Stealth Cam Not Connecting To Network: How To Fix [2023]

My Stealth Cam showed errors like 'No connection' and 'No signal error' even after troubleshooting common methods.

I went online to look for more solutions and found that this was a common error that a large number of users faced.

So, I decided to compile the solutions I found online to write an article that can resolve the network connectivity issue of Stealth Cellular trail Cameras.

If your Stealth Cam is not connecting to the network, refresh Stealth Cam and the app, check the status of your network, and disable any VPNs or network filters. If the issue persists, check for the latest updates for both Stealth Cam and the app. If none of these solutions work, try a factory reset.

This article will explore and share instructions in detail for every troubleshooting method mentioned above. Hopefully, one or a combination of these methods will resolve your issue.

Clear Cache and Data of Command App

Clear Cache and Data of Command App

A common and easy-to-do method is to refresh the Command app (in Android) or Stealth Cam Remote (in iOS).

The Command app grants your complete control of your Cams.

You might be unable to connect to your Stealth cam due to Command app issues.

And when experiencing network issues with the app, features like photo resolution, transmission times, etc., become inaccessible.

To ensure that the issue is not due to the app, do the following steps:

First, try to connect to your Stealth Cam after rebooting your app. If the issue persists, try a reboot of your phone.

Next, attempt clearing your app data/cache of the Command app on your phone. The steps for doing the same are given below.

Typically, you can clear the app data from your device's settings menu depending on the phone you are using. From app management, select Command app from the list of all your apps.

You should be able to clear app data/cache from the subsequent options that pop up. This action removes all temporary files associated with the app.

If the problem still remains unresolved, as a final step to rule out Command app issues, uninstall and install the app again.

Check the Status of the Network

Check the Status of the Network

If you have completed the above steps and still facing network connectivity issues, then the problem is not with the Command app.

First, we need to check the Stealth Cam's network status. We do that using the 'Sync' button below the battery tray.

There are 3 LED indicators for Battery, Network and Account each capable of producing Green and Red lights. Pressing the sync button will take a test photo and your Stealth Cam will attempt to upload it.

If this process is successful, you will see the image on your phone in the Command app. If not, we can see during which step of the process - battery, network, or account, the sync process failed.

The low battery could also be a potential reason for poor connectivity. So, checking the sync of your Stealth Cam can clear two birds with one stone.

Once you press the sync button, a flashing green battery indicator means that a check of the hardware status is underway.

A solid green battery means that the hardware check returned no errors. This means that your Stealth Cam's internal and auxiliary battery levels are good.

A flashing green network indicator means that a network status check is underway.

A solid green battery, network, and a flashing green account indicator mean that the battery and network status is sound and an account check is underway.

If all three indicators are green, that is indicative of the account being successfully registered.

Once these checks are complete, the photo upload will begin. Once the upload process has begun, all three indicators will flash green.

When the upload is complete, the LEDs will turn off indicating that the Cam is asleep and ready for deployment.

If there are any errors in your sync process, one of the following indicators will be shown. Below are the unsuccessful connection sequences.

A solid red battery indicator means that the battery is low or that the SD card is not being read. If your battery is low, try the sync process once you have replaced the batteries with a fresh batch.

A solid green battery and red network indicator mean that your Stealth Cam is facing network error while trying to transmit the images or videos.

Stealth Cams either use a Wi-Fi network or a SIM card in the case of Cellular Cams to communicate with the Command app to transmit captured images.

If your network indicator is red, it could be due to your Cellular Cam having no SIM card or no data plan on the SIM card.

In the case of Stealth Cams connected over Wi-Fi, this could be due to low signal. Make sure your Wi-Fi router is within range to establish a successful connection.

Check for Server Issues

Since the launch of the Command App, users have claimed the app to be unreliable and buggy. There have also been reports of an inability to access Stealth Cam servers.

It could also be due to the Stealth Cam Command Pro app server issue caused by too many users accessing the server at once.

So make sure you check your network connectivity, wait, and try again after some time.

Network Filters

If you have enabled any network filters or firewalls that can restrict devices from connecting to your Wi-Fi network, make sure you disable them if you cannot resolve your connectivity issue.

They might be preventing access to your Stealth Cams.

