Google WiFi Blinking Red: How To Fix [2023]

You may be familiar with the placid white LEDs on Google WiFi, indicating the optimal working of the device. But what's up with the device when it blinks RED?

Google WiFi has been my go-to device for networking ever since Google introduced the device back in 2016.

Over the years, the product did receive a refresh, the Nest WiFi, which has since replaced my older model.

Everything was working as intended until, a few days ago, one of my WiFi points started blinking red. At first, I assumed this was an isolated incident, and then came the second batch of red flickers on my other Points.

If your Google WiFi is blinking red, check the cables connected to the WiFi and refresh the device. You could also run a mesh test on the network to rule out poor signal strength. If none of these work, factory reset the Google WiFi.

Here's a brief summary of why Google WiFi blinks RED:

Scenario (Google WiFi and Points)Causes and Fixes
Blinking RED LEDInternal issue; check the power supply and power cycle the device
Solid RED LEDInternal issue/network issue; check and refresh the network connection/power cycle the Router
Pusling RED LED on PointsUnstable signal strength; run a mesh test and refresh the devices
Other scenariosFactory Reset the device/contact customer support
Why Google WiFi blinks RED

Read on to learn how to fix your Google WiFi that is flashing red light.

Nest WiFi Router RED led

Why Does Google WiFi Blink Red?

Google WiFi devices flash red light due to internal issues with the device. Glitches resulting from bugs, faulty power connections, or inadequate signal strength can all make the LEDs blink red.

Most Google/Nest WiFi devices do not flicker red. Instead, the LEDs stay solid red to indicate an issue with the device.

Only the Nest WiFi Pro and the older Google WiFi Points blink red to indicate an issue with the device.

Nest Points stay solid red to indicate similar issues with the device.

Google/Nest WiFi and Points emit other colors too, such as yellow, orange, and blue.

Nest WiFi Router Amber LED

Blue LED flashes when the device is undergoing a Reset procedure or when you're setting up the device.

It's the warm hues that you should keep a keen eye on. For starters, Google/Nest WiFi devices blink orange or yellow to indicate issues with the network.

The same indication also applies to the Points. Additionally, the LEDs turn solid Orange in the Nest Points when you turn ON the microphones.

Here's a video walkthrough from us that can help you troubleshoot your Google WiFi blinking red,

Troubleshoot Google WiFi Blinking Red

Refresh Your Google WiFi

The most effective but simple enough step to begin your troubleshooting journey is a system refresh.

One plausible reason for issues to pop up on your device may be bugs and errors that may have taken office on your device.

Once they infiltrate the system, these bugs will cause problems one way or the other, which may have triggered the RED flashes on the Google WiFi.

Contrary to common rebooting strategies, a power cycle test will deplete the device internals of any piled-up charges and improve the efficiency of the device in addition to refreshing your system.

Therefore, this step is essential for a device like Google WiFi that requires working continuously round the clock.

Start by unplugging all the cables connected to your Google WiFi and Points. Leave the device idle for a few seconds or a good minute.

Nest WiFi Router unplugged

Plug back in the cables and wait for the device to power up. Check for the issue now.

You can also refresh your Google WiFi through the Google Home app. Follow these steps on the app to reboot your device.

1. From the Home tab, click and open the WiFi tab menu.

2. Click on the Settings icon.

Nest WiFi Restart Network

4. Then click on the Restart Network option.

Check for the issue once the restart completes.

You could also restart WiFi Points individually from the Home app. Follow these steps to do so.

1. From the Home tab, click and open the WiFi option.

2. Click on the WiFi Point.

3. Tap on the Settings icon.

4. Select Restart WiFi Point to start the refresh.

Check the Cables Connected to Google WiFi

Nest Wifi Kit with wires and power adapter

Next, check the cable situation on your WiFi device.

If the power cable is not plugged in steadfastly, your device starts experiencing power-related issues like inadequate power supply, short circuits, or even a total power failure.

Look for slack connections once the device starts flashing red.

The best practice is to unplug the cable first and then reconnect it once more. Do not hesitate to apply adequate pressure even if the port exerts resistance.

The type of cable you choose to deploy also affects the connection.

It's best to steer away from shoddy third-party cables since they most likely won't be optimized to work with Google WiFi routers and Points.

Try to use the supplied USB-C cable to power the device. If it's indispensable, try to side with accessories certified by Google or of a reputed origin.

Cable wear and corrosion may also affect the power supply to your device. If you notice any such discrepancies, replace the worn-out cable with a new one immediately.

Power adapters can also make or break the deal with your Google WiFi. Cheap after-market alternatives may even damage the device circuitry.

Choose right and always side with Google-certified accessories to avoid disasters on your device.

Run a Mesh Test on the Network

If you are getting the blinks only on one of your WiFi Points, the proximity between the Point and the router may be the culprit.

