Best Smart Rings: Intelligent and Stylish [2023]

Smart rings are in vogue now. They add multiple dimensions to what was previously thought to be a piece of jewelry.

There are several kinds of smart rings on the market, all promising different features.

Today, a smart ring can be an activity tracker, payment device, and an accessory for your smartphone in addition to being a fashion statement.

In this guide, I intend to show you the best smart rings on the market for you to look at.

1. Oura Ring - Best Smart Ring for Fitness Tracking

Cast as a beautiful metallic ring, the Oura ring intends to be the only fitness tracker you need.

Oura ring can track your heart rate, calories, and steps during the day.

During your sleep, it tracks the resting heart rate, body temperature, and sleep quality.

Maybe you're wondering how accurate the heart rate monitor of a device that sits on your finger can be.

After all, most people measure the pulse from the wrist of a person's hand.

In fact, even other commercial fitness products like Fitbit use the traditional optical heart rate sensor on the wrist, but still face issues with heart rate readings and sleep tracking.

The truth is that the pulse measured from your finger is more accurate, and this is why most doctors use the finger to get the pulse.

I found the extensive sleep-tracking capabilities of this smart ring impressive.

It can give you an hour-by-hour breakdown of your sleep quality and tell you when you entered REM sleep.

Oura presents all the health information it tracks in a neat and intuitive app of its own.

Oura Smart Ring
Oura Smart Ring

For those who prefer to use Apple Health or Google fit app, Oura lets you integrate the ring with those apps.

If you are a current user of either of those apps, you continue to use it with the Oura ring to track information without switching to the Oura app.

Oura ring is available in two versions-a pointed version and a flat-topped version.

In terms of color, this ring is available in silver, black, and gold colors.

I personally liked the silver one a lot as it appears the most groovy among the three.

Well-known tech magazine Techcrunch rated Oura ring as the personal health tracking device to beat in 2020.

Overall Oura ring is the best choice of the year if you are looking for a smart ring.

2. Mclear Ringpay - Best Smart Ring for Payments

Ringpay by Mclear is a smart ring aimed at making payments quickly in daily life.

If you are someone who reaches out for your card or phone often, Ringpay will make life much easier for you.

Mclear Ringpay Smart Ring
Mclear Ringpay Smart Ring

Ringpay lets you tap on any payment device to make payments.

Yes, you don't need to input a pin when paying small amounts and that limit is set for security reasons.

In addition to being a handy smart device, Ringpay gives rewards and memberships for its users to pay using their devices.

Mclear has made exclusive deals with several retailers including cinemas, restaurants, and hotels which reward you for paying with Ringpay.

The auto top-up feature of Ringpay saves the hassle of remembering to add money to your ringpay account.

It adds money to your Ringpay account from your bank account whenever the balance falls below a threshold.

This means you can just walk out with just the ring and don't need to take your wallet when you go out for quick shopping.

How does it rate as a piece of jewelry?

Ringpay has four different options to choose from in terms of looks.

This lets you choose different rings for work and non-work occasions.

Ringpay looks really simple but classy in appearance.

This smart ring is available in several different sizes which lets almost anyone get a Ringpay of their choice irrespective of their finger size.

Since this smart ring offers only features for payment, it might seem like a letdown compared to other wearables.

However, Ringpay is much more affordable compared to most smart rings out there and for people who tap their phones all the time, ring pay makes payments much more efficient.

Ringpay is part of a group of smart wearables called NFC rings which are revolutionizing the way people make payments.

Overall, this is my recommendation for a smart ring if you want one for making quick payments.

3. NFC Opn - Best Smart Ring for NFC Locks

The NFC Opn is a cool and affordable ring that functions as a smart card and smart key in addition to being a great piece of jewelry.

With the NFC Opn, you don't need to whip out a big card to get access to secured spaces. A quick tap does the job.

NFC Opn Ring
NFC Opn Ring

Although priced lower than the Mclear Ringpay, the NFC Opn is not payment enabled.

However, the NFC Opn is aimed at those looking to avoid using a key/card for opening smart door locks.

What's great about this ring is its wide applicability.

If you have any NFC-enabled digital lock product, you can configure it to be opened with NFC Opn smart ring.

This smart ring is now starting to be quite popular in the UK and is slowly finding users in other countries too.

Priced very moderately, this smart ring is a great choice for people who are looking for an affordable NFC smart ring.

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Hey! I'm Doug, My passion for tech started by fixing phones and computers for my friends and family.

I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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