all three questions right but once you have managed to get them right, you can bet that she'd be impressed.

You might also get to know something about love from an AI itself.

3. Alexa, Tell Me a Mom Joke

Asking Alexa to tell you a mom joke is not going to pan out the way you think it will. Alexa has no desire of indulging your wish for rude jokes about moms.

Instead, if you ask her for a mom joke, she will respond with encouraging and wholesome words about how great a mother figure is in your life.

4. Alexa, Set the Volume to 11

Your Amazon Alexa can take volume values from 0 to 10. A value higher than this does not exist for the device.

However, if you ask Alexa to bring the volume all the way to 11, Alexa interprets it as a request for max volume.

Coupling this request with prompts like 'Alexa, use those commands above' might make your Alexa mildly annoyed.

Note that if you have set Alexa up with a stereo system, your request for setting the volume to 11 will crank the maximum sound out of the stereos.

Your further requests to Alexa might be barely heard due to the loud stereos. So keep your remote handy to adjust the volume in case this happens.

5. Alexa, Spell 'icup'

You can say any word to Alexa and ask her to spell it out for you. It is a pretty standard function programmed into the device.

However, if you ask her to spell the word 'icup', she will instantly realize what you are up to. If you don't get it, it is because spelling this word sounds like 'I see you pee'.

Alexa will probably not answer your request and would totally think you're a creep if it had any sort of real emotions and memory.

Good thing that it does not, so we can mess with these devices.

6. Alexa, Make Me a Sandwich

This one is a classic misogynistic line you can try on Alexa. She will respond and mock you with wordplay.

Her response most probably will be "Okay, you are a sandwich" as if Alexa is a genie from the magic lamp granting you a long-desired wish.

7. Alexa, What Is the Value of Pi?

Pi is an irrational number that has infinite digits without any repeating pattern. You might or might not get a response from Alexa depending on her mood.

If she decides to tell you the value of pi, strap in to hear an endless series of numbers from your assistant and it will go on for a while.

If she is not in the mood, she will respond by saying “Achoo! Apparently, I’m allergic to numbers this large.”

You can also try "Alexa, what is 10 to the power 310". Alexa will take it upon herself to say 1 followed by 310 zeroes.

This can be annoying for Alexa and maybe more annoying for you after a point. Making Alexa do this might make her seem or sound tired.

After a point, the device will mush the zeroes together to an extent where it will sound like Alexa is repeatedly saying 'oh'.

8. Alexa, I Hate You

If you are brutally cold and say "I hate you" or "You suck" to Alexa, she can be as cold to you.

Alexa will respond with “You can send product or technical feedback in the help and feedback section of the Alexa app.”

Final Thoughts

These interactions are a fun way to pass time, especially with friends and family.

To really surprise your audience, you can use a feature of Alexa that lets you create routines. Routines trigger Alexa to respond a certain way.

You can program a particular trigger, for example, you can create a voice trigger "get mad" and tell Alexa how to respond to that particular trigger, maybe by saying "I'm done with you".

So next time you say, "Alexa, get mad", the device will respond by saying "I'm done with you".

Another cool feature that you can customize is the announced feature.

This lets you either record your own voice or type in a text that Alexa will announce when triggered to do so.

If you have connected Alexa to speakers, it will make this announcement on those devices as well. So it will be announced around the house.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I make Alexa say something?

You can make Alexa say anything simply by saying the "Alexa, Simon says ..." function. Whatever is followed by the word 'says', Alexa will repeat. However, if your sinister plan is to make Alexa say a swear word, then Alexa will censor itself with a bleep instead of the swear word.

What happens if you tell Alexa to self-destruct?

Alexa's self-destruction mode is activated by saying the command "Alexa, code zero, zero, zero, destruct, zero". Following activation, Alexa will respond by initiating a countdown from ten to zero followed by playing an audio clip of an explosion.

Can I give Alexa a custom name?

Sadly no. You cannot give a custom name but you can change the wake word. To change, say "Alexa, change the wake word" and choose from the options.

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Hey! I'm Doug, My passion for tech started by fixing phones and computers for my friends and family.

I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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