If the signal strength between the router and the Point isn't sufficient, the device will put up the flag to raise the concern.

Wavering signal strength will result in bad connections and slower speeds.

The older Google WiFi has an effective coverage area of about 1500 sq. feet, and the newer Nest WiFi has a range of about 2200 sq. feet.

Make sure to locate the points within this range for optimal working.

The best way to check and verify issues with the Mesh network is to run a Mest test on your network.

You can run the test from the Home app.

But first, move the Point to a more favorable location, in close proximity to the router.

Once you have done just that, hop on to your Home app and follow these instructions to run a Mesh Test.

1. Tap and open the WiFi icon from the Home screen.

2. Select the WiFi devices option.

3. Then choose Points.

4. Click on the Test Mesh option.

Mesh Test Complete

Once the test completes, you will get the result as either Great/OK/Bad. "Great" and "OK" signify the network is yielding commendable speeds and signal strength.

Nest WiFi Mesh test

On the other hand, "Bad" will only pop up when your network isn't functioning at its best. You may need to reconfigure your Mesh network and rerun the test.

Factory Reset Google WiFi and Points

Hard resetting the Google WiFi will reset the device to its factory defaults by deleting all your personal preferences and network configs.

In doing so, the device will also clear away any and all unwanted stale files and brooding bugs from the system core.

You will have to reconfigure and set up your device from scratch, but that's a given with factory resets.

You can reset the Google WiFi and its Points in a couple of different ways.

The first method is using the traditional Reset button trick. Here's how to do so:

Nest WiFi Router Setup (Reset) Button

1. Find the Factory Reset Button on your Google WiFi device, probably located towards the back.

Nest WiFi Router Button pressed

2. Then, press and hold the Reset button for a good 10 seconds. Doing so will cause the LEDs to pulse Yellow/Amber. Once the LED turns solid Yellow/Amber, release the button.

3. Make sure to not press the Reset button for too long or you may never get the LEDs to turn solid.

4. If the LED keeps on pulsing and does not turn Solid Yellow/Amber, restart the process by unplugging the power cable and plugging it back in again.

After about 10 mins or so, the LED will turn white to indicate the end of the reset.

With the older Google WiFi, the LED blinks orange and then turns blue to indicate the start of the reset.

Nest points indicate the start of the process with an audio confirmation too.

The next method to reset the Google WiFi is through the Google Home app.

Follow these instructions on the Home app to reset your Google/Nest WiFi.

1. Click and open the WiFi option.

2. Tap on the Settings icon.

Nest WiFi Factory Reset Network

3. Select Factory Reset Network.

Nest WiFi network reset confirm

4. Press Factory Reset to confirm.

If you're using the Google WiFi app to monitor your network, follow these steps instead:

1. Select the Settings & Actions option from the Home screen.

2. Tap on Network and General.

3. Select the WiFi point(s) option under Network.

4. Choose Factory Reset.

Tap the Factory Reset option on the next screen to confirm the reset.

Once initiated, the LED will turn Solid Blue to indicate the start of the reset. A message will pop up on your screen informing you of the process's completion.

To Reset your WiFi points, follow these steps on the Home App:

1. Tap on your WiFi point icon from the Home screen.

2. Click and open the Setting icon.

3. Select Factory Reset WiFi point.

4. Confirm by selecting Factory Reset on the next screen.

Final Thoughts

One other thing to check when the RED blink appears on your device is the hardware itself. If you'd recently dropped it, you may have damaged the internals, hence, causing the issue.

Check for debris in the air vents too. Clogged-up air vents can raise the internal temp of the device.

If none of the fixes that I have mentioned here seems to take effect, it's high time you consider the probability of a hardware issue on your device.

If so, best contact the customer services of Google for further assistance with the device.

Do not tackle hardware issues on your own if you lack the required skills to take on such delicate tasks. Enlist for professional help instead.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How do I reset my Google Red Wifi light?

To turn OFF the LEDs blinking on your Google WiFi, try unplugging the power cable and plugging it back in after a few seconds. If the lights remain, try resetting your Google WiFi as a remedy.

How do you update Google Wifi?

Google WiFis, like most other Google devices, updates itself once an update is made available. You can't manually update your Google WiFi device. Although, you can check and verify whether your device is up to date. Go to Home app> tap and hold on your WiFi device icon> Settings> Device Information> scroll down to view the firmware version info.

Does Google Wifi support Wi-Fi 6?

Google and Nest WiFi devices do not support WiFi 6. Both devices support WiFi 5, which in itself is very competent and fast. But do expect a new WiFi device from Google in the near future since it's been a good minute since the last update.

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I started Blinqblinq to give reliable tech advice to anyone who needs it, for free! If you have questions on anything tech-related, feel free to contact me.

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