Additionally, it is worthwhile to connect another device to your Wi-Fi network to check if the network itself is functioning properly.

Update Stealth Cam and App

Update Stealth Cam and App

There might be new firmware released for your Stealth Cam or for the Command app. Usually, firmware patches are released to fix bugs and issues with the software.

So, updating your device or app to a newer version of the software can resolve your network connectivity issue and result in improved performance.

App Update

To check for updates on your Android phone, go to the Google Play Store app. Tap the profile icon located at the top right.

Click on the 'Manage apps and device' option.

The list of apps that you have on your device is listed along with the label 'Update available' for the apps that have a new patch release. Tap on the 'Update' option.

To check for updates on your iPhone, the process is the same. Go to Appstore and find the profile icon on top of the screen. The apps with pending updates are shown.

Stealth Cam Update

There are two ways you can update your Stealth Cam. Updating the software can be done over the air using the cellular data of your Stealth Cam or through an SD card local update.

To use your Stealth Cam to maximum potential, always check if there are any available updates. You can do this by using the Stealth Cam Command app to check for new product updates.

Over the Air Update

You can update your Stealth Cam over the air granted there are no network connectivity issues.

If an update is available that is relevant to your product, all three LED indicators will alternatively flash between red and green.

Pressing the 'Sync' button on your Stealth Cam will begin the software update process. The confirmation of the same is indicated by the three LEDs flashing red.

Do not disturb your Camera or press any buttons during the update process. When the three LEDs are showing a solid red light, this means that the software update is complete.

Remove and reinsert the batteries to complete the update process.

SD Card Local Update

Since you might be facing network connectivity issues, you can update your Stealth Cam without using data by employing the method below.

Clear all files from your SD card to make completely free your memory card capacity. Download the latest software update released for your Cam here. Copy the downloaded software onto your SD card.

Then insert the SD card into your Stealth Cam. The Cam will automatically detect the software in your SD card and the process will begin as mentioned above.

If your Stealth Cam does not detect the latest software that you put on your SD card, remove the SD card and verify that there are no other files in the SD card besides the software update file.

Factory Reset Stealth Cam

Factory Reset Stealth Cam

Factory resetting your Stealth Cam setup will reset your Cam to its initial configuration and set it as designed by the manufacturer.

To factory reset your Stealth Cam, including Stealth Cam fusion, follow the instructions below.

Press Menu to access the configuration menu. Using the Down arrow button, you can cycle through the options in the configuration menu.

Pressing Enter button will select the listed setting you are currently on. Cycle through till you find the 'Factory Reset - No' option using the Up and Down arrows.

Press Enter button to access this option and press the Down button to change the 'No' into a 'Yes'. Once the selection is on 'Yes', press Enter button to confirm your choice to reset your Stealth Cam.

Your Cam has now reset all changes you have made to its configurations to the default value.

Additionally, you can program a four-character alphanumeric security code to restrict unauthorized access to your Stealth Cam settings.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Stealth Cams is one of the most rugged Cams on the market. They offer a wide range of trail cams suited to different conditions. They can also transmit full HD video which is quite rare in rugged monitoring cams.

Stealth Wireless Trail cameras also have features like sol-pak solar battery pack capable of functioning even in low-light conditions.

The added cellular support from industry giants like AT&T and Verizon (which supports multiple cellular data plans) makes them a perfect companion for your eclectic adventures in the wilderness.

Additionally, the Stealth Cam community is large and very helpful in bringing out bugs and issues that need fixing.

Iterative patches and updates for Stealth Cams and the Command app have been rolling out addressing key issues.

Hopefully, the troubleshooting tips mentioned in this article have helped resolve issues with your Stealth Cam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How far will Wi-Fi trail cams work?

Wi-Fi trail cams can send images and videos across as long as it is positioned 50-60 feet under optimal conditions.

How much data does a trail cam utilize?

To give a reference, an image of the dimensions 640x480 will take up about 50kb of data. Images of higher resolution will consume a higher amount of data. So, it depends on the quality you set for image capture.

Can I use trail cameras for home security?

Trail cameras can be used for home security especially if you want to place the camera at remote locations where the wireless feature and app access could be valuable.

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I